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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just finished watching the whole season of Flashforward! Definitely a great show to watch! It gives an interesting view of what would happen to us, if we ever see our future from the present. Some people might resign themselves to their fate, some would try to fight it, or some even fight for it. And that's the thing. They believe that, there is no, one definite future. What if, the reason for you to see the supposed future, is to prevent it from happening?

Anyway, the show didn't really ended the way I thought it would be and looks like there will be a second season. I honestly do not like the idea of a second season because I have reasons to believe a over-extended draggy drama/series may damage the reputation of the show, for example Lost and Heroes. Well, I just hope the second season plays it out all well and not spoil the show.

Oh yea, And we jammed at the new studio at Bugis and it is totally more awesome than the one at Paradiz. Much more spacious and it is cheaper! We probably can get a mini audience and perform there first before performing gigs out there! Definitely looking forward to the next session!

We are all part of an equation.

i lost you,,
8:49 PM

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Actually I somehow expected it and Im really alright if either team wins. But for my friend's sake whom place a huge sum of bet on Brazil to win, I cheered on team Brazil!

So we got out of our camp around 9.30pm today, and we went on a high speed chase for a place to catch our highly anticipated soccer match. Which we eventually found ourselves at the 24HR Hong Kong Cafe at Katong. The food was awesome and the audience was even better. But the match was just a little disappointing because there weren't any goals.

But well, Brazil still proceeds on! Next match to catch is England  VS Germany! Waha.

i lost you,,
2:46 AM

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey guys! CR and I just created a tumblr page! Haha. Kinda surprising for CR to create a tumblr page huh? But it's for the band anyway. Which I think it may be a better idea than facebook page(which has been pretty dead lately and hard to access.) But I think we will post jamming session updates, and other band training related stuffs. While for facebook, well maybe its for letting audience and fans to look at(You don't want them to be looking at our training plans right?).

Well, Im still trying to learn how to use it.. haha. gl to me.

CR or band ->
ME ->


i lost you,,
10:12 AM

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

YikES OMG! Worst flood in orchard ever!!!  And I thought we were the only ones experiencing flood in camp. Back in orchard, all the basements stalls were flooded completely. And when I say completely it literally meant completely the entire stall, not just some mere knee level flood. Well, pity those stalls in the basement. The incurred damage cost must be really alot. Looks like PUB need to relook its drainage system in Orchard. They probably focus too much on building all the hoo-hah big shopping malls with basements, and forgot about building a proper drainage. 

Yet again, it is probably a sign of global warming defined by the climatic torrential rain. =/

We are all gonna DIE! :O

i lost you,,
11:44 PM

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Saw my BMT friends photos on their facebook, they went to Gold Coast, Australia! And it look so freaking AWESOME and FUN! Apparently one of them got a house over there, and they stayed over there. Superbly awesome nice and big house he got! I want one too =/.. But whats fun was that 4 of them took turn to drive each day, and drove to many different places! Go to the beaches, the mountains, DreamWorld, Surfer's Paradise... many more! Cmon guys! GO get your driving license!!!!! Then maybe one day, we can visit SH, rent a car and travel around too!

Beautiful night sky.

The scenery there is beautiful..

The power of a SLR Camera... Jan master it!

Haha. Can we go Australia instead?

i lost you,,
11:17 AM

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ugh. My brother's friends came over to play mahjong last night and they were making hell lots of noise, to the point that it disturbed my sleep the entire night. They finally stopped around 2am and that is when I started to doze off peacefully. and...


My alarm clock rang...

And its 0345 and Im preparing to go for work... wtf..

Anyway, while I was taking a break at work, a lone crow caught my attention. It was standing on a pole and it was, what seems to be crying/calling out desperately for its other companions. It was only then I realised, there isn't as much crows now as compared to the past. Long were the days where you see these black birds dominate your neighbourhood sky, calling out with it's awful 'ahh' noise, bullying the other smaller birds( mynah, sparrows etc.) , scavenging and making a mess of your wrapped up rubbish. Now, all I see is a pitiful lone black bird, calling out in a desperate attempt to find its companions who are probably alone too.

True, they were a public nuisance and a big bully to the smaller birds, which resulted them to be hunted down by us. And their numbers dwindled down to a pathetic amount that ain't worth to call a population already. It's like being discriminated and exiled from the society.

Good. But is it right or wrong?

The crow who posed
some chose to be alone.
but some are forced to.

i lost you,,
4:49 PM

Friday, June 04, 2010

Oh Hell Yea! Finally a freaking off from my long long working days! But tomorrow still have to go on standby duty =/.. It may sound cool to be in a operational unit, but sometimes it sucks.

Woots! Bedok Gym is finally back up! You could still smell the fresh paint from the renovation. Haha. Killed my arms there. And I think I grew weaker... probably explains my drop in weight.. Well, pump myself for one hour and Im was off for a little shopping trip at Tampines! I didn't want to throw all my money into the pit fire, so I controlled myself to a $150 budget. Haha.. How miserable! -.-

Rawr, my $400 pay is killing me softly. And I have yet to claim my cab fares($300!!! >:O) since the computers were down.


I have this crazy idea suddenly. Once everyone gets into the army, we should take a group shot, donning our respective uniforms! How does that sound? I think it's pretty cool. Haha.

California Girls~

i lost you,,
11:13 PM