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Monday, January 30, 2006

MWAHAHAHA GONG XI FAI CAI! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR DUDES! Was really really a long long day... visited so many houses and well of course, recieved many ang baos! Well, as usual... I always go relative house and stone... Anti-Social.. haha. There was really nth to do there. Haha. Hmm...there isnt really much to say.. since im just stoning all the day.. whaha Well Happy cHiNesE nEw YEAR AgaIn!

i lost you,,
2:37 PM

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hmm.. today seems like a very tired day... in the morning dat is... almost slept in all the lessons... haha.. didnt really absorb much of knowledge today... =p.. have prayer cell! hmm.. deres only Marc, Dawn, Julian and me... the rest i guess are busy... Marc shared with us about his experiences during his youth camp.. its great. =D. Haha.. the cell last about 1 hour b4 we go to do our stuffs... went to dot com lab... and meet the new sec 1.... hmmm surprisingly.. about 7 joined ava(or now known as multimedia) club!.. every1 predicted 0 to 3 students.. lol... its great anyway.. waha... Ms ong later taught us how to speak japanese!.. so fun! wahahaha!... must learn japanese! lol... later went home wif dawn and chuan rui... hmmm... so tired...shall play o2jam awhile... =p

i lost you,,
11:25 AM

Monday, January 09, 2006

Hm... Today rained the whole day.. without stopping... is it a Blessing or Sorrow? Well who knows. And yep.. this week is awesome! =D And with our new principle, we will have a whole new school! Still the same building.. but different people... =) hope he will change all the naughty ones.. =p.. And yesterday sermon was awesome! Its all about Dreams! Well, it somehow answered some thoughts that had been dwelling in my mind for quite some time... Happy and motivated now! =) haha. Thank you God. =) Waha.

Sian.. Lots of homework not yet done... im so so lazy... zzz.. and we have REAP!.. Exam paper everyweek... stress man.. ><" .. Heh. shall go do my hw now.. i hope.. O,-

i lost you,,
12:02 PM

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Whatever la... just dont feel great right now... under depresssion!!! =/.. nah.. just imagining things... aiyah...dunno wad to say... freaking stress up for no bloody reason... im tired.. im sick... zzz... oh wadever... just say satnam and be happy! SATNAM SATNAM SATNAM!!!! ..what a moronic freak i am.... bloody moron... zzz... need rest i think....SATNAM.. and be happy!. sheesh wadever..

i lost you,,
2:00 PM

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Woot woot. Today went to shave my hair! Waha. Went to the Salon at 3pm.. It was sooo crowded... So i wander around... and went to Asteroids.. Was watching people playing warcraft 3 and Dawn suddenly just pops out of nowhere. She was there with Regina and Joel. Lol. She and Regina was like watching Joel playing dota.. They left soon after he lost the match.. And i just stand there watching other people playing. Went back to check out the salon, and it was still sooo crowddeddd.. ><. Decided not to waste time and just queue up. Waited for quite long b4 my turn... And i told him to cut away my tail...and he go shave my whole hair.. -,-... Haha. Went to parkway later and saw Jody. (i think dats how to spell her name rite?) Well, chatted with her and she was meeting up with her primary school friends.. And 1 of her primary school friend is Pei Xuan...whom is Xiu Xuan sister... Well... was kinda shocked... coz i tot dey would look alike... lol.. Well.. Jody left with her frens.. and i went to buy my black shoe... Bought another Bison shoe... xD... Went home after dat... watched tv.... alrite.. im off..

I will not be selfish. I shall Respect your Dream and I shall not intervene.

i lost you,,
2:20 AM

Monday, January 02, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Heh. Broke the stairs support just now. I was actually walking down when i slipped and fell from the stairs and landed on its supports. And now.. Its very very shaky.. xD And now... My right ribs hurt.. Took full hit onto my rib. Think i suffering from internal bleeding.. lol.. And my bro was like making fun of me all the way... saying im fat.. -,-... well retribution came soon! xD. Was taking photo with my family and my bro went to press on the table for some support and broke! xD Haha. Luckily got a glass layer over it... or else the whole table is really broken... =P. hehe. alright.. nth much for now.

And yea... Thanks... That given me Hope

i lost you,,
2:50 AM