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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lol Johnny is just great. XD He say he is gonna teach us economics too!! YAY! Haha 3 subject in 1 cost (It was supposedly only chem tuition. But he say he is can teach us economics and abit of physics if there is spare time!). w00t!

Aha. physics make up lesson for today is just wierd. For 2hours, we only go through 1 question. I think we can go through more questions rather than 1 for 2hours? OH well. What say do i have? haha.

Ahaha. Sean, Jeff and I went for some finger food spree at raffles city! AND OH MY GOSH! Didnt expect that donut store to have so a freaking long queue. I can easily say there is more than 30 people queuing up at the moment we reached there. Wonder if it really tastes that fantastic..? AH I WANNA TRY!!!

I H.A.T.E H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K E.S.P.E.C.I.A.L.L.Y E.C.O.N.S =p
So lazy to pia homework... I NEED MOTIVATION! AH. My LoSt MoTiVation.

I think im becoming more lamer...

i lost you,,
1:12 PM

Friday, April 27, 2007

WA. yesterday, my bro took his laptop to school! And i cant print my PI which is suppose to due by today! Good thing he didnt stay overnight outside and came back with his laptop... BUT he lost the USB Cable for the external HDD. which my PI is in it!! PANIC STRIKES. Went to sms around asking whether anyone has the USB cable. People are either sleeping or do not have any. But luckily Mr Ng allowed me to pass up on friday(which actually in the end, told the whole class to pass up tomorrow due to some changes). Phew. Haha thanks Sandy for lending me the cable. I'll be dead if not so. Darn.. I need to go buy the cable or else i cant do anything.

Ah Damn it. Firstly i screwed up my physics faculty test yesterday. I didnt do one out of three questions. Its probably not enough time and cause i forgot one of the formula. Secondly, I screwed up my chemistry faculty test today. Now because of pure carelessness and misconceptions. How stupid can this get? I definitely gonna screw up maths and economics tests too in some ways. GP, MT? Language? Im always poor at it so the outcomes are expected.

Blegh. I will just have to keep improving right? If im weak now, i will just have to keep growing stronger! If im stupid now, i will just have to keep growing smarter! Thats how it is right? Hardwork and discipline is what it takes to bring us to a higher ground right? Well, maybe thats what i think. Nobody starts off being perfect, what we are now is cultivated over time. But, I will not lose out. Never. Especially those cocky people, I will not lose to you.

i lost you,,
10:17 AM

Sunday, April 22, 2007

LoLz. Today our college had some newspaper and clothing collection for charity stuffs. Haha I actually kinda find it fun. More fun than studying and playing games. =p. Haha. It was super damn tiring though. My arms are like kinda aching now. But anyway, its a great way for training arm muscles! Lol. Heh, while waiting for the lorry to pick up our fruits of labour, I tried to do back-hand clap push. But i kinda, didnt use enough strength to push myself higher? And wham, i slammed flat to the floor. ><" Haha. But it was alright.. compared to the squash balls. CR gave me a kidney shot with the squash ball yesterday. It was INSANELY PAIN. Even now there is still a marking there.. haiz.

Ah, at the Lan shop... Bloody LJH, i dont know if my judgement is wrong. But you are just super darn cocky and talks alot with no idea wheres the limit. Im happy for you to have the confidence to win me. But still... BAh. I hate your cocky smile sometimes. I hate it when you say " Wa so hardworking, but in the end what if I still win you how?". Nobody ask you dude. So shut up. Ok maybe now i finally understand why sandy find him irritating. - -" .. LJH, you are a nice person. BUT you just compare yourself and others too much. So limit yourself will ya? And you are also very random in vulgarities which i hardly find any link all the time. Thats what i think.

Sheesh. I really really really wonder how long are they going to suan me being with GH. Cause its not even the freaking truth and its really getting irritating. Especially you, jonathan. Whenever i just stop talking and stare off into blank space, you will just say 'waa kenny must be missing and thinking of GH right now". Bloodyhell what you want me to do? I know you are just kidding la and i still do try to take it as a joke. But seriously, its getting more and more irritating. I just wish that you guys stop it. Cleanse my name please. My natural bad-looking guy impression is already bad enough. (Cause it seems alot of people first impression of me is im a guai lan pai kia)

Wa.... Gonna chiong my work already. Econs seems alot.. for the essays. lol. Shall finish maths by today.

i lost you,,
1:08 PM

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ah screw it... The old me kinda caught up with me again..In the middle of GP lesson, I just suddenly felt no interest in talking and negative thoughts are just filling my mind. But I still did talk, a little, just that with little interest. Zzz... Was really feel like dao-ing people but was trying not to. Its really... damn freaking sucky feeling. When my neighbour waved to me, i just look away, ignored him and entered my house. Sorry about that.. Wasnt really intentional. Please Hate me. Thanks.

Im not gonna appear online.. for at least a few moment from now..

Damn it, I have to think of better reasons for my PI or else change my groundbreaker. PW is seriously sickening. Now im trying to think of some inventors. Inventors are like easier to reason out. brainstorming time..

Ah dont know what rubbish im talking about.

i lost you,,
9:02 AM

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Haha reading my past post is just so fun... kinda brings back memories. xD

Haha. Just realised how much i really changed from last time.. I wonder if its good or bad. But ya.. Hahaz, remember those times we used to go computer lab and play during 2005 Dec holiday? Had so much fun there with you guys ar! Azure TD was such a great game! All 8 of us keep trying so hard together to complete the game for the whole holiday and we really put in all our effort and passion in it, i can tell. Lol. In the end we still didnt complete the game... 4 more levels!! ARGH.. I just simply miss those times. But when sec. 4 doesnt seem that fun anymore eh? Nobody wana play azure again, the old people didnt went there as usual again. It was... sad in a way. Friendship and Teamwork is such a good combination rather then rivalry. haha. Wonder if one day, the same people meet together and play Azure TD again? We have not completed the game b4 anyway. Haha.

Remember before the 40th anniversary? We spent nights together in the computer lab, trying to rush to redo the anniversary video, which must be completed in a week and its a major video? Haha, it was awesome time together. We videoedit from early morning till late into the night, have meals together, slept in the lab together(not that physically together) and how we still have to attend to the AVA for rehearsals for the anniversary? We were like as good as dead during rehearsals. Haha. Dammit i just love those days. Watch you guys sleep while Im still listening to music, how we sped off just because we heard the toliet tap on when nobody was in the toliet? Ahaha.

Damn so many stuffs from the past.

Hmm.. I wonder hows everyone doing? Will there ever be a reunion eh? Lets try ya? Haha.

Oh Lord, thank you for blessing me
with such wonderful friends.
Blessed be those who are around me.
I pray for their sorrow to end
and let joy light up their life.
Let there be no conflict
but peace, joy and harmony.

i lost you,,
12:29 PM

Monday, April 16, 2007

Heh. Was feeling wierd and I somehow felt like reading through all my past year posts. I read and found many interestings stuffs that had happened in the past. Anyway i saw one incomplete post and was saved as draft on August 20th, 2005. So i decided to post it now. Haha Here it goes. (in italic)
Every night,
I used to Dream just only of you.
But now,
There is someone else entering my Dream.
I wonder why?
What does this got to mean?
I do not know the answer now.
When can I find the answer?
I am hoping to find out soon.
You are of no significance
in my life anymore...
nobody ever was...
Where's the purpose of all this?
I am blinded from it.
I am not who I seem to be.
I am the opposite.
One that is weak.
One that is negative in all perspectives.
Forgive me for being weak.
Forgive me for not being able to do anything
Forgive me for running away from life
But I know,
I'm not worthy for your forgiveness
Actually I cant remember what i really meant during that time. But i think i getting a little juice from it... not really sure though. The post just seems so wierd.. There is like no link? lol. I think I was just lost and emo-ing as always. Under depression...

i lost you,,
7:32 AM

..............Is there an inner self?

i lost you,,
6:42 AM

Friday, April 13, 2007

As always, I can never understand a person fully. But let me just state some stuffs out. Life is tough, nobody ever said it was easy. Thats why we have to live through it. Regardless of whatever obstacles, we cant stop, we have to move on and be happy.

Fate. If you really still believe in fate, I think you should really reconsider. To me, fate is just an excuse to run away from our problems. Trust me, I used to believe all this fate or fated stuffs. But now, as I view on it, fate is something really stops you from going any furthur. Its like you believe that 'that's your limit', but in actual fact, you can actually pursue furthur. Generally, it does not strengthen a person, but weaken a person.

I may not understand how you feel or what pain you experience. But please, like what Aya-san said "Being alive is such a wonderful thing", cherish you life and live it as happy as you can. Not everyone are able to do that..

i lost you,,
2:40 PM

Whoa, today seems to be like bad mood day for every tutors. Our physics tutor blew up like some volcano eruption, our maths tutor as always nagging away and our gp tutor nearly blew up.

Our physics tutor, Mr Tan was really serious. Just because of us being constantly late for his tutorial and the failure to get our lecture notes when lecture have already been started 3 periods in. The failure of getting lecture notes sparks off the fire.. But yea well, can't really blame the physics representative like what he said. He actually also threaten us that if he do not see us putting in effort into our studies, he will not return to tutorial and teach us. Good thing, he still came back after Sean and Derek went to see him.

But sigh.. What really bother me is, I think some people in my class are just plain jokers and seldom take things serious. After he left the lab, some people can still laugh and ask what happen to him. And during GP too, cant those people see mr Ng face changing? Its like you can tell from his face he is getting impatient with us. I am like... damn it whats wrong with them..cant they get any serious? Well at least the history didnt repeat itself, for physics that is. Those who same class as me during sec 1 or 2 should know. Haha. And whoa, Sandy actually volunteered to be the new Physics rep? Haha so unexpected. Well in any case, Gambantte Sandy!

i lost you,,
8:30 AM

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Woo. Just got back from squash.. Heh, I seriously suck at it, everyone seems to somehow get the basic right except for me. AND I lost to roshan and CR in a so called 'match'.. hahaz. damn, Im weak..

Actually, i still prefer dragonboat training. Seems more better in body building. But oh well, at least playing squash is a like a sport with skills needed, unlike dragonboat, which only like require brute force? lol

Haiz... corporate video was rather.. fun and displeasing. During the filming at the field, I just realised how bitchy are some of the J1 art stream students. Their tone, attitude, standing posture, words from their mouth, all so darn bitchy. Expected from the 'minas'. How i wish they just disappear at that time.

Bah. I just realised my computer did not reformat yet. I thought my bro friend already reformatted for me.. But i think some stuffs came up or something. O.o" Sigh..

AH! I saw my primary 1 and 2 best or maybe only friend in tpjc! Heh. His face didnt change alot, still have the same look. But whoa, he is like in wushu which i am utterly surprised. Because he dont look like the 1 that join martial arts and he always stick with girls.. i think.. lol. Wonder if he stills remember me xD.

Ah, sad.. The lollipop making have already no more vacancy.. Zzz I missed the ice cream making and now i missed this lollipop making. Wa lao.. Sigh...

If I'm weak, I will strive to grow stronger
"Power is neither bestowed, nor acquired, but cultivated"

i lost you,,
12:11 PM

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Its GOOD FRIDAY! =) Hallelujah!~

Sigh. Im so bored now... Lazy do my work... All my family are out... DoTa bunch of leavers... So I decided to continue watch Naruto.. (which im so slow at.. when it already released Naruto Shipudden and im still watching the 1st season. lol). well watched until epi 148 only =P..

Haha, my bro friend came and stayed over, last night. Because he is some computer geek too, he was interested in my 'dead' computer. Lol. So I told him about my computer's random crashing and restarting. Stupid thing is that my comp didnt crash at all when he turn on my computer last night. In the end, tired of waiting for my computer to crash, he reformatted the computer for me. LOLx. At least the reformatting is succesful this time. The previous time my bro tried to reformat, my comp crash halfway. Resulting in 4 partitioned hard disk O.o" Wonder if my computer is still ok..

Sigh, later still have tuition.. ><" Cant find any question to ask johnny later. I think im losing my motivation to be hardworking. =p Haha.

Oh yea, 1 dota trick i heard from.. here it goes
1)Priestess of the Moon leap into the forest, making it impossible to walk out
2)Vengeful Spirit use Nether Swap on POTM.
3)Camp for enemy and swap them, trapping them in the forest.
4)They can never get out depending on the heroes.

Kinda cool? But i think there is a command for debugging stuck or something like that? Or there isn't? Haha. But well at least it will waste lots of time for the hero to be stuck xD.

OK... I shall go do my work liao...

Guide me by your Light
Save me from falling.
But I know,
My repeated sins are not
worthy to be

i lost you,,
7:21 AM

Friday, April 06, 2007

Bwahahaha. Sorry for not updating or posting anything so long. Just that its really either no time or im just too lazy. Haha.

Ok some side questions... These are what one of my friend asked me... or to be more accurate, what her Hong Kong 'idol' actually blogged and asked...
1) "Why do we have to wear black during funerals?"
2) "Why do the atmosphere during funerals have to be so solemn?"
3) "Why aren't we happy that the person actually left for a better place, Heaven?"

What are your answers? Hahaz. However, i don't think question 1 applies in Singapore. So far, from all the funerals I attended, I have never seen people wearing black during funerals. I thought we are even forbidden to wear black? O.o

Well anyway, college life seems to be getting more and more hectic now. The most official hated subjects are GP, PW and MT! But I still like to attend MT though, the teacher is very nice to talk to, and its her birthday today! Whahaha. GP and PW is under the same teacher... which is also our civics tutor( just like form teacher in schools). Kind of boring teacher but at least he is friendly most of the time.

Sigh about the friends in class.... I dont know why, but I feel more bonded with the new students who join our class, meaning the additional group of people into our PAE group. Kind of ironic.. Suppose to be more closer to the PAE friends, but im more closer to the new addition to the class...

Ok dont want to keep a long post anyway. Oh yea now my personal question. Haha.
1) "What do you think or how will you feel, if you always have this exactly same dream or maybe nightmare of: You standing at a funeral of that same person? And, It's not a person who already passed away, he/she is still alive now and is very very close to you."

I dont know, because I been having this dreams and its not only a few times. It kind of sucks...

i lost you,,
1:20 PM