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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today' s Dinner and Dance? Great, awesome, crazy, madness and many more. Lol. Yea its real good. Everyone was so well dress! Guys wearing blazers, girls wearing elegant dresses. Its like so formal la. And im like wearing full black, Jem said i look like some mafia or druglord O.o".

The parents and pastors were invited too! Had service together and had some award ceremony. LOL the Ministry Training graduates were called up to the stage and so 1 by 1 they went up. All went nicely only Dawn who tripped on the stairs. Guess not used to high heel? Well the high heel kinda like snap. So she went barefooted to get the certificate.

Hmm after all the award stuffies, we went down for dinner! Well food was alright. Ate 2 servings of noodle. Oh cool long time no see Jem. Its like 3 month i since last saw him. Well later we have the dance part. It started off very little people. But later the bunch of crowd later started dancing O.o" I didnt join in, i stayed at the back and watch the crazy people.

After Dinner and Dance, we all helped to clear up the church. Lots of work to do. But well I done my part like until 11 plus? Fun helping out clearing.

The Light is so beautiful
I have yet again
fell in love with it.

i lost you,,
6:10 PM

Friday, May 19, 2006

This morning went to school with my mum. Well talked to Mr Choo regarding my Chinese. Well my mum couldn't make up her mind all of the sudden. Yesterday she told me to give up and now lol she can't decide whether i should give up or not. Well she wants to discuss with my dad first. So yea. Tomorrow is the call.

Heh went home and play dota xD. Played with Julian, Bren and Jeremy. Well... Wouldnt really say got thrashed... because got feeder on our team feeding bren - -" . Well later played elemental TD with edwin. Bleghz.. Got thrashed.. He 1st time playing that map some more.. -.- Im so weak. Played Jurrasic survival later with him when suddenly his mum just off his modem xD. Well too bad

Went off later to bedok! Well met roshan, ahmad and blah blah some more on my way. Seems that they were playing soccer the whole afternoon and they were on their way to watch da vinci code. Well hang around with them awhile before heading for KFC. Hmm. Another coincidence, while eating, mr kang suddenly just came in and sat infront of me xD. Haha. Well we talked alot there and told me that I can still go JC even if i fail chinese! xD. Woot. Well we talked about tons and tons of stuff like career, education life, our Christian life and much more. And yeah he is going to bring us to some buffet after chinese o level! xD. Hope he really mean it. Well later his friend came. He ate with us for awhile and well chat around.

They left later for their church cell meeting. And i left for home. And guess what? another coincidence -.- , but now i met my primary school friend xD. Well she is the same as always... a Lioness xD. And wow she took out her braces recently.. thats cool. Lol well we didnt chat much.

Hmm. Well God blesses us with different Strengths. So i guess God actually blessed my other subjects. Oh well guess that is how it is. I will work for the other subjects and sacrifice my chinese! xD Alrightz im off

and then we were
by the Light once again

i lost you,,
11:00 AM

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Well, blah blah... Mr choo and Ms tan talked to me about my results and chinese stuffies. Well since im really a burden to the school result and brendon drop out of chinese too.. Guess i gona drop it too than. My mum also agreed to just drop it anyway. So well drop lo. But the whole class seems to as though oppose it. Thats nice lol. But aiyah also dont know la. I do dont mind really trying real hard for this chinese. But well since the teachers doesnt want it. But actually i dont know whats the right choice. Some part of me wants to let go, while the other doesnt want to. The adults wants me to let go but my friends doesnt want me to. So who do i listen? What is my choice? I dont know seriously.

In the end guess i gona really drop chinese though. Yawnz.. And actually during the chinese intensive today.. im not sad alright.. i was just thinking and reflecting through. -.-" Didnt know i look so sad.

Haiz. Alright heck with it. Maybe going for Chinese B is a better choice for me. So oh well yea, suck it up la... I dont care already. I am going to work hard for other subjects. It isnt the end of my world anyway.. So oh well! BRIGHT FUTURE AWAITS ME! heh.

i lost you,,
1:00 PM

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today... WAS kinda alright. things are nice when Ms Tan is around. BUT when mr Choo comes in, it goes abit boring.. Well, he taught like how to write letter.. which isnt much interest to me. Btw i screwed as usual for both mother tongue paper. Still maintaining my education record for M.T 15% - 30% . Nvr went beyond or below that.. Except for PSLE which MIRACLE happened and i passed! Hallelujah!

Was hoping that this year O' level there would be another miracle... But yea WOW THANKS MR CHOO for spoiling my miserable hope. His WORDS are so ENCOURAGING YOU KNOW? SO ENCOURAGING THAT IM SO MOTIVATED TO SKIP O LEVEL. Yea. He said that im only a burden to the school and everyone else. He said that im hopeless, a definite F9, would only drag school result down. Here's a short stuff of translation of what he said:

" I know you are already hopeless and can never pass your O level. No matter how hard you try, you will still fail. If you take the paper, you only drag the whole school and other people results down. Just don't take the paper, seriously. You know you will fail so why go and fail? If you know you are going to fail than don't drag the school results down, just go skip the paper. "

Yep that's a short extract of what he said. Ok, I agree that i may be a burden to the school results. But cant i try? I want to at least believe in that Miracle once again. I mean its also okay for people to try! Whats wrong in trying? Well, if i really fail... than im sorry. But you know, im lost. Am I seriously going to skip the chinese O lvl? Something that i had paid and prayed for a miracle. I dont know. Maybe im just really a burden to my friends and school.

Heh, but wow seriously he spoilt my whole mood for studying for chinese. Truly GRATEFUL to him. Wonder how long am i going to survive this shit. But fine la, if im going to be a burden than i go skip paper lo. I hate being a burden anyway. Well than, all the best for you guys chinese o lvl... I may just go skip it.

Im sorry
Forgive me
For im only a burden to you guys

i lost you,,
12:30 PM

Monday, May 15, 2006

Yesterday Church service was so GREAT! WOOT. Great worship and sermon! heh. It was about Embracing changes. Yep. We must learn to accept changes and we ourselves must dare to change! Hah. It was great. And well it was our last service together with the young adults.. Sad. We will seperate next week.. into Young Adults and Youth Ministry. OK correction.. instead of seperate, its MULTIPLY! xD Cool. And well we are seperated into school cells in various zone of singapore. And woot Emmanuel and Dawn is our school cell leader! xD Didnt see all the cell members though.. all went missing O.o" .

Well Jarrold wasnt happy with his school cell apparently. He said he cant bond with his members. Hmm.. Pray that God help him and his cell bond well with each other.

Well next week is Dinner & Dance! Haha. Wonder what will happen then. Its like a formal prom night xD. Cool.. Looking forward to it.

Oh no.. Its mother's day! And i didnt bought anything for my mum.. =/ I hAD nO mOney! Haix!!!.. Loaned out too much money.. now i no money myself... Sigh... SORRY MUM! I only hope God bless her and keep her healthy, happy, and let her know your existence. Well, I thank God for this mum that i have. Happy Mothers' day!!

That feeling that i've fought
for so long
Has came back once again

i lost you,,
10:24 AM

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hmm... P.E today was sure very rough... 4 butt strikes from Farid. >< Ouch.. And it seems that we play very fast and violent today. all chiongsters xD. Fun though.. CR had so many lucky shots. and i.. blegh.. keep missing.. =(

A maths test? alright la... the most if fail is only careless mistake lo.

Oh yea... you should watch this... Its damn hilarious!

and the 2nd part

ITS GROSS! But still very hilarious! xD

i lost you,,
9:06 AM

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ok bleghz, that post is craps. nth to it.. boring day. usual.. ok done.. zz

wAkE uP DaRn iT... bEen sLpInG the wHoLe TiMe wiThouT rEaLiSing tHe rEAlIty

Isn't life worth so much more?

i lost you,,
3:06 PM

OK BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. THIS FEELING JUST SUCK! -.- Felt so fustrated and remorseful for NO BLOODY GOOD REASON. -.- Wham... no mood sia. totally sucky. freak sia.. than still got so many a maths homework... can eat shit sia... blah blah shitty...

played bf2 just now. release some shitty feelings. but still not enuf.. bah.

today was great..

tomorrow will be better..

needless for your care, im on my own

i lost you,,
1:57 PM

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ok here is the rest of the episodes of that PANIC show.

Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Maybe some of you guys may not find it funny because you guys dont know the game. Well thats ur pasal den =P ooo Shall go finish up with some wallpapers and physic workbook b4 going slp.. laters

i lost you,,
3:02 PM

Woot woot. Just made my own blogskin again! whaha. =p ok the codings are not by me but the layouts are done by ME.. so its partially i created it. heh. Sadly lost lots of songs from my songlist. have to find more.. and wow. seems like so long i last blogged. Too lazy man, having O lvl stress sia.. Sad.

anyway dun wana talk abt today. u guys noe the details. no reason for me to go talk about it. BuT the DNA thingy is cool. maybe i should consider taking life sciences. and wow that bacterial thingy... it just smells like wad my mum cooked everyday... some herbal soup... choking me everyday wif it.. think it will destroy my tastebuds instead of giving some what health benefits she says. =p ok i dun wana blog.. lazy and tired. probably.

Click here for some lame video. Its rather funny. Its made from a game called FEAR. They actually made fun of it somehow. From some horror game into some dumb video - -

i lost you,,
1:30 PM