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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday BRO! Gaha.. And welcome back home from the Police Academy! xD..

Awesome.. played the whole day today... Morning went to school to play badminton during SPE and volleyball after SPE! But got stopped halfway due to lightning alert. Rather dumb.. Just because they heard the roaring thunder, they put up the lightning alert, when we can still see the radiant sun, shining upon us. But oh well, had to stop. Went for econs lecture and after that.. went to play Multi-purpose hall to find stuff to do since it was raining and we cant play tennis.. There, we saw this group of girls playing table tennis and weisheng just decided to ask them whether we could borrow a table and paddles to play.. Well they agreed and we found a another new sport to play.. Haha.. Well I suck at it... continued to play tennis later in the afternoon under the baking sun.. im sunburnt again and my face is beyond sunburnt already... sigh.. Stoped playing at 3+.. and well was dead tired... slept on the bus all the way..

Went home.. wash up.. and sleep some more till 7+.. Haha.. And we went for dinner at Wahiro! Haha.. awesome as always.. wont explain the details.. im dead tired... theres GP test tomorrow.. still have to study.. Haiz..

ok im off to mug... but i predict i will fall asleep halfway anyway..

the cries of agony.
the sight of remorse.
i deny my instincts.
with the insignificant

i lost you,,
2:05 PM

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Kenny! Congratulations, you are going to make history this year. You will be the first person to fail CL'B!"

That was what my Chinese teacher told me last week. Haha. My brother told me to take it as a motivation. A motivation for what? To make history? lol. Well, I failed my chinese for prelims and tomorrow is my chinese A' level oral examination! Man, got to crap my way through tomorrow since I cant even read a single chinese character. Well, almost..

Haha. My brother is enlisted to the Police Academy! Kinda sad for him. Well, he was equally sad anyway. I mean, we rather experience army life than being a policeman. And he was the sway one since he was in the 11% percentile which will be enlisted into PA.(1-10% will enlist to OCS in Army while 12% and below goes to SISPEC and riflemen) But after a while of consideration it seems that its not that bad to be in PA after all. Well, there are just pros and cons.

Well, why bother over how much you've failed in the past? Why not use it to motivate yourself to work even harder? Time may be short. But effort plays a bigger role than time. Focus and put in more effort. While it may be hell during this short period of time, a bright future still awaits us in the aftermath. So what if you make mistakes again and again. It does not show that you are incapable of learning, but it shows that you are trying. And each time you try, you will learn from these mistakes and eventually overcoming it.

You know, just as how much you believe in me, I believe you can make it too.

Even if the world gives up on me,
I won't give up on the world.

Even if I only see darkness around me,
I will still shed light for others to seek.

"Be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded" - 2 Chronicles 15:7

i lost you,,
2:59 PM

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oh well, as expected... My dad is utterly disappointed with my performance for prelims. And well, he is gonna scrutinize my every movement at home every hour, preventing me from excessive or maybe even any gaming. Well, thats what I think thats gonna happen for the days to come.

So what were my grades? AABSS. Yes a great spread between grades, yet again. So why is my dad utterly disappointed? Well obviously its because of the SS grades, where one of them is GP and the other, Econs.(S grades = Sub-pass, which is just a nicer way of saying fail but close to pass) And there he goes, I bet, going to lecture me for weeks about how important GP is and Econs. Like cmon, like I dont know how important they are. Sigh. I think he is also disappointed because I've been failing GP and econs all the while. So yea, perhaps he was hoping for improvement in prelims, but I failed him miserably.

But dad, I know you care for me. BUT the way you talked to me just now, was like only recognising my weaknesses and not my strengths. I know you want me to improve my weaker subjects. But you treated other subjects like as if they have no value in life at all. You spoke for Econs, important for Finance course in University. You spoke for GP, important to my A' level certificate and my daily life. But you spoke none for Sciences and Maths. I spoke for Sciences and Math, important for engineering courses, but you dismissed it like it was nothing and opened a deaf ear to my words. Though I admit I gamed alot and did not put in as much effort as I should. But I still tried right? I still put in my effort didnt I? I know GP is important, and failing it means Im screwed. But hey, Im trying! Obviously I dont wanna screw up my GP. Who would? Geez.

I guess just now I was a little rude to you. Well, Im sorry. I know you were just worried for me. And so I dont blame you. But instead, do forgive me, both for my failure and my rude behaviour.

Perhaps I was already expecting this... Thats why, I wasnt sure whether to be happy when I recieved all my results.

Alright, my dad is bugging me to go sleep already. Sigh. Whatever. Goodnight.

But I promise to try my best to push up my grades and close up the gap between my grades... I will...

i lost you,,
1:52 PM

Monday, September 08, 2008

Whew.. Tomorrow is the start of college.. AGAIN. haha. Guess its like back to work eh. Sigh. Somehow, I just have a bad feeling towards next week.... Bad feeling...

The whole september holiday was.. super slack for me..Lol.. yea. Maybe its a rest that I needed. Or maybe, im just procrastinating away... How sinful... Here's a summary of what happened.

Monday - Studied and watch movie with Jeff and Sandy. Well, didnt study anything at all basically.

Tuesday - Going out with Edwin lol. Shop and stuffs. Walked around the bloody CBD(Lavender -> Bugis -> SLQ -> Raffles -> Funan -> Dhoby Ghaut) the whole day cause we dont wana spend money on transport. Lolx cheapo..

Wednesday - Badminton with Edwin, CR, Rosh and Jok. Haha.. Good work out I guess...

Thursday - Rest.. legs and arms are aching.. Played the whole day again at home. Rotting..

Friday - Studied with Jeff, Sandy and TLY. Well, better than monday... Did only 2 case study though..

Saturday - Ha.. Had to entertain my brother the whole day. So yea, we played CoH the whole day.

Sunday(Today) - Lol, Idled and did econs essay.

Haha. Cool eh. Well, I guess I need to wake up... Ok im done with here today.
The rest is there
My Silent Gratitude, Repentance and Oath

i lost you,,
10:48 AM

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hollow - As it describes, there is emptiness within.
To hell with me.
...taht wercs

i lost you,,
4:46 PM