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Saturday, September 26, 2009

F*** la!! I failed my AWT just by one fkinG question!!! ONE FKING QUESTION!! tmd.. that means my weekends are probably gonna get burnt, just to go back camp for extra tutorials?.. Geez... I totally hate that freaking demerit points systems.

And so we went to Jeremy's house again! , supposedly to celebrate that AWT is over, but not... But hey, it was still really fun with all you guys and it remedied my mood! Haha. Again, another K session, learnt some drinking dice-game, watch F1 and some chinese show on chnl U. Didnt get to play saboteur. Aww. Man, I wish I have a house like Jeremy's one man.. But I would love to have as many houses as Jeffrey's one XD.

 Dancing is my Remedy~

Dance with the enemy.

i lost you,,
10:16 AM

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a week. It was just lectures and itouch everyday in camp. Hah, good thing I have shows in my itouch to watch or I will be bored to death there. The treetop walk on friday was totally disastrous. Knowing that a heavy downpour is coming soon, we still continued the walk and we all got drench in the middle of the walk. -.- But it was still kinda fun and funny, looking at everyone squeezing into umbrellas and running through what?.. 2-3km of steel path? Hah.

Stayed in Winston's house on friday cause we had to report to camp the next day super early. It's kind of stupid because we report so early just to have a 2.4km run and exercises on a sweet saturday morning. How dreadful. Lol. It was a good run anyway, though I nearly died with all the uphills and downhills. Argh, getting unfit.

And hey watch this insanely cool guy in a gay sport(Well, I think it is gay) making it so awesome.

Damien Walters + Gymnastics = COOL SHIT

Gymnastics anyone? ;]

i lost you,,
10:19 AM

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We have been competing each other so much till the point we have forgotten what it was like working together.

i lost you,,
11:30 AM

Monday, September 14, 2009

OMG! AWT is crazier than I thought! The amount of stuffs you need to remember is simply torturous! It is like thousand million times much more difficult than what we studied in AFTC. And the exam is like in two weeks time! =O.. The passing rate for the previous few batches doesnt sound that good either.. =/.. Please dont take away my weekends!

Watched the movie '9' yesterday with well, Jan, Jokhie, Jeff and Rosh! I thought the movie was pretty interesting, considering how they expanded from a 5 or 10 min short clip into a movie. But the rest didnt seem to find it good =/. Lol. The ending was rather.. How do i put it.. Anti-climax? Unexpecting? Lol. Unlike other animations, this one ended quite sadly. I think the ending is what make the movie lost its points. But I still give it a 3.5/5 stars! =]

And it is back to Murai camp again tomorrow. Now more luxury of waking up later and taking my sweet time. Oh well..

i lost you,,
9:50 AM

Sunday, September 06, 2009


i lost you,,
12:44 AM

Thursday, September 03, 2009

KFC VS MACDONALD... Let sanders and ronald fight it out.

Haha! Thats what you can expect from the Japanese. So bored and with their creative minds, they create crazy and stupid stuffs. And that's a compliment alright, not being sarcastic in any way that you may see it.

Looks like my sunday afternoon has just been eaten up! =/.. Have to be standby at PLC for Army OpenHouse... Man, I rather do the morning duty.. But it is impossible for me get to camp by 6.45am, not unless I take a cab duh. Taking away the afternoon is practically taking the day itself away. Sigh.

And trust me, I wish I can grow taller... more than how much you freaking lot of people want me to, reminding me every now and then.

i lost you,,
2:32 PM

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gee gEe GEe GEE geE! Hahaha. Gee by SNSD.. The next korean song that Im addicted to(first was nobody by wonder girls LMAO). =P. Kawaii desho?

Weee! Graduated from AFTC officially today! =D

And surprisingly, we are actually counted as specialists! Haha awesomeness man. Anyway, it was great to see everyone again. It was like as if we have not seen each other for a long time, but in reality, it was only two weeks ago when we were posted to different units. Haha. We had our famous chicken cutlet at the mess for our lunch which is probably for our very last time. =/ Pwns PLC chicken cutlet xD. But way more oily.. ugh.

Just quoting our CO... stating the importance of technicians.

"Without a nail, a horseshoe is lost.
Without a horseshoe, a horse is lost.
Without a horse, a rider is lost.
Without a rider, a battle is lost.
And with a battle lost, a country is lost."

I guess it can also mean that it is the small things that make the big things happen.
and it can be inferred that technicians are only doing the small things.
hmm.. that doesnt sound nice. Lol

Ah damn it.. Just realised that it could be my motherboard that is damaged and not my rams.. Cross my fingers and pray that it isn't my motherboard or else Im gonna throw my one month allowance into buying a new one.. ><.. At least my rams have life time warranty.. Heh.

Hottie talents here

Apparently they(VFC) are the original singers for the song Future Love. Sorry I couldn't find a studio recorded version of the song.. All they have on youtube are live performances of them. So pardon me for the noisy screaming fans.

Then this lady sang it too. Hmm, I think both of them sang very well and the song itself is awesome! LOL. But I love how the VFC danced to the song.. Looks awesome. =O

Alright ending off.. Here's another awesome song - Outta Here by Esmee Denters! A beautiful talent indeed. Pretty pretty huh? LOL Heh. Anyway AnYwAy.. the main thing is her voice and the song ya? Awesomeness!!

Whoops.. Sorry that I posted so many videos in a single post... Was just bored and listening to songs on youtube.. LOL.

Opportunities are everywhere but they only come once. So grab it or lose it. That is a simple law of life.

i lost you,,
1:23 PM