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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hmmm.. Today alot of people didnt come to school. Its like half of the school came only. Didnt get a chance to go IT lab today, too busy in hall ><. Sigh. Fabian and I suffered the whole day there, so boring!

Hmm. It seems that i activated my "SEED" mode today =P... Shouted and scolded Alexander. Didnt really meant to scold him. Its just that Im stucked there the whole day and suddenly i just got pissed off with some people and was in a bad mood. When Alex pointed the middle finger at Ernest, I went to scolded him for no respect for senior. And the scoldings and shoutings just goes on in the room between him and me. I was so angry that i scolded the 'F' word. >< Sigh. When he left the room, i fell to my knees and tears kinda just flow out. Wasnt crying though, it just flows out... Didnt really meant to go scold him, regretted it. Well, my heart was in pain...

Well, Jokhie, Ernest and Fabian later somehow cheered me up from the bad mood. Haha. Went for the leadership course. Expected it to be some boring crapz. But its so funny! xD That guy rocks. Learnt lots of stuffs there. Ate my 'lunch' with Mr Kang at that Bagus stall. Dawn and Lisa forgot their potato chips which they handed over to me and went home. Gave them to Mr Kang. xD Alright. End here.

The revived SEED

i lost you,,
1:26 PM

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hmm... Today wasnt really a great day. People are having bad mood everywhere. Blaming one another and quarrelling with one another. Sigh. Weather was really bad too, though I kinda find it so cool. xP But anyway, this shouldn't be the way we should live. We should spare a thought for the others and not being fully drawn to just merely computer games. I admit that i sometimes too ignore people while playing computer games. Im really sorry but at least Im trying not to.

Today, majority of 3 com went to IT lab and slack. I didnt go IT lab because i gtg Ngee Ann Pri to promote our school. Their school rox! Super big! About double the size of our school. =/ Well when i got back, all of them were being chased down because Mr Lee found out. Sad, i cant even play! Went to my marketing team meeting. Moments later went to talk to Mr Zul. Haha, we walked around the school and chatting. So fun xD. Then we so called 'discussed' and came out a rule. Well, the rule wasnt effective today, still alot of our class go up later. When suddenly so many people came up, I felt unhappy and i left the lab. Because I do not wish to drag Mr Zul into trouble just because of us. He had given us opportunity to SOME of us to enjoy and our whole class seems to be taking advantage of it. I know it seems unfair, but we cant afford to have the whole class up there what.

Anyway, Someone was pissed off and he somehow resembles Raww Le Clueze from Gundam SEED O.o" I mean seriously, whatever he say and his way of thinking is just the same! Sca...ree.. I dont want a Raww Le Clueze to born in this world... Just so evil. I will confront that person if he ever become Raww.. -.- Probably die first though..xD But its just so shocking la. Never expected a person resembling Raww Le Clueze to exist in this world. But in anycase, it wont happen =)

Later, when its assembly time, Ernest went up and told the whole class to come down. And what was the reply? : Dont want la, stay here better or whatever crap given. Do they really want to find trouble? Assembly leh! Teachers will be present and they dont want to go. What the heck. Fearing that the whole class gonna get punished and possibility of dragging Mr Zul too, I went up and asked Mr Zul permission before I shouted at them. I dont like shouting just sometimes hurt people. But what to do? They wont cooperate if i go and ask nicely.

Sigh. Lots of thoughts went thru my mind after school, walking home. Many many thoughts. Aiyah... alot of things to write today sia... lazy to write liao... zzz. gtg soon.

Are we all so selfish? I guess so.

i lost you,,
2:31 PM

Monday, October 24, 2005

Waha! Just done making a new wallpaper! It's Meer Campbell from Gundam SEED Destiny, I wouldn't say its very good though. But in any case, give positive comments! =P Haha. I had no idea why all of the sudden I love to make wallpaper. It's just so fun! Lol. Alright, gonna make the Pink Princess, Lacus, wallpaper next. =P But for now, let me go play SWAT 4! haha. Crapz. Im neglecting my Maple ><"

i lost you,,
8:40 AM

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Haha. Just got back from wedding. Wee! It was helt at Raffles convection centre, its so GRAND! ><..Haha it was great! Haha. Food was great too... had to feed my young cousin cause he didnt know how to use chopsticks and the fork and spoon were too big for his puny hands... xD The place was totally so grand. Well, saw two ice figurine of swans and took pictures of it. Took more pictures of my bro, cousins and me! Haha. We were mad.

Sigh.. Alright gtg sleep soon, cant afford to oversleep again for tomorrow CE class xP

i lost you,,
3:33 PM

Monday, October 17, 2005

Haha. Now in IT lab with Edwin and Bastian. Mr Zul went off for some emergency meeting. So we 3 are left here to surf, play Quake3 or maplestory. O.o Haha. But the school server was down.. sianz. Ok bastian is looking at me...How gayish.. O.o" Well ignoring him. =P. Hmmm... dont know what to do now. Blog more later. Sigh.

i lost you,,
4:32 AM

Sunday, October 16, 2005

AIYO! OVERSLEPT FOR CHURCH ><. SiGh SiGH. forgive me ><. Sigh dont know what to say now... okok im still making wallpapers. and yea. just made a FF7 wallpaper. wouldnt say its that good though... go and see it

i lost you,,
12:16 PM

Haha. gonna get myself ready soon for the wedding! lol. Gonna be great! Hmm.. dont know what to write. too early already. aiyah later come back then blog..

Thats my blog where i will post all my adobe work from it.I just started it so dont expect too much =P read the rules too. And yea, i did the skin myself. =X not really did it myself la, just copy codes and type in crapz.. hehe

i lost you,,
3:10 AM

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Back from Roland and Chellie wedding! Wooo yea its so great!. Haha. The sun was so scorching.. >< wedding ="D."><. Haha.

Chellie was so pretty xP. Of course la, bride ma. Haha. Well after all the ceremony, got photo taking. Well i really gona look very dumb. Cause wasnt prepared and they took already. lol.

Well, took a plate of noodles and a cup of lemonade. Sat at a quite isolated place, at the rocky site. Kind of like that place. Its just so serene. Well, later SiHua joined me. Chatted dont know what stuffs. Later, a guy(Dont know his name ><) came and asked if we are like emotional kind of people because we were like so isolated at a place. He asked if we are brother and sister...O.O! HUH?! WE DONT EVEN LOOK ALIKE LA. -_-" Haha. Well anyway, later he left. Then we cont. chatting. Hmm, sh said she is anti-social... dont seem so la.

And yea, good question there... Why am I there, why am I not with the rest of my cell. Honestly, I dont know. I just felt like sitting there watching the sunset. Thats all i can say. I dont know well myself too. Just felt like it thats all. im lost.

Helped to clean up the place later. And they gave me 2 umbrellas free. Haha. Went back with marcus and jarrold. Well, gonna play maple =p

i lost you,,
9:14 PM

lol. alright just got back from some little shoppings. Went about parkway at about 2 or 3, cant remember. Well went to popular first and bought RAVE book 34 for Julian. Then went to parkway look around. Had trouble shopping, felt so wierd O.o" Not used to shopping la. Haha. Well bought a shoe after a very long time. Dawn called later and met up with her and SiHua. Followed them everywhere -.-" Saw my cousin and chatted with her awhile. She later rushed off to work at ICHIBAN SUSHI =P.. Its good. haha. Alright later 5.50pm they decided to go back. Followed them to the bus stop. Went to the beach after that.

The serenity of the beach,
how i wish my mind
could be as peaceful as it is...
I can't find the answer
But, I know one day...
I will find it...

Enjoyed the sea breeze, I didnt notice the time but it was dark before i started to leave.

i lost you,,
12:53 PM

Friday, October 14, 2005

Hahas. final year Exams are finaly over! YAY! sigh. though I dont think i did very well for all my subjects though... =/ sigh. But what the heck... Whats over is over... Cant do anything now. =/ sigh.. Just got to be happy and joyful always xD =P hahaha. =P maple is down... cant play now.. wahahaha.. now in IT lab anyway. yea talking craps with mr zul and gang.. xD haha gona do shoppings tomorrow probably.. =P and going to asteriods later =D wOOHH! YAY CELEBRATE TILL WE DIE!!! wahahahaha! =P gona go crazy and depressed... x,x sigh. want to enjoy some peace at the beach. =/ sigh.. probably go later at night or next time. haha. later then blog more.. bye all and God blesses all!

i lost you,,
4:10 AM

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sigh... E maths today sure sux.. =P think i got lots of careless mistakes... well who cares.. whats over is over.. =P and YAY! i just made another gundam seed wallpaper.. or just simply picture... =D cause i was so down for e maths paper and was kinda bored... well making it cheered me up xD... =P cant remember how long i took though.. haha here it is..

hmm.. but they resized the picture cause its too big. So its smaller now. It also affected the picture quality though.Sigh!. Well in any case, please comment on it! =D tell me if you want the bigger 1..

i lost you,,
3:50 AM

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Haha, 2.50 now. So bored.. =P so shall blog awhile..

Well i screwed up my Science paper really. I don't think I can score A1 already... Really disappointed.. If I don't score A1 for this, I will lose my A1 spree! Sigh. Well, english was like okok, Chi... forget about it! xD. Well at first i gave up writing compo.. cause i cant even read the question! haha but thank God mr kang read to me the question! =D But still i dun quite understand the question... LOL xP. Social studies source base isnt dat great... overall... i would say bad. =/..

But Mr Zul told me to relax.. dun be bothered abt dis result n how ppl gona look on me =) he told me dat the most important is to concentrate on 'O' lvl =D ya. waha thx mr zul!! =D

Well dont know what to write for now... must study again xD

i lost you,,
5:55 PM

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hmmm... Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Final Year Exam! Sigh. Time sure passes by fast... If only we could just slow it down. Looking back of time, there sure is alot of happy memories and sad ones too. Wish to be back those days. Sweet memories. Its ironic though. At times, some of us maybe were like praying for the time to pass faster and now, we are regretting that time would never pass so fast. Sigh. I wanna live this Sec. 3 life more longer. Next year don't seem to be enjoyable anymore. Its '0' level time. I wanna enjoy more of this Sec. 3 life!

In this modern world, things aren't as lively and adventerous compared to the past. Thanks to the invention of modern technology. Sigh. =/

Gosh. Sec. 3 life is coming to an end soon...Its fast... Wonder what will happen next. Will we enjoy to the fullest? Or trapped in the quiet life that technology had brought us.

Anyway, All the best to everyone for the Final Year Exam!

My Prayers.

:Dear Heavenly Father:
God please bless every single one of us
and reward the hardworkings.
God I just pray that you just watch over us
and destroy any distraction.
Father, Lord, I just pray that you
Bless us with knowledge.
And that we will remain focus on the Exam paper.
Father Lord, even though its our Exam week,
I pray that we will still be obedient
and do our daily Quiet Time.
For we can't live without your Words, Lord.
In Jesus most precious and wonderful name, We pray, Amen

i lost you,,
12:25 PM

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Well, talking to my cousin now. Sigh. She is sharing all her problems with me. She is really guilty and angry for arguing with her friends. Oh well, she can't really be blamed though. It was because her friends abandoned and did not respected her. Well, we discussed awhile and told her to just forgive and forget. Well, she said she more or less know what to do. Hope i helped her =]

I guess its rare to be respected in this modern world. People are changing more and more unfriendly. It's just shouldn't be the way! Our attitute is just getting worst. Why can't we just return to a life where there is no violence but only peace? A life where we all respect each other and care for on another instead of hurting.

Well, was sharing my problems with her too. Hahaz. She told me not to get bothered by it. But she told me to do something which i never wanted to. But it seems too late I guess. Well, I just feel so dumb to be bothered with such stuff. I should just let it go and look towards the future. Well, guess that is what i going to do. =]

Letting go...Towards the future

i lost you,,
6:39 AM

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Haix. Suddenly thought of this. Which is better, the past me or the current me? Its like in the past, i rarely talk to people and I'm kinda anti-social. But now I changed and I am trying to be more sociable. But it seems that there is a price to pay. When i try to be more sociable, I just hurt people more. We joked like as if the other party won't get hurt. We gossip around each people back. Always having motives that we just meant to tease people.

I mean, in the past, i never talk to people and its so much more peaceful in that way. I won't get involve in trouble or even create one. I won't even hurt people verbably that we now people always excuse ourselves by saying "It's just a joke". If they ever ask me to do something, I would just respect and comply them without even questioning. Just having a 'whatever' attitute.

So why am I trying? I honestly don't know. Maybe I don't want to be different or left out from the rest? Or maybe that life is more exciting compared to the boring introvert life? Sigh.

i lost you,,
10:55 PM