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Friday, June 30, 2006

Bwaha. Cut my hair. finaly my head aint hot no more.

Bah. something is wrong with my connection. DAMN laggy. Maybe its just starhub problem. Lousy...

And yea we did some magic to the cars. Caught in on phone. Watch em.

Short blog. short ending. Pray for my Dad. Terribly ill. Just wana pray. Heal him, Lord.

That anger and sorrow bounds in my heart forever.

i lost you,,
12:51 PM

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heh. Going St pat for CLB wasnt that bad after all. Bunch of slackers there. And i thought i was the worst among all, but some people cant read as well. Waha. Aint bad there. NICE school. Big and neat. Sadly only 1 stall in the canteen is open. But the stall aint bad. The chickens are nice. Mwaha.

Lesson is WAY boring. Really a slacking class. people coming late for class deliberately, teacher didnt do anything about it. Kept trying to keep myself awake. At first i thought the lesson is damn strict. but Nicholas tay later came and told me the teacher doesnt care at all. We can do anything we want. coolness. Well start talking crap with him. Nicholai came way late, 45 mins before the class going to end. He doesnt care a single bit. Heard he been playing PSP, watching porn, eat macdonald and many stuffs at the back of the class for the pass 6 months. Teacher didnt do anything -.-". Well guess its really damn slack. Not bad... At least there is quite of freedom in the class. Waha.

Went home and slept for few hours. bleghz tired...

i lost you,,
1:33 PM

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hows the 1st day of school? Hmm Alright la. Nothing much happening. Yawns. But YAy finaly they changed the PA system! Its DAMN AWESOME! New mixers for both light and sound! New lightings and speakers too! Mwaha. BUT SSADLY I ALREADY RETIRED!. Boohoo. So suay. Why didnt harpal came last year? =/ He should have came earlier and bring changes to this school. Sigh. He is real good and popular. Appeared in some newspaper before and now he is bringing many changes to school. Awesome.

Went to peek and 'test' the pa system after school. Damn CHIM but damn cool. waha. Sad. Went for the heritage trip. LONG TRIP. But well it is really interesting there. Though the interior design resemble like the Lab or hospital from the movie ' Residential Evil' Really cool and spooky. mwaha. Huge steel or wadever metal door. Stuffs there really high tech. like the ventilation system? Able to control the humidity or even shut off oxygen and introduce nitrogen, argon and 1 other gas for emergency. Their lift? AWESOME. waha. High security there. 2 doors behind each other. Huge lift. Well dunno how to explain. But its cool. The whole place is just awesome. Wldnt mind going back there and look around. Maybe even work there. Man cool place.

Took some magical VA magic by sayhaow. But apparently i cant upload. so some other time maybe i will try then

i lost you,,
2:24 PM

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Woo. Nice. Cycled all the way from east coast to changi village. Cycling along the airport is the best. Tons of vehicles especially those huge busses and truck. 1 stupid vehicle horned at me for nothing when i didnt even cross his lane. Wierd. Well tons of horns and flashing lights. It took us like half an hour to finish the airport? Damn nice. Those huge vehicles are irritating. whenever they drove pass us, the air is like WA. Huge wind blow against us. Irritating sands flew to my eyes several times.. irritating. Yawns. When cycling back from changi village, leg cramp strike to all the guys except james. Pain sia. Endure the bloody pain all the way back to east coast.

AFter returning the bikes, we walked all the way to lagoon again! mwaha. Seems shorter this time. Well met my mum and her colleagues from japan at jumbo seafood restaurant. Haha. A few japanese ladies wana take photo with me. So why not? wahaha. The japanese are all really friendly =D. So took photo wif them and went to join up with the rest. Met Lisa parents there and they are all so nice. Even bought for us chicken wings. Hahas. Well had some stuffies there. And waa had to fight the stupid cramp all the way. Well, later took taxi home with CR and XX. CR is like being bugged by a bug in his butt. XD. And XX is like being so noisy all the way. Waha. Rich ass.

BAh, now im so tired. bleghzzz. AND WAHA! 4 people downloaded my WCG wallpaper and have 82 views!! Heh. some people have more downloads and views but waha at least this show the my wallpaper isnt that bad! =P hahas cool. probably gonna make another 1 soon. Heh.


i lost you,,
2:45 PM

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bleghz. Was begged to blog so okay i shall blog. Kinda 'busy' these days so cant really blog.=P Bwaha.

Jokhie was supposed to do his DnT work in school, but after hearing me and cr going LAN, he kinda like insisted to go damn badly. Well, persuaded a thousand times and he wouldn't listen a single bit. So oh well, just let him go. He kinda promised he will finish his DnT, hope he really keep his promise -.-". He said he was gonna finish a few weeks ago so what now? xP He is gonna drag more if he keep playing. Guess we are too influential =P.

Went to LAN shop with jok, cr and chai. Played lots of craps there. CS was still the most fun there. I owned them xP. And we owned the Banglas big time xD. Haha Went for tuition later like about 4? Well thanks to cr we are late for lesson.

ooo and we finaly see the girl! Err, look familiar but well dont recognise her. Bwaha we were expecting her to be either some super nerd or some super untalented. But well she was very quiet and cant really tell. She has a pretty nice and decent voice BUT she look like some ah lian. WAhaHAha. wierd. Kept cracking her neck throughout the lesson and she had a preety large tattoo on her back O.o". Fierce.. Her family own a beef noodle shop in parkway parade. Dont know which 1 anyway. Bah.

Well the tuition is really great. Didnt regret at all. He is WAY BETTER THAN TJL LA. In one day he can like teach more than what she teach. He is really good. Well, shared lots of stories too. His NS life and some scientific explanations of superstitions. And also just found out that you must have key to go to the girls toliet. xD Wierd though. He is helping us finding a Pure Bio teacher too, how kind. xD. Well lazy to write. tired.

Hope you guys are happy that i blogged since u like asked for 2-3 times. =P hhaha . Shall look for more stuffs to put here. Heres something for you.


i lost you,,
5:29 PM

Monday, June 05, 2006

WOO!! hAppY yEt rEmoRseFul.. Well got myself a new phone!! Well, it was suppose that my mother to get a new phone as her phone was spoilt and had no handphone to use. But she said she wants to use my phone and ask me to get another!. O.o" Im like whoa... Well, I tried persuading her to get herself a nice better phone for herself but to no avail... She said she wants something small and simple like my phone. So oh well she just wants me to get another phone that badly, so why not? =P Hahas, Well my bro picked W810i and well go with his choice then. Hehe.. cant wait to use it =P.


i lost you,,
9:28 AM

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lalalalalalalalalalala... School holiday! Woo. Well isnt really school holiday huh? Still have so many remedial classes. And we have pre-prelim too! For social studies and histroy/geography. Lol. Well time flies eh... gonna o lvl soon and graduate. and soon we are all adults working already. How boring. Secondary youth are still best somehow. YAwnz... ok now is kinda boring.. nth much to do...

whaha Got hooked up with Kingdom Hearts again! xD Yea.. now playing KH2. LotS of fun. now can dual wield keyblades! whahaha Sora owns. well kinda love the "Oathkeeper" keyblade. look damn nice! Best looking out of the rest. just look at the above pict u can see oathkeeper. Its real nice xD. haha.

And lol.. Cloud lost his devil wings and changed his clothes, hairstyle to advent children movie style. and sephiroth? he grew extra dark angel wings on his legs. O.o well still got lots of final fantasy characters joined in. heh.

Heres a video

i lost you,,
7:30 AM