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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the beauty of tragedy.
"hello there".

Whoo. Finally bought my guitar strings and I have just finished restringing my guitar! Now I got to find someone to tune my guitar because I fear I may break the strings again. Lawl. It was kinda scary restringing my guitar. And my hands stench of metal strings now. xD

Went to KFC with Jeff and Jan in the afternoon for lunch after gym. And I wana tell you guys guys please dont be fooled by the snack set with 5 winglets and fries, which cost $2.90. They cut the wings into half and call each half a winglet. So you technically, it is only 2 and a half wings. And believe me, each winglets are like miserably small. What a way to cheat people feelings lmao.

Shit man.. My air-conditioner in my room became a radiator, literally one. Instead of cooling the room, it somehow radiates heat into my room. Like wtb. Like singapore isnt hot enough. Gee.

Looks like we are gonna play badminton again tomorrow! I wonder if I can play tomorrow, considering my arms are starting to ache from today's gym. Ah heck it. Lmao.

Oh well, guess Imma gonna catch some sleep now. Jeff and Jan are gonna invade my house tomorrow morning! ><>

as i look back into the past, i saw the foolishness in me.

i lost you,,
3:10 PM

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rainbows after the storm.

Taken at ECP. If you notice, there is actually two rainbows in the photo. haha.

Well, had some fun today, but with a heavy price to pay. And when I say price, it's really in monetary term price. Lol.

My guitar strings were out of stock at penisula. Probably head there again tomorrow to check out those shops that were closed just now. If by any sheer unluckiness, all the shops ran out of stocks for the strings, looks like I have to get it from Yamaha. Which is more expensive, as what I was told.

Gym tomorrow morning again. Lmao. Looks like we are finally able to keep up with our alternate days schedule for gym finally. Not much time left before we are all going to army! Awesome man. Cant wait to get into army. =)

And those born without wings, continue to strive on to soar and shine.

i lost you,,
1:17 PM

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Freedom of music


Oh shit man........ In a dillema choosing uni courses again. Ok I have already chosen and submitted online the application already.. But I feel like amending it.. LMAO. Yea firstly, Im not sure whether should I put business admin as first choice...Bioengineering is currently my first choice.

Secondly, engineering science and material science engineering looks so cool and appealing to me suddenly! Engineering science cover all three, biology, physics and chemistry! And both engineering science and material science engineering touch on nanotechnology which is so cool and interesting! Oh man.. I may just ditch bioengineering lmao. Ah shit... Really got to read up again and consult my wise dad. And probably my brother. Hahaha.

Tomorrow is EARTH DAY! For those people who still do not know, yea tomorrow is EARTH DAY. And to participate in it, switch off all, ALL electricity in your household tomorrow from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Alright? There will be candlelight dinners along the restaurants in Wisma Atria, celebrations around, and lights switched off in town. Rofl. Im hoping its going to be something.. Well, unique and cool. Probably scenic too. Haha. Yep.

and i saw God cry in the reflection of my enemies.

ironic but true.

i lost you,,
3:40 PM

Friday, March 27, 2009

Frozen Vortex

A little digital artwork when I was in Secondary 4. Decided to just dig it out again and post it up here. Haha. This is one of the random pieces I've made. What do I mean random? Well, it means that I just anyhow start randomly painting and doing craps in Photoshop without any particular inspiration of anything, till I somehow actually I find it.. pretty interesting. Well, that's that.

And great! My guitar string broke like last week and I have not get it restrung yet. And we are like going to have the jam session tomorrow? Totally not ready man. I better get it restring ASAP. It is not long before I cant have the luxury to strum everday. Lmao. But guitar is just one tough instrument to play ><. Always thought it was easy. Well, it seemed easy.

Gee. Gym again tomorrow morning. Got to sleep early now. Good thing Maple PS is down. So I can get to sleep early now. Lmao.

be honest.
dont put words into people mouth.
cause i see your lies frozen in time.

i lost you,,
4:00 PM

Friday, March 20, 2009

Folded Memories

The best photo that I've taken in year 2008.

Man, I really wish that I have a super uber cool camera. You know those black and bulky cameras? Yea.. awesome stuffs they are.. Can do wonders with those. Maybe I should share with my brother, ask him to invest on it too =p. And then we can split cost. lol. Fat hope.

Well, despite saying that, I have stopped photoshopping and phototaking like awhile. So what I've been doing? Well, going gym, hanging out at CR house, playing badminton, discussing with dad about my university course, playing maple(probably the reason why Im blogging often too xP) and lastly, learning to strum the guitar. Haha. Pretty busy huh?

Man, I really wana master the guitar fast. But it is like not in my blood to play instruments. lawl.. Im gonna take years before I gonna master it. Tch..

Well, I think thats all Im saying for today. Real tired now.. Though I did nothing much today except for listening to talented musicians and singers jamming. Hahaha. Till then man.

All the ignorance and facade. What was it all for? What purpose did it served? What have did it achieved?


I don't know why.

It was just me.

i lost you,,
5:17 PM

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hahahaha!!! XD.. I have no idea why I gave that expression there. Lawl. The photographer probably kicked me in the nuts before taking it.. hahaha lawl... Anyway.. pretty bored now and Im like looking thru all the tks photos again... So... Im gonna just post up some photos from my old phones. lawl.. So let me show how my hair changes over the time in TKs hahaha.. All photo are taken by my Samsung V200.

Anyone remembers my retarded mohawk? This photo is taken in Switzerland! =D

I decided to give my hair a break from standing

Remember the even more retarded sunflower hair?

And then, Joemill gave me this.

Haha. Retardedness.

Please... Dont any of you even dare to say Im so vain.. Because NONE of these photos are taken by myself alright. You wanna know whats vain? Look at.....

Ahhh... Choosing courses for university is hell... All.. Okay most of the engineering courses are like interesting to me.. And dad wants me to go for business and engineer double degree... Now I have to choose what engineering courses to take... I wonder how is everyone else doing?.. Hmms...

Gah... Got to keep my fitness up.. 1 more month to enlistment man... And I still wana opt for PES B... RAWR... Haiz.. What a pity.. My cousin just got rejected again by CMPB to opt for downgrade his PES from B to C. Apparently he also have the same blood disorder as me.. So.. if that is not the problem... What could be the other reason that made me PES C?! Dammit... They should have state in the letter for the reason for being in PES C... Haiz... Irritating..

Oh yea.. And thanks Eunice for sharing this music.. So bloody love it... Sounds so serene and beautiful... I wanna learn how to play this music too! Well, if it's easy... Man, first a guitar now piano?.. And my fingers are already dying from my guitar.

i lost you,,
9:03 AM

Sunday, March 08, 2009

And now, Its finally over...

Firstly, I have to say that I am relieved and delighted for my results. It was a little unexpected, especially for Economics and GP. But for all these, I have to really thank every single teachers, friends and family members of mine for shaping and pushing me into whoever and whatever I have achieved. Thank you, for the guidance and accompany. Every single of you played a part in my life, I mean it. Be it small or big.

Although happy for my results, I still can't deny the sorrow clinching onto my heart. Not for the same reason, but for others, other people, my friends. It's just unfair. Especially for those who worked so hard! They deserve more. Definitely.

Sorry for being helpless back then. Im always.

Distorted emotions.

i lost you,,
5:59 PM

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fear and Anxiety

That's two words to describe the atmosphere in the air right now.

Well, time flies and very quickly, we are going to collect our A lvl results in a few hours time. And I had another sleepless night again. It was as bad as the night before our GP paper. Hope it isn't a bad sign. =/ I pray not. ><

It's funny how I tried so hard to suppress the fear and not thinking about it for these few days, when I know that it is still swirling around inside me. Yesterday night have clearly shown Im a victim of fear. It is something that we can't escape, it is in our nature for us to fear - It's inevitable. Regardless of how knowledgable or how hardworking a person is, he still feels it. Maybe the only way to totally supress this human nature of fear is to damage or remove our nerves. And I doubt anybody wants that solution.

In any case, I hope and pray for the best for everyone later! Regardless the results, please DO NOT do anything stupid. A poor A lvl certificate DOES NOT certify your death. It does not. So please, look to your friends and family, or maybe even have some quiet time if you need to. Don't look for the 'quick solution to all problems'.

Anyway, I hopefully doubt so that anybody will resort to it. So... yea. Good luck and all the best all...

"Screwing up the best thing ever, is something you will regret forever."
-Faber Drive.

The best thing ever isn't about the A lvl results, so don't regret forever.

i lost you,,
2:40 AM