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Friday, February 29, 2008

Yawnz.. so tired.. haha. Yeap. Today is a tiring day. Not because its hectic, but because i woke up being tired. lol. Ok no idea what im talking. Haha. College today... I dont know, it seems like nothing much happened except somebody going high and low. Lol.

Breaking news! Singapore's JI leader had escaped yesterday from a detainee camp and is on the loose! Man.. And I thought Singapore's security is very tight. Everyone be on your guard! Haha

Another news! Haha ok not breaking news. My cousin got into a car accident. lol. He was speeding and yea his car kinda smash into some other car or truck. Heard he got loads of cuts and stitches and he have to go to the court somemore. =/

Ahh.. Feel so tired this whole week. Semestral Assessment is coming too! AhHH.. Hate to study.. sigh

Its because Im always doubtful of my ability. Never had the confidence.

"Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in thoses who take advice." PRO 13:10

i lost you,,
2:13 PM

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ahhhh history repeat again! - The cutting of my hair by a school barber. lol

Haiz.. Same thing happened just like last year.. Cut my hair the previous day, and get caught for long hair the next day. Ahhh. Terrible memories haha.. Last time got caught by Jerry Tan, now kena caught by VP. Lol. He is so super not nice to talk to can. Give my reasonings than say all are bullshit and start talking about his years of experience and stuffs... While the barber shaved off my hair, the DM(is it?) whom i thought to be so super fierce and unfriendly, talked to me. Wa.. he is like so much nicer to talk can.. At least he understand us.. LolZ.. The barber also cool sia.. while cutting our hair, he actually whisper to us "I dont cut your fringe... you just hide it up ok?" Thanks uncle lol.. But ah.. ok la.. i think last year the barber cut was worst.

Ahh... ate donuts the whole day.. For breakfast for lunch haha. Grown fatter.. Cool... Interact Orientation was fun! Haha. My group half of them enthu while the other half not enthu one.. haha. But still its cool. Played like four games before going for squash... Some memory game, 'caterpillar' game, human and soap(lol dog and bone la) and lastly some waterbomb fight! Ahaha. So long never play waterbomb. So fun XD. Got REAL drench not during the game... but AFTER the game. Lol. Some crazy J1 girl wanted to pour one whole pail of water on me just because I poured the remaining water which is so little on her. Ran around till they keep saying I bully, make girl run.. Than i just slow down a little and suddenly a bunch of J1 grabbed me.. And SPLASH. Hah... Im entirely drenched from head to toe.. Lol.. Good thing the water aint freezing.. in fact its warm XD. haha. Went to dry myself up and change before heading off for squash haha.

Squash!... Ok nothing much happened. Coach didnt teach us at all, he was teaching the girls. Well, we just played 'King' all the way. woo.. This week feel so much better.. Can play better compared to last week haha.. The power of drive is back! xD. Haha. Ohh squash friendly with MJ been postponed from this fri to next wed.. Haha. Wonder how good are they?.. Dont wana embarass ourselves again.. lol

Ah... so tired.. Dont feel like doing any hwk at all.. hahaz.

And there is seriously no meaning to it. Just random words that came to my mind at that instant. They are lyrics of a song anyway xD. Haha.

i lost you,,
1:50 PM

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There is only hate
Nothing to say. Haha
There is only fear
Just typing for fun.
There is only pain. There is no love here

i lost you,,
3:09 PM

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just another day.

Haha. Went to search for Prime supermart at Lavender in the afternoon. So dumb, walk from Lavender MRT to beach road near the St. John HQ there. Did an area sweep, but found nothing but old provision stalls and lots and lots of beggars. -_-.. Seriously alot and alot of groups sharing food too. One of the poor area of Singapore i guess. So sad, yet scary(some of them look as though they may rob you anytime). Haha. In the end walked all the way back to Lavender MRT and then search the other side, across the road. Walked on whole loop before I finally found the supermart! haha. After 45mins-1hr of search. In the end, got 14 glass bottles, again all on displayed. Wa... Do I look so provoking or something? Its like when I ask how many bottles do they have in total or do they have extra stock in storage. And the guy was like "You want so many for what?" replying in a fierce tone and giving that suspicious look. Like as if im gonna try making petrol bomb like that. Than when I go to the cashier, SAME THING! -,-... Than when i ask if there are other branches nearby.. Her reply: "dont have la dont have la".. Im like... dots ok..

Threw the stuffs at home and went to study or just do my econs homework at tampines later. Productivity level: Moderate. Haha. Left around 7+.. And suddenly recieved news from Jeff about the donuts for tomorrow. Geez wth. In the end they never buy in the morning. So must go Bedok buy munchy donuts. Luckily was able to talk through with the auntie to produce as much as possible. THANKS auntie, you are too nice haha. Haha didnt notice that Jeff and his mum was already there at the stall when i finished negotiating with the auntie. Ordered the donuts and left shortly awhile after to visit my Grandma.

Ouch... My grandma went to some eye surgery because something was growing there. Ugh.. Dont know how to describe.. Its like.. Her eyes are almost gone, cant really see. It sunk into the eye socket. Ahh dont know. And she kept tearing. Poor Grandma... Get well soon ya?.

Went home earlier than expected.. Wow.. I didnt realised I was complaining so much to my brother unknowingly untill he ask "why do you care?". Lol..

GAH!!! Irritating.. Stupid GP. Stupid Econs.. AHHH.. ECONs i do wrong question!!Suppose to do Qn 1... and i go do QN10!!! AHH.. GP... AHHH anyhow do la.. AHHH

Hope tomorrow will be alright. It better be.

What if I can't go on.

i lost you,,
3:09 PM

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ahh... Haha forgot to post yesterday but oh well.. haha.

RUGBY yesterday! Was fun haha. But ouch.. injured my chest. Got speared by Ariff who is bigger than me... And the impact was like... WhaM! Hell hard.. Fell to the ground flat and thought I was the one that should be more in pain. But in the end, he hurt his knee and was like rolling on the ground.. hahaha. Wierd. Dont know how he hurt his knee that bad.. But oh well.. Gah.. my chest kinda hurt even just by breathing in.. HURTS more when I laugh... Zzz..

CCA Exhibition! HahaHa. Stupid squash court.. SO ANCIENT Haha. Went in and it was like so super dusty and dirty.. Opened the cardboard and found many old rackets. And those old rackets have like smaller area of contact and have a wierd shape.. haha. Awfully ugly.. Played squash at the court, badminton too haha. Tried playing squash with tennis ball too XD.. Awfully tough. Haha. Its like the ball is so fast and too inelastic haha.. Hmm Total like have 20 new squash members above.. Cant recall haha... And why do so many people have to ask if im singaporean... Do I look foreign? o.o ... Whoahoho.. And Interact have 90 sign ups! So many haha..

Alright today... Ahh.. Both studying time in the afternoon and at night aint productive at all.. I seriously did nothing much or simply nothing at all.. No mood somehow.. zzz.. Ok.. Went around in search for the forsaken glass bottled coke after the study. haha. In the end buy from Prime Supermart which only have it. Haha. The cheapest supermarket. And oh well, they only have the amount of coke that are displayed. No extra stock at all.. And total we got from 2 Prime supermart is like 47 only haha. And we are like planning to sell 50 per day? how to sell for the consecutive days of the week.. haha.

Ah... want to do work.. but no mood. Haha. Sianded.

What is going on? You keep me holding on.

i lost you,,
3:15 PM

Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh well. Life is just about ups and downs isn't it?. You told me that we will only learn to treasure until we lost it. I so agree with that. I definitely do. Im so sorry I couldn't be there.

I couldnt see it. You couldnt see it. We all did not see it. The pain and sorrow behind every smile.

i lost you,,
2:04 PM

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lalala.. Interact just now... was rather fun? hAHaha. It was kinda of my first time leading a cheer I think.. hahaz. Oh well.. went well right? hahaz.. Sing song say cheer for the whole meeting hahaz. So reminds me of being in orientation.. hahaz.

AHhHHh... Stupid squash. STUPID SQUASH PLAYER - ME!! Dont know why I CANT EVEN PLAY properly today. Not even running, not even doing a hard drive, not even replying properly! ZzzZz.. SCrewed up. Yea screwed up. Wont get into team one la. Dumb crap. LAST WEEK ALSO CANT PLAY zzz... AHHHH!! KENNY WHY ARE YOU SO WEAK? AHHHHH!!! WAKE UP DAMN IT!!

Haha crazily MAD at myself.

Ok.. in order to cool myself down... I made a cokefloat! Haha. yum.. so nice. hahaz. AND I distress thru BF2142!!! Hahaz. W00T ITS Totally distressing can! haha First round already lighten up my mode HAhaha. Dont know why in the first round, it was so easy to aim hahaz. Kill them all! =P. Berserker mode just now i guess Ahaha. Unleashed 'Kira's SEED' =P. Ahh.. miss that show.. haha.

And in the second round, I KNIFED -SgAF-Clearwater87! HAHAHA!!! I think its finally I got his dog tag? Haha. Shiok haHaha. Leader of -SgAF- is down! mwahaha.

Have a look of the result of 'SEED'. Lolx.. My highest score ever. Previously it was like 115 or something haha. YAyzz!.. OK though we may not win.. BUT IT WAS CLOSE!! Haha. I joined the match late anyway.. Joined when our shield is already down lol.. Not counted =P.. Ok la.. almost made it.. But colot squad keep harrassing us when we attack their core haha. Nice one colot good job defending haha.(though you may not read it haha).


i lost you,,
1:33 PM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ahhh. PE was hell. Kinda. But i still love it. Haha. Ran 4 rounds around the track before heading to the Multi-Purpose Hall/room for some abdominal and arm training. Haha Ok did lots of exercises, crunches, situps, leg raise and stuffs. Than at the last part, we all have to do 36 pull ups!!! AHHH Madness. Well I didnt do all haha.. whoops. Reminds me of the Dragonboat days.. Ah.. grown weak already haha.

Hahaz. Maths test is over!!! Well, I would say it is pretty tough. I couldn't do like 1-3 questions and the rest are just filled with this uncertainty. Haha. Probably gonna have a lot of careless mistakes.

This is a part of what I wrote somewhere when I left the rest today... "I know something is wrong with me and I do not know what is wrong and I dont wanna know." "I feel this weakness crawling into me. Always running, always hiding." "Why should I bother when I shouldn't? Why? Is it because of the feeling? Or is it by principle? Or is it merely a facade?"

Haha. Just me and my CaiShen suit.

i lost you,,
1:00 PM

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hmm.. Went to Tampines to 'study' or do homework in the afternoon! haha. Ok isnt really fruitful because I was more of thinking of other stuffs rather than my work haha. Went to Starbucks.. than too crowded. so head to macdonald haha. Waaa irritating, inconsiderate people.. cant they read the BIG sign saying "NON SMOKING AREA".. I think they reduced my lifespan by 1 year.. hahaz. Left around 6+.

Hmm.. about the match last night.. Oh well, indeed we have lots of improvement to do if we are going to be semi-competitive. Bi9mac, colot and I thought of going semi-competitive but scrapped the idea because Voodoo claim the clan to be strictly a social clan. Now they want to go try going semi-competitive. Like hello? LOTS of improvements first ya. Oh well.. firstly we need a leader.. A good one..

Haha.. still need to evaluate the match.. zz.. ok i already did. haha.. but need to discuss more lol.

HAHA super retarded... just played 'Daiti' online just now.. and I won without them putting any cards at all! XD.. I house of 3s... dbl Js, dbl Qs, dbl Ks, dbl As... game end HAHA.. super lucky.. their hand must be really bad haha..

i lost you,,
2:01 PM

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Woo.. Just had a friendly match against [FFF]. If im not mistaken, they are a clan from Malaysia. THEY WERE LATE for the match by 45MINS! By right they should be forfeited. But we just kinda close one eye or something. Besides we just want to have a friendly match, not a competitive one. Results:

Camp Gibralter: ([FFF] chosen map)
=[DA]= Won both rounds
Tunis Harbour: (=[DA]= chosen map)
[FFF] Won both rounds

Haha. Strange eh? We lost in the maps that we chose haha. Nevertheless, it was a great match with them. Can see that our skills are about on par. Unlike fighting Bf.Nut or SgAF.. zzz.. Next friendly match is probably against C.E.R.T... Another Malaysian clan if im not wrong. Haha. Sorry RecruitNoob for not allowing you to play.. ><

Alright about today! haha. Woke up at 7.20 by a wake up call. haha. Went to school to attend an econs make up lesson.. Haha. Our teacher today is so super high for some reason. Pretty creepy. hahaz. But it is better than her showing her long face in class all the time. So its cool haha.. Went off to get some potato chips at tampines mart before heading over to XX house for a picnic haha. WAaa.. So many food la! Very nice! haha especially the Pizza, Golden Pillow, Beehoon and the chicken wings! ahhh. Shiok haha.. Ate 3 slices of pizza, some portion of the Golden pillow's curry with two bowls of bee hoon and also not to forget 4 chicken wings! ahhh.. Seems little but its ALOT haha..

Went off around 2 to catch a movie at the Cathay Building.. Ahh.. on the way there, on bus 36, WE GOT INTO AN ACCIDENT! Haha. Lucky nobody was hurt.. Only the window cracked and looks like on the verge of shattering. Well it all happened because of another bus trying to cut into our bus lane. And well the other bus's side mirrow crash straight into our bus! The mirrow flew off and whoa... the impact was like so great that if i didnt hold on to the handrails, i would have been thrown forward... haha ok maybe a little exagerated but it was kinda hard.. haha.. So cool! First time being in a bus accident haha. In the end, they gave us a complimentary ticket and took another bus haha.

JUMPER THE MOVIE! Ok. Not say fantastic. You wont be like 'whoa' or 'awesome'.. the most is like just.. 'cool... what a kick ass ability' Yea.. its really cool.. So shiok can 'blink' or 'jump' anywhere you want. haha How i wish i have that ability.. haha. Head over to the Lan shop play a little of warcraft 3... HAHa Tried to imitate the movie jumper in DoTa, Anti-Mages(Jumpers) VS Shadow Shamans(Paladins).-apemduwtfsp So retarded.. Jumpers sure die one. haha.. Played poke the orge, jurassicpark and pudge war haha

Went home to prepare for the friendly match which is at 8pm.. and tada.. the result as shown above... Well Good game with [FFF]. Its a pleasure playing with you guys . Hope to see you guys in the upcoming regional competition =).. To my fellow =[DA]=... WELL DONE! haha. Proud of you guys, for the shocking turnover for our first match. It was totally awesome! haha. Well guess we also learn abit of some our weakness. A little disorganised and stuffs... and also tactical errors.. haha. anyway... Great job guys.. You all did great =D

OH well.. Im tired... Hehe.. haven eat my dinner yet... because of the match.. alright gonna have it now haha.

Oh yea sorry for not making it to deren house. Its kinda late and im kinda tired.. so yep. haha hope you all have fun there.

i lost you,,
4:15 PM

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hahaz Its VALENTINE's DAY! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Haha. Ahh. spent the whole of last night to help my bro fold flowers.. lol... in the end slept like around 2.30am... so early hahaz. Stupid flowers keep opening out... irritating.. then i have to keep refold them.. hahaz. Today I go home also still help him fold again aiyo... but cool.. he made a pretty nice card haha. so sweet gaha. now he owe me a treat to a restaurant! so worth it haha

Hahaz.. This year like lesser gifts, all only from liying. HAha Thanks TLY!.. So many sweets... later tooth decay haha.. Ah also a helium balloon from Aijia Haha. Cool thanks.. but now cant even float already. haha

Hmm.. Ok la.. I know it was kinda late and last minute la. Also not that nice either. Sorry about that..Kenny you damn useless coward. Dumb boy.

i lost you,,
3:30 PM

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hahaz. Skipped maths make up lesson today for a lunch treat from YanYu. Whoops.. Sorry Mrs Foong.. Apparently he is treating us lunch because we wore the 'cai shen ye' suit during the CNY celebration. Haha. Had student meal which comprises soup of the day, chicken cutlet and ice cream! Also shared a 'seafood basket' haha. THANKS Yan Yu. Haha.

Ah.. Lots of catch up to do for maths... So lazy.. haiz.. Still need to do econs too!.. Shall TRY to do later.. gona take a nap... tired...

--- 04.08pm---

Continuation... haha

Dont know why but suddenly lost the appetitte to eat my dinner. Ate so little.. hahaz.. ate like only 1 bowl of rice instead of the usual 2 bowls haha... yawnz.. did a little of econs! hahaz. Only do the lecture review only.. what 'great' achievement haha. gee..

Teach me how to smile. A truthful one. Will you?

i lost you,,
2:28 PM

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hahaz 2nd day of CNY! Went over to my mum's side today! Ok.. seriousy there isnt much to talk about.. nothing much happened today.. Just went over to my grandma house, ate a bowl of mee sua(yummy! haha) and left for woodlands.

We met up with my aunt to watch movie first.. Watched Kungfu Dunk! Haha Quite funny.. overall 3/5 stars i guess haha. All the basketball moves damn zhai! If real life basketball like that.. shiok sia haha

Ok.. nothing to write le..

Oh yea.. I spent the whole day sms-sing SANDY. hahaz. You dare me to write one arh.. =P
I not scared wo.. haha

i lost you,,
2:17 PM

Friday, February 08, 2008

Well.. haha ok expected. Shouldnt have wear black. haha. But oh well, the day isnt really that bad. Besides i thought it was a little more fun this year! I think the black is bringing the fun haha.

Started of with waking up at 5.45am in the morning!! haha. Forgot to switch off my alarm clock. Woke up, sms than fell asleep again haha. Woke up around 9.30, and had steamboat for breakfast! haha.. so gonna get sick of it soon..

Haha went to my grandma place around 12+. And we are EARLY! haha Usually my family is the last one to get there. SHockingly we are third! haha. Cool.. Yea.. took photos with cousin and even played bingo with my entire family haha.only got 3 prizes to be won. haha
and I didnt win! Almost all my row left 2 more numbers! ahh.. haha. So sad.

Went off around 2pm to outram park there.. hahaz so dumb, Because it was so cramp, I sat alone at one corner away from my cousins, sms-ing. Than when im done with sms-ing and look up.. All my cousins all staring at me! Than they start saying stuffs like "stop emoing" and "stop smsing your gf".. and im like giving the stunned look. lol. damn comical. Ok la.. think thats the most that happened there.. the rest of the time.. stoned.

Next to Sengkang! Haha. Suppose to be Bedok Resevoir but they recently moved to sengkang haha. There, we watch this tv variety show on channel 8. The celebrities were playing 'forbidden word'(is that the game name?) But instead of forbidding some words, they forbid the use of chinese. So those taiwanese celebrities were like anyhow using english words trying to explain.. Haha super retarded.. Laugh damn super hard.

Next, to Pasir Ris! haha yay.. the place where theres always good food. This year they cooked Lotong again! haha. Its real delicious... mmm... Ok nth much happen here. Ate the lotong and stoned lol. and woo.. finally we can go home haha.

Ah.. need to babysit my cousin... again..haiz.. Ok not really babysit la.. he now quite old already? 8yrs old i think? haha. So mafan. come here bully me again zz. everything also must give him.. -,-

Oh yea..

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! =D

Have a prosperous year ahead!
With a New Year, comes
a new experience
a new adventure
a new life
a new me
I hope so...

There have to be changes.
There got to be.

i lost you,,
11:52 AM

As always, my parents bought too much food for the reunion dinner -_-. Wonder why cant they cut down the amount. Its like the left over is so much that it can last one whole month! All my refrigerators are filled up..-,- You are a curse to my life

Well, at least there was something new during the reunion dinner. One of my cousin is suddenly so crazy in taking photos! So we almost spent the whole night taking photos in my study room. She say she gonna take more tomorrow(which is today whoops) Haha. We also played some online game together! Big 2.5, mahjong, memory game? hahaha damn retarded. Its like three of us in the room at our computers and playing, shouting at each other the whole way, especially the memory game! hahaha. a fun change in reunion dinner =) Everything must be of high standard

Haha. Halfway our house blacked out! xD. Happened the same thing two years ago i think haha.
We were like playing mahjong halfway... than .... blacked out. Hahaha Only left my bro laptop on because of its battery, the only source of light in our room hahah. But also disconnected from the game haha. Took like 1-2 min before the power got back up. haha. Went to have dinner after the black out. Maybe its me, JUST ME. IM Wrong in every aspects, every view.

Ahh.. ok gtg get ready to bai nian haha. I think im so gonna get it from my aunts and uncles and also my parents for wearing full black..Hmm.. or maybe i can find a red shirt.. haha. Wonder am I gonna stone at my relative house as always.. or gonna take photos with my cousins? haha. But hey maybe im over sensitive. But no no, the hatred is still there. But hey maybe I dont really care whether you read this or if you cant read this at all. Im talking to myself after all.

i lost you,,
3:20 AM

Monday, February 04, 2008

Haiyo.. In the end also come back home first.. zzz.. Oh well..

Haha. did maths the whole afternoon with Sandy and Jeff! Well, at least I done with my chapt 11 tutorial.. Didnt touch on chapt 12. Maybe a little. Hahaz. Neck was really hurting just now. damn tiring.. think i officially stopped doing my work at 4 while both of them carried on with a strong mugging spirit. lol. From 4 to 6.. I think i only did 1 or 2 qn.. hahaz. Screw up tmr test along with my econs which i did. zz

zZzz.. Econs.. So much work to do... how to do later? Cant expect me to do during the dinner.. haiyo.. die already hahaz..

Bet I gonna stone there at my grandma again. Annual routine.. haha. Boring...

i lost you,,
10:57 AM

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Haha. Screw up the stupid econs test today. SO FREEZING COLD! I spent most of the time shivering! Cant even write properly... yea.. I didnt really do finish. 95% chance of failure. Haha. Withdrawal form flying straight to my face. sorry Ms Tan..

Went out with our BF2142 clan =[DA]=! Played lan the whole day lol... Ok kind of lazy to say everything.. Alright after lan, we went to have dinner at Lau Pa Sat! Hahaha Didnt really know the place and I THINK I've been there once or so. Haha. The bell so irritating. Keep ringing every hour haha. And its like just right above us some more. Haha..

Sorry Jeff. Must be bored with all our battlefield talks..

OK short and simple. Gosh.. kinda tired... tomorrow still need to study! yawnz..

i lost you,,
2:00 PM