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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sacrifices are needed to attain the result. And the leader is suppose to sacrifice for his people? Maybe.. yea maybe.

But a leader still cant do everything by himself! He still needs support! Well, unless he is all powerful and knowledgable. But hello? What are the chances of it? Gee. I hate this. Im not even one.

I dont know whats going on man.

At the crossroads of endless time.

i lost you,,
3:08 AM

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Woohoo! The 2nd term is over so fast! Hahaz. Time flies. Mr Zul 'graduated' from TKSS too. Haha. All the best to his future endeavour!

Naval BAse? Haha. Met KeVan there. Still the old crazy guy i know. Yea, no change I guess. AH SHuCks.. I wonder why did we even bother to take the duck tour. We wasted so much time queueing for some slow boring ride. Could have use those time for more Emo-photo taking. Haha. We realised that it is more fun to visit the ships and take crazy and emo photos rather than waiting for those ship rides. Haha. Retard. The emo gang. Didnt get to play the Bungee Run. Sad.. Haha. Overall, trip is fun and cool.

TPJC Runway 07!. Wasn't that bad, though it was quite a screwed up at the end of the show, during the prize giving. All the winning participants are missing. They turned up in the end when the hosts were gonna skip their prize giving. Haha. LOL. The 'Angel' from National JC(I think, Cant really recall) won 1st place for external category. I have to admit that the 'Angel' Model looks kinda gay. I mean, its a guy wearing high heels, dress or robe, and wings that i cant really describe. Its just some white 'spikes' on his back The rests of the models look alright. Just that some kinda disgust me, especially the 1 girl that look so satanic. Her hair and costume is so.. ominous.. Haha

Went off having dinner with Sean and Jeff at Ajisen! Haha. Ok its my first time eating there. So noob right? haha. Well cool great food there! Didnt know that. Haha.. Went to play daytona after dinner. Ok, we are just deprived from arcade games. Crazily had fun. Somehow. xD. You can say this is a fun day overall. Haha.

Oh yea, Bon Voyage Sean. Remember to buy souveniers for us alright. Haha. Take care over there in HK. And you better buy some maggie mee back b4 some 'hamster' chew your head off. (No personal attacks there. Do not assume who) Haha.

I really wonder.
Which is better.

i lost you,,
3:10 PM

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yay just got back from a sumptuous dinner with Amelia and Jeffrey at Phin's steakhouse, and it was all TREATED by Jeffrey! We actually wanted to have dinner at Paris International Buffet Restaurant. But the queue was pretty long and Amelia have to head home early. So in the end we decided try out this steakhouse that we came across. Well, its still cool and its cheaper! Waha But still Thanks Jeff. You're the Man... TeoMan.. Haha. I think that was the best steak I ever ate so far. The whole meal was so awesome except for the salad(But the sauce was kinda nice, its some wasabi thousand island sauce). Soup, Salad, Steak, Mussels, Ice cream... hmmm Yummy.. Haha. Jeff was really stunned that Amelia never ate a steak before. He must be really well fed at home. Hehe.

Went to collect the class jerseys in the morning. Ah really disappointing. 1stly, i have to queue up for the Donuts for like 2 hours and the queue did not move at all! We started queuing at 10.45 and the queue is already so long! Then we had to wait for like 2 hours and there is still no movement because the shop is still making donuts! When the jerseys came, we decided to give up on the donuts, because its really waste of time. But it wasted 2 hours of my life... Now secondly, there is a printing error on the jersey. Our class which is 07S12 is printed as 07512... Ok aint really that bad.. but then now, the size of the jerseys are just too big for all of us. It wasnt the same size as the stock they shown to us last time! Man... And just after we vet through the jerseys, the donut stall finally opens.. DARN IT!.

Wooohooo went to WeiJie's church which is Riverlife Church today with Amelia and Jeff! Haha. It was such a good sermon! Because it all answered some of my thoughts that I had yesterday! Haha. HALLELUJAH! The sermon is mainly about the cycle of spiritual entropy, where it goes from
"Peace --> Complacency --> Sin --> Consequences of Sin --> Pain and suffering --> Cry out to God --> Deliverance of God --> Peace --> . . ." And it goes on. The sermon also taught some other stuffs.. But yep. Very thankful. Thank you Jesus. Hahas.

Haha. lalala. Aww man, I think there is lots of work.. Wonder if everything can be done tomorrow. I hope so. Haha. Tired.. yawnz.. must sleep more. Haha

"To cherish, to love and to embrace all my friends that I have now.
And not to forget, Our God."

i lost you,,
1:59 PM

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Phew, just got back from Alexander birthday party. Hahaz really had a fun time together. Missed all you old AVA buddies. haha. AND OMG. Fabian grew so tall and im like so short compared to them.. - -" Haha its ok. Talking about him.. Haha i think we really embarrassed him to the core with his 'crush' or eye candy. Haha sorry ya.. But it was all for the fun of it.. Well, at least he got her number! HAHA. Better thank us man.. Lol.

Haha. Ok wasnt really in a right mood today.. or maybe only in the morning. Just thoughts.. Squash is such a great cca to release fustrations. Seriously man. Its such a wonderful way to throw your anger or fustrations away. The coach was ultra stressing us though. Roshan doesnt seem that happy at all because he recieved like 30mins or more of scolding, lecturing and harsh treatment. I had mine too.. Was like squatting down with knees bent 90 degree for like so freaking long. And i had to use my left arm to hold my right arm tightly and do a back-hand drive. How the hell can i do that with such restriction to my right arm and when im already so freaking tired squatting down. And he still have to go saying how weak i am. And im like 'ok, fine, whatever'. Well had match at the end and i won 2 matches only. Was really super fun having a match. Haha. Was back to normal after squash.

Man.. Im so tired now.. I have a feeling im gonna fall sick tomorrow.. off to bed now..

"How can you change your friends when you can't even change yourself?"

i lost you,,
4:11 PM

Friday, May 18, 2007

Aww man.. Days are really passing by so fast.. Hate it.

Our Class jerseys are finally ready! Woot. That means we can go collect as a group and buy donuts together! Haha. Donuts donuts. Hope they are really great. Dont wanna waste my time queuing up. Haha.

Sigh.. There is two upcoming tests next week. Have a real bad feeling about it.. Haha. Hope i do better for my physics and maintain my maths. Just excel in both of them and i will be happy. (Who doesnt? Haha)

Ahh.. our GPP 1st draft have to hand in tomorrow. Wonder if its good.. Honestly I find it too brief or abit crap. Maybe im just pessimistic. But yep.. Got to do some editing.. I shall do later haha..

COMPUTER!!! I hate you. Haha. My dad kept asking me to buy a new laptop... And well, i kept replying him 'no'. I wonder if i should accept his offer. Should i? Haha. But its gonna be so limited in gaming, space, graphics and performance. Haha. But again, do I really game that often now? No.. So should I get a laptop? haha. This is so gonna drag on..

i lost you,,
8:46 AM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just one word to sum up today : Disappointed.

Man seriously...
Vous ne comprendrez jamais
Hope my prayers will be answered.

i lost you,,
10:22 PM

Yawnz... Was so tired the whole day.. Skipped remedial and went home to sleep for a few hours..

Hahaz. Chemistry was alright. 22/30. Not topping the class anymore like I used to. =P But its ok. Just have to be less careless next time. Haha. Man... I really hate economics firms part.. Its really so much to read, memorise and understand. Its just too much.. ><. And I failed GP comprehension. But oh well, expected it. Hahaha. Its just so difficult to improve my language.. I still love Science and Maths! For life! Haha.

Didnt attend OG12 outing today. Sorry. I think Im the one distancing from you guys. One day I will sure to meet you guys alright?

Sigh.. Still have economics market spectrum to do and 1 GP article.. GP comprehension test tomorrow too.. Im gonna screw up anyway.. What can I do?

And Dad, I guess you are always right about me..

i lost you,,
12:05 PM

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hahaz. Went out to do GPP with my group today! Abraham was sick so he didnt make it for the meeting. Hahaz. Ok we couldnt decide on a ideal place to do the GPP and we end up travelling from library to starbucks then finally to Amelia's house.. What a waste of time travelling around. Haha.

AWW MAN. Didnt get to go to the Japanese restaurant for dinner because of no parking lots! My sashimi.. Boohoo.. Really wanna eat them. haha. End up going to east coast Jumbo Seafood restaurant.. Haha. Love the drunked prawns and chilli crab. Awesome dude.. Ooo And the scenery at east coast was really really very nice. There were so much stars in the sky and the sea breeze was so relaxing! Ok as in its seldom to see that much stars in singapore.. Haha.

Haiz.. So much work to do tomorrow.. Physics tutorial, 6 GP articles, GPP, Chemistry tutorial.. think SHOULD be all. Haha. Wonder if i can chiong finish tomorrow. Haha. OK gtg off sleep ya. Tiring day..

I think I should pity them. Really... Or maybe I should feel disappointed in us..

i lost you,,
2:19 PM

Friday, May 11, 2007

Its not about trying to be noble. Its not that its a stupid choice. Its just about being compassionate. Compromising for others. Putting others infront of oneself. Thats what I learnt.

Who knows? Maybe we are the one benefiting in the end?

Haiz Physics SPA was alright, while econs test was kinda like.. abit bad? Definitely get a just-pass or fail grade. There is just so much i do not know what to write. Who cares. Im already expecting it.

SQUASH! Cant wait to get into the squash court tomorrow and smack all my fustrations out! IM gona hit hella HARD, NO MATTER WHAT. Hope stuffs go well. I wonder where are all these fustrations coming from. Seriously. Its just out of the blue. Maybe its just the jc work. maybe...

i lost you,,
11:00 AM

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Haiz... We lost the 1st place in 12 X 100 race and got silver... I was really kinda disappointed for not being able to get 1st place. If only I could ran faster and catch up with at least one guy... But oh well.. Its all over anyway. Great job guys, we did our best =) haha. We will improve!

Did GPP with abraham only. PQ and Amelia cant make it.. We are pretty like blanked out, dont know what to say. Haha. At least we somehow completed it.. Went to study econs with Jeff and Sandy at starbucks after GPP. Haha. I wonder if I absorb any much info during the study... Hmmm I doubt so. Hahaz. Have to study more later.. haha.

Ok.. on my way to OldChangKee, I met Dawn and her friends at TM.. I was already kinda like expecting to meet her somewhere from the start of the day... and I really did! Hahaz my sixth sense is working.

Ok off to study now. SPA and ECONS faculty test tmr. Sure a tiring day. Have fun everyone. gl. Haha
I was right after all...

i lost you,,
11:30 PM

hmmz.. Our principal read this poem again.. 'Desidereta'(Think i spelled wrongly) Anyway, last year Harphal Singh also read this same peom too.. Haha coincidental.. Similarly, the president of TPJC Alumni also gave a speech in which a part he talked about 'Sieze the Day', and Mr kang last year was emphasizing on 'Sieze the day' too! Haha.

Ok no time to crap.. have to go do GPP and study econs... boring.. zzz..

Haha. heres a little piece of piano music.. =p Might take a very long while to load. Its a actually a song from KH. =D

i lost you,,
11:30 AM

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hahaz. Got my squash racket already! Lucky I didnt buy from penisula.. poor stringing and quality. Haha. But damn, the O3 Silver is SO COOL! But they told me not to buy it as it is for professionals =/. Haha. End up buying the AIR series newest racket, AIR O3 STORM. Haha. Its a hybrid of AIR and O3 series. xD. But still for novice to intermediate level. Hehe. TripleThreat Lightning and Sovereign have nicer look and name though =P.. But think they are heavier. Well Rosh gonna get either of them while CR gets AIR Vendetta. Haha. Just because he likes NA and he so gonna get it. Haha.

Ok anyway.. Like i said, the trip to penisula is a waste of time. Went to Kallang to buy instead. Haha the shopkeepers are so NICE. They allowed us to take the new rackets and go try in one of the courts outside. Rosh and I played and tried out the three rackets in the court for quite some time. Maybe 15 mins? HaHa. And well when i bought the racket, they gave me free squash ball and grip! Waha! So glad that i bought from them rather from that guy in penisula... Went to play pool after I bought my racket. ARGH Rosh thrashed me big time 4-1. Wham... My shots are all so pajiao. ><

Lala. Abit high now somehow.. High in the Spirits. xD.. oh yea.. HAPPY B'DAY CR. HAha. 1 yr older now.

i lost you,,
2:00 PM

Friday, May 04, 2007

Haiz. GP essay test today wasnt really that gd. Well probably fail or just-pass like always. Haha. So tired the whole day = =. Wonder why?? SigHz. Today is just wierd. WHY? I also dont know, wierd right? haha OKay. Being abit crappy here. Probably due to stress. hahaz.

Ok. My improvements list.

HaIz.. Need to improve my judgement and analytical skills. Its harder now.
Need to improve on my photoshop.. still a noob novice.
Need to improve my gaming skills, both cybergames and sports.. Ok im never good in sports.
Need to improve my self esteem. Wonder if i have it?
Need to improve my studies. I dont want to be stupid
Need to improve my socialising skills. I must change.
Need to improve... bahz. many more...

To sum it all, I have to improve in everything and in conclusion : IM WEAK.

i lost you,,
1:38 AM

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gaming with my bro in ps2 currently =p.. Just having a little break right now.. haha.

Bah... You are the opposite of me. I guess.

i lost you,,
4:47 PM

Sigh.. The sunset was so nice today.. Too bad i couldnt get a nice spot to get a photo of it. How I wish my house is at the top of the hill... Then it would be so convenient taking photos of the sunrise and sunset.


i lost you,,
10:15 AM