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Sunday, December 30, 2007

This stupid tired body of mine only knows how to invite a dark atmosphere into my mind.

AND THUS, IM GOING TO SLEEP. Im too tired, too fatigue, too shrouded with...

So tiredd... so tiredd...

i lost you,,
2:40 PM

Lol finally can type heree... So TIRED! Haiz. Dont even know how much I slept, BUT its definitely not enough! Haha.

Anyway this was what happened... I went to play badminton with CR, Deren, Rosh and XX yesterday in the afternoon!. Hahaz.. played from 2-5pm. Went to have dinner together at some chicken rice place called Boon Tong Kee at katong! Haha. Not bad not bad. Can compete with the 5 stars Hainanese chicken rice. Lol.

Well, we were supposedly to be going for overnight cycling. But it has been postponed due to everyone's fatigue level. haha. Also, dont know which person suddenly gave the idea of staying over my house! -_-.. Everyone wanted and oh well... just let them come lo. Went to parkway to rent DVDs to watch over the night and also pick XX's nerdy specs.

At home...

Ah! Irritating. Had some trouble setting up the DVD player and also to the surround system. In the end we just gave up on the surround system as the sound quality just sucks. Probably spoilt already. Haiz haha. Well took pretty long before we can finaly watched our first movie... SHUTTER haha. Nicholas came just nice when the movie started haha.

The movie also not that scary.. Maybe cause the atmosphere not there haha. Anyway, we took a break after watching SHUTTER. My parents bought back dim sum for everyone! haha. Thank you! Next we watched 200 pound beauty! Haha not bad not bad. XX left halfway though ( around 2? cant recall).

Slowly one by one slept though... Deren slep first.. in my computer room. Followed by nicholas then roshan, both sleeping at my living room sofa. Haha. Only CR and I continue watching movie until 7am like that. No sleep! haha. We were like.. " Eh its bright already, so fast." Haha

In the end he went up continue to play bf2142 for awhile. Knocked out a little while though haha. I see everyone sleep, I also feel like sleeping xD. So i went to sleep! finaly haha... Then suddenly around 10.30, some crazy girl just barge into my bro and I room. It was my bro's gf -_-. There she go scolding us pigs and blah blah. I was super stunned and gong initially! I was like thinking to myself "Huh? Mum?.. Eh wait.. why would she be wearing a cap and her voice sound so different one?" haha in the end yea noticed it was her. -_-

Haha thanks deren for opening the door But thought you should wake me up first though lol..
lala went down to see one by one wake up. And we continued watching the last movie! Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. Is is something like that? Cant recall correctly.. But hahaha the movie is so bloody random!! super imba! Like everything so random and retarded 1 XD. Had a great laugh.

Everyone left after the movie, like around 1pm like that except for nicholas. Who is busy hogging to my computer playing maplestory haha. maple freak xP. I just continued trying to catch some sleep. ahhh Then XX and Sihua come later! Dont know why they come also. Lol. They later left around 6 and nich left at 7. haha finaly free of guests lol..

waa ok tired of typing already... want to sleeepp..yawnnnzzzz

i lost you,,
12:00 PM

Friday, December 28, 2007

Zzzzz... Dont know what should I be bothered with such trivial matter. Its not like its gonna affect me in any way. Why am I even so caught up with this thing. Sigh..

Back to games... I just hate those arrogant bakas. Your words are vile. And bullying noobs are just unacceptable. Whats your problem anyway?

Respect! Show some respect you bakas. Regardless of age or status, there still got to be some mutual respect to one another. I just especially hate those who do not respect their seniors or elders. Irritant. pest. whatever.


i lost you,,
8:01 PM

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi(Season 2)

Hahaha. Just watched finish the whole 2nd season of Zero No Tsukaima! HAHAha.. the ending so sad yet so turn off at the last part XD. But its still super super nice! The first season is cute too! Haha. Another addition to my favourite anime list xD. Thanks Deren for introducing this anime! XD. Its awesome! Though its a little dirty/perverted... Or maybe very -_-"... BUT its very funny and sweet! Haha. cant wait for season 3!!!! Which gonna air next year january or febuary i think... xD Yipee! OH YA! The OP for season 2 is so nice too! The lyrics suit perfectly with the anime! haha!. Anime lovers, go watch season 1 now!!! haha. (Dont look for me if its not nice to you though ><")

Aiya... but so sad.. Each season only 12 episodes! They shouldnt rush the anime... Should elaborate more and extend the season longer... =( ..

Hmmm.. School is just re-opening next week.. And i have yet to... ah man.. sheesh.

"I say Yes, zutto kimi no soba ni iruyo"

i lost you,,
4:12 PM

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Forgot to post this yesterday... It was in draft..

My presents..

Hahaha.. CUTE right the monkey? Lol.. Actually not my present la.. Its my bro's christmas present from his friend.. Just kapok for fun.. haha

Haha.. Present from Bro... new head set!

HaAHahA. Girls please skip this. lol. Present from Sean. Its a... ya...

Haha Squash balls from Jeff..

BILLABONG Wallet from Sandy, TLY and Jeff haha

Handmade... by non other than... Sandy. hahaz Cmon la.. who else know how to make such stuffs. Due to my low quality handphone camera... The pict is kinda blur. Its a dog made with glass beads(is it?)

Woo.. leave the best for last eh?


1/100 SCALE, MASTER GRADE MODEL, EXTREME BLAST MODE, ZGMF-X42S DESTINY GUNDAM! WAAA IMBA!!!! No wonder still under shipment/delivery... JUST CAME OUT LAST WEEK ONLY!!! AHH!! IMBA OMG GG HAhaha. SO in love with its wings. Haha! Beautiful wings~ Gonna start assembling... soon i hope haha



i lost you,,
2:41 AM

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas is coming! Haha 4 more days yo!! Hahha Just changed the top image to something christmas-ly. haha. I know not that nice la. The EMO pict is still nicer. But imma just feeling christmas-ly and will placed it there till christmas is over haha.

Btw its just mchy? and blonded3vil? deco-ed with the christmas tree in maple. theres a 07s12 there! haha..

4com! you wont be left out.. see what i got...

Hahaha sweet right? lol lol..

Theres more!haha.. I LOVE YOU,..... Ain I sweet? xD.

Lol lol. Man, this maple christmas event is good for killing time..

i lost you,,
1:53 AM

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lol.. just changed my skin.. coz the previous one isnt able to post photos in my post. so yea.. Besides.. i think this is so much nicer haha. Cool pict eh?..

haha.. When i changed to this layout.. I suddenly saw long column of archives.. my past posts. Went to read them and... realised that i was more open in what i blogged last time. At least, i wrote more thoughts of mine than now. Probably because there's more people reading now. Haha. There wasnt anyone reading my blog during sec. 3 and early sec. 4, if i recalled correctly. Maybe thats why I can just anyhow spam and write the way I want. Haha. Okay maybe there were a few? Not sure... cant recall any names. haha. Miss the good old days. Days when i was a little naive and thinking too much? haha. I wanna relive those times just for a moment.. lol

Hmm... Dont know what else to say... still early.

i lost you,,
3:36 AM

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ah.. FINALY Feel so much better! Mr rashes are gone! My stomach pain is gone! HahAHaha! Woke up completely fine! xD Hallelujah! Thank you Thank you Thank you

Yep thats all. LOlx

i lost you,,
3:41 AM

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hahaz had bbq today! Well.. Didnt really go as well as I expected. But nevertheless, it was cool =) Had a bad start too. It was raining cats and dogs and yea, we couldnt start up the fire at the bbq pit at ecp. Ok we did start la. But it was raining heavily and no way we are like gonna stay there under the rain and bbq our food. So yea, in the end we retreated to Jeff's house haha. Wasted hours of my life standing there. lol.(We reached there at 4+) Wa.. waiting for transport was the worst part. Four man under 1 umbrella = =" Its so like wth. In the end we just ran to parkway parade. haha. Presents fell 1 by 1.. =O sorry. Haha. All the moshed paper bags gave way haha. Sorry sorry.

Hitched a ride on Mr. Ng's car and went over to Jeff house. Haiyo. Mr. Tan got a poor sense of direction =P. The road towards Tampines become from Tampines. Lol. Well reached Jeff house about 7+.. And haha the rest are already there. So yep the bbq started and we started eating overcooked food by ly and mich. hahaz. hotdogs... 1st round mostly cmi.. 2nd round by sean ho lol much better. stingray aint that bad too. though abit overcooked too haha. ate lots of sotong balls and otah haha. the most well done 1. Coz done by Jeff's mum lol lol.

Cutting of cake? Haha dont know what to say but was kinda wierd. Singing of song. blowing of candles. haha. awkward feeling... Ahhh chocolate cake again.. Had enough with chocolates = =" Little too spongy and thick? but still not bad haha.

HAha presents.. THANKS Sean for the boxers lol lol. so greenish. haha
THANKS Sandy Jeff and Ly? for the Wallet(though I already have so many billabong wallets at home and havent use it yet. haha but Thanks =D ) and the squash balls(-_-" apply to jeff only)

OH YES, Didnt thank earlier in my previous post..... but THANKS to all my sec friends who got me the white belt and also the soon to come, under delivery present.(But huh? Under delivery?)

Deren.. we haven settled the payment.. quick calculate and tell us how much we need to pay.
XX!!! I want my photos... Quick upload to sharing folder...

hmm nobody else haha.. i think? O.o

Ok. Now. I Wanna Run Away and Scream and Disappear...

Poof gone forever.

Yawnz whatever...

I will only agree to a limited extent...

Cheers. =]

i lost you,,
4:12 PM

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ow... Had a bad start on my birthday... I think I got food poisoning! ><" .. Around 4+am.. I Started to have this SUPER EXCRUCIATING stomach ache!! Its seriously SUPER pain! AND its always come and go! For a moment its HELL PAIN! And the next moment.. theres peace. Then it comes AGAIN! Arghh!!. Could not sleep at all! It was as if someone was killing from inside.. ><"... Visited my dear toliet a few times to make major business.. and it was finally over like around 7+am when i finally vomitted! Yuckz. bunch of black stuffs.. -, -" .. haha.. ok wasnt really finally over... still had the pain come and go for the rest of the day... but at least not as pain as in the morning.. Oh well.. So yea... 3 hrs or so of hell.

Well.. because of my suspected food poisoning.. couldnt go surprise xx in the morning. Haha sorry guys.. Waas too weak and tired. Anyway got up around 11 or 12+.. CR and Jan came.. ok they played all the way at my house.. I was rotting at my mattress haha. Ernest joined later around 4.. And wow.. time sure pass fast. We kinda lost track of time and thus went late to meet xx and the girls, whom we are suppose to meet at 6 but we were 1 hr late. haha. whoops sorry. had something light at TCC(the coffee connoiseur). Haha drank this wierd soup.. called the fiery tentils. Or something like that.. Its a brownish.. spicy.. thick soup. I dont know how to describe but its really wierd. But oh well.. good try. Besides.. They only offer that and pumpkin soup. So of course i rather choose the fiery tentils. haha. anti-pumpkin lol lol.

Went off to Haagen DAaz nexT! Hahah. Had chocolate fondue again!.. mmmm.. haha. ok.. THANKS XX for whatever happen in Haagen DAaz haha. Cool... another group there was also celebrating someone's birthday. haha. coincidence. And we clapped and sing(?) for each other birthday song lol lol. coolz. Head out and took photos later haha.. We guys are kinda so dead in taking photos.. though some are like kinda disgusting(by jan and cr.. ok maybe only jan. cr is the victim) lol lol.

Went to Changi Airport around 10+ to pick SihuA up from Taiwan! Ok.. retardedly.. we do not know which terminal she is arriving from. So the guys were dispatched to terminal 2 and wait for her. and the girls head to terminal 1. After 10mins or 20mins.. we got intel that she is arriving at terminal 1... so yea we headed there at waited... again.. And after a long long time.. she finally appeared!!! Haha.. yea yea.. happy happy times.. and we head off to my house! lol. Hmm.. our taxi(jan and I) reached first. the rest were MIA. Cr and Ernest came next.. followed by Xx Sh and Hen.. And wooo.. Finaly cut the birthday cake. And wa! thx ar Sihua... last min den remb.. haha. oh well.. at least you are the last to wish me on the day itself. thanks. hahaz. Sorry nicholas you are not officialy last.. youre second last now. LoL

Hmm... played some murderer game.. haha so little people play.. not so fun.. Must have more people lol .. Waa.. Does not pay to be good hearted one! Poor witch.. revive and dont kill.. yet every1 vote you..haiz.. ok maybe you guys dont understand.. unless you know the game haha. Hmm.. Well SH and Ernest left around2+.. followed by Xx and hen. Now left CR Jan and ME haha. Watched some youtube video till around 4+.. then they both took turns played some games.. and one by one we get knocked out.. Haha. In the end.. i went back to my room and sleep.

And tada.. we went to eat at KFC two hours ago.. and all headed home..

Ok so now....

For the whole day!

And also..
Who wished me HappyBday! haha.

Cheers. Imma 17 now. :)

i lost you,,
6:47 AM

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ok... some1 told me to try it. So ya here it is. Lol. I look like David Schwimmer? wierd wierd.

Lol. There isnt much to say today.. I think.. Lol.

Oh yea.. Jokhie linked me this video.. REAL HILARIOUS! Haha Dont know la. His friends all say its lame.. But its cool haha.. Its another ventriloquist! ahh.. How i wish i can learn too.

Anyway here it is..
I think this is where sandy learn to say "I kill you". xP.

i lost you,,
12:45 PM

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hahaha Still awake man.. Havent sleep lol.

Now left Nicholas, Deren and Jokhie(Surprisingly and first time haaha) in my house! Lol. The rest, CR, Sayhaow, Edwin, XX left already. Lol lol. Ok we had no time to cut the cake so ya.. guess we leave it for next week. haha Later cake spoil lol haha.

Ah.. ok they are all sleeping now like finally.. Just off the lights lol. finally. lights out finally. wearing shades now.. haha screen too glaring.. lazy to dim the screen lol. Well just got to say thanks for today or yesterday. Was really fun haha.

First time at mind cafe.. haha so fun! really rather interesting. didnt know there is so many different type of board games out there. Played 'Im the boss' haha ultra fun. Poor CR kena boycott, cant make most of the deal lol.

Hm.. i dont know what else to talk... guess i should get some sleep now too.. the keyboard is making too much noise. lol.


i lost you,,
9:05 PM

Friday, December 07, 2007

Was waiting for the [BF.NUT] to post the results and photos for the BF Bootcamp II. But ahh.. after waiting for 5 days, I finaly gave up. Anyway here is what I know and what you all can expect. BF.NUT won (Duh), followed by Team Mario(Duh, another team that is under BF.NUT but broke off coz too many members) followed by SgAF and than lastly us, =[DA]= (What to do? haiz)

We also lost in the Titan Mode, which we =[DA]= are quite known for. We even earn the title Titan King for no reason? Dont know who gave us that flattering title. But oh well, looks like we disappointed them. haha. Well, even though we lost, we still had lots of fun there. Its really amazing meeting all the pros and players up face. Must stunning is BF.NUT member, Justawonderkid(Also Singapore's number one player I think) He is like just around our age? When all of us thought he is like 20yrs old or so! Haha I dont know how to say but its just shocking haha. Well most of the other clan members are like in their 20s, finished NS already. And =[DA]= was like the most kiddy one there. consisting of members majority from secondary school level. Lol. Oh well, unique haha

Hahaz ok i dont know what else to report for the bootcamp. But seriously its awesome hahha

Hmm lets see what i did for today...

I played squash with CR and the 2 nicholas! haha. long time never play already. So rusty at it now lol. Well played from 9.30 to like 1pm. And from then on, we had no idea of what to do. We were seriously stone and lost. After awhile we just decided to have lunch together and started talking lots of craps hahaz. Watched Hitman later! lol . Well okay la. above average lo. A little confusing in the show and I find that the F word and the nudity is seriously super REDUNDANT. The F word is like the director or scriptwriter nothing to do and force it into the script. Its like so not natural and its like throughout the whole show you just keep hearing it. Its really dumb. And the nudity part also.. doesnt even contribute any single bit to the main story line. The scriptwriter or director again must be so super bored or deprived or feeling high. dont know whats their problem.. if those 2 stuffs are not in the show, den yea.. i consider it a more nice and decent show. But now.. nah... just go play the game if you want..

Hmm... should I lead a competitve clan?.. sigh..

ah man.. i feel so like dying now.. lol . ok im just tired haha.. guess i will sleep soon..

i lost you,,
6:25 PM

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Man... The clan match is like in two hours time! We are gonna meet all the singapore bf2142 pros! Haha Exciting isnt it? lol lol. But Aww man.. [JEDI] clan backed out from the meeting for some reason. Its the WHOLE clan! Sigh.. Its just a friendly match what. Whole team back out for what?. So now we only left three clans meeting up - Bf.Nut, SgAF and =[DA]=(us) Haha. but oh well doesnt matter. Our match is against Bf.Nut anyway, the Singapore number one battlefield clan! haha. gonna get owned = =

Service learning was rather fun la. At the start, I dont really know how to interact with the kids. Oh yea, they are Joris, Jovan, Joveen, Atiqah and Liyana. Haha. the Js are siblings and Atiqah and Liyana are also siblings too. Haha cool. Well, those two are really quiet so I didnt really interact with them much. Or should I say, i just cant open a communication line with them. While the other 3 are much easier. Joris was the most active one haha. He's cute(no im not a paedophile). But is SUPER utterly corrupted for a primary one kid. Lets just say he knows Sec 4 biology. Cant believe a primary one kid can spam so much stuffs about it. Well, his brother, Jovan and sister, Joveen are at least not corrupted as him. More matured. Jovan is going to sec1 next year while Joveen is going to pri 6 next year. Haha cool. Ahhh ok i got to get going first... will edit this post again hahaha.. oh yea..still need write reflection... eh is this counted as reflection?

i lost you,,
2:10 AM