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Sunday, September 30, 2007

XD Balls of Fury is SO SO super lame and retard! Lots of dumb actions. But still, kinda awesome! Ahaha. Whoops, I laughed a little too loud in the cinema ><.. Haha. The show is like abit rushed though.. Like some part never elaborate.. For example somewhere in the middle, maggie suddenly like randy when the previous 2 scene she was angry with him?(sorry sandy not maggie chueng but maggie Q .. lol).. And the ending also like abit rushy.. its like a jump scene... But oh well, their retardedness is awesome.. xD..

Wa.. wonder why the family behind my seat brought their kid to watch this show.. Its like some terms in the show are not meant for a child at that age to hear la.. And the kid was like "Mummy why he do this?" "Mummy what are they doing?" almost throughout the whole show.. -_-" ... AND the Most STunnIng and RetARded onE was WhEn he ask..."Mummy what is pussy?" I was like "OH MY GOSH? WHat a QuesTion to aSK!" I was laughing inside though xD.. Its really so retarded.. The mum like took awhile before saying "nothing one la" XD haha wonder whats she thinking..

Waa.. today so lazy study.. time is flying fast my friend... Bah..

Just remember the sunset scene at MacRitchie Resevoir last year or 2 years ago.. Was attending my church pastor wedding.. Sigh. I lost all the photos =(.. Its all in my previous comp, which died. Haiz.. It was a beautiful moment that time. The settings, the sunset, sitting along the rocky edge and your accompany made it perfect. Wonder if there is such a moment again. Sigh. I wanna see the sunset again...

Lets venture around singapore one day. There is some stuffs that we may not know and experience before. Haha..

Ah... go mug la ken! study study study..

I will embrace your trust you have in me.

i lost you,,
7:47 AM

Saturday, September 29, 2007

GP today is screwed. Ok maybe not totally. But ya. Its a 65% chance of failing and 35% of passing. Oh well, since when did I ever find Language easy?

Went to study with the usual group, Jeff, Sandy and Ly at starbucks.. Did not really have the mood to study. Went out to walk walk! The weather was so nice! Haha. If only everyday weather is like this. Haha. Went back to starbucks and began to do the chemistry revision exercise. =)

Ah.. going back to TM again to watch movie. Haha mafan.


i lost you,,
8:01 AM

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hahaz! I guessed my Bro's gf name correctly! PHEW! Haha.. I got him a birthday present, a tag with engravement of his gf and his own name on it. =D Haha First time he like so happy with my present I gave to him... Like duh? Got his gf name what..-,- haha maybe maybe..

Whoahoho.. Ms Wee is pissed and terrified! Lol.. She was like scolding us? Because we complained to some other teacher about her. Seems likely she's been told off by her boss or another teacher. Heh.. Can't she just cool down and phrase whatever she said in a nicer way? Its totally a threat from her! But oh well.. probably an act of impulse.. from anger and disappointment.. Have to understand.. =P.. But she IS really not a good tutor. Her teachings are average, but her attitude is awesomely bad. Aiyah dont want say already la. Forgive and forget and tolerate. =P... If I can't rely on her, I will rely on myself! If I can't stand her, I will ignore her! Hahaz.. Wonder what's she is going to tell us after promos? HAha..

What was going on back then?
It was so different.
What was I suppose to do?
Simply nothing. But.
Disappointed. Confused, Hurt.
Where did I go wrong? I lost my friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you whole night.
Had I know How To Save A Life.

i lost you,,
3:30 PM

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hahaha.. Mugging starts TODAY! HAha. went to mug after school with Sandy, Jeff, Liying, JianHui and perhaps Amelia? haha.. retard.. dont know why they want to stalk Amelia also..

Oh well, went to eat at Food Junction and studied at BK!.. Was cool.. managed to do some question.. Sandy and Jeff left early because of Sandy's mum.. Stayed on to study awhile with Ly and Jh. Walked them off to the bus stop later, then go study at Macdonald while waiting for Kevan.. Haha

Went to AIRPORT MUG! Haha. Saw Edmund and Sean at the Airport bus stop. Guess they were mugging in airport before that. Haha. Bought Coffee Bread to munch! Went to Delifrance mug with Kevan's MJ friend. His name is Hector. Cool name! Haha.. Oh well the mugging was very productive! SUPER nice to study at airport! Haha very peaceful and quiet...
Study until 11pm+ than go home! Haha. So tired now.. Managed to do maths and Phy!! Tomorrow gonna study Chem! HAha. Mugger spirit is with me now. I hope =P.. Skarli momentarily only... HAha..

Oh well. go slp chaoz..

Wish to help you

i lost you,,
3:38 PM

Monday, September 24, 2007

Haha. First time my post so many photos... =p.. Yup yup.. I think we need to buy new camera.. So many blur photos!!! Agh.. sorry guys ><

i lost you,,
4:03 AM

Sunday, September 23, 2007

WaHAHAHAHA!!!! Finally got back home!! Home Sweet Home! Spent my entire 2 days outside, celebrating Kevan and Jane Birthday!! Woot! Love it all!. So much fun.. so much excitement.. so much joy.. Haha.. I will cut it short.. too much to elaborate! haha

On friday... Went to buy present for Kevan after school!! Haha I was late.. whoops.. Jane, Jonathan and Eunice bought the present first. I met them later to decide on the venue and what cake to get.. And eventually we decided to dine in at Plaza Singapura Swensen's! Haha.. Our Birthday boy, Kevan was LATE!!! HE was one HOUR late! Argh!!! Waited soooo long! HAha.. But meanwhile, we talked lots of crap.. Its been such a long time since we contacted one another.. Awesome... When Kevan came, we took our orders and continued chatting. Bought Spaghetti.. Nice... Haha.. Took some photos together too..

Our desert was... Kevan's ICE CREAM CAKE! WAha.. Okay, wasnt really a great surprise. But it was great! Haha.. The ice cream cake was so frozen that Kevan couldnt even cut it. Haha.. In the end tell the crew to cut for us.. xD

Wah... I think I found another Sandy.. Eunice was like laughing like mad for no good reason after dinner. It was most probably because of the Ice Cream CAke.. She was like laughing like some mad person until her whole face red... The rest of us was like.. Wa.."Who spiked her?" Haha.. Fortunately it lasted for about 20-30 mins and not for the rest of the trip with her..

Went over to Kovan to play pool around 12am! Haha.. So fun! The pool place upgraded until SO NICE! Sia lah.. Super nice to play.. We play until around 1am.. then go Jane's house.. Haha.. Wooo so far! haha.. Play cards until like 3am like that.. Then STUDY! WAAA NIGHTMARE... We do maths until 5.30 am.. Then all knocked out. Haha. I slept on the floor.. I was so super frozen la! So super cold.. Woke up around 9am thanks to KEVAN!!! Basket.. Wake me up every 10 minute from 9am to 10am.. But he himself also keep falling asleep.. Baka.. In the end wake up around 10 plus to plan what to do later for Jane..

Saturday... Had breakfast at Jane's house! Had munchy donuts and milo dinosaur! Haha So heaty! Some more there was something extra disgusting to the donuts that is best not mention.. But we still eat them! HAha =P... Went off around 1pm.. Jane went to celebrate her birthday with her other friends first.. While Kevan and I head off to pasir ris to plan and prepare for her birthday celebration later..

HAha.. planned many many craazy awesome stuffs for her! Its all thanks to Kevan! He planned the main backbone of it.. He is so darn creative and innovative.. We later made a appointment with Jane to have dinner at 7pm.. BUT she was LATE for TWO hour! aRgH!! Haha.. But it gave us time to prepare more surprise for her! =) We decided to actually record messages from those OG mates who will not be present for the dinner.. Haha retarded.. But gReat! haha

When she came around 9pm, we sang her a birthday song! Haha, after which we place our orders. Kevan and Fiona was going crazy, trying to entertain and lighthen up Jane, who was so worn out.. The rest of us also did many retarded stuffs.. We sang birthday song a total of four times to her, gave her a total of 5 surprises!.. We also let her listen to the recorded message.. so touching.. haha.. She was so moved by it.. Haha.. Whoops being meanie and just for fun... we gave Jane a very small birthday cake.. a small white lotus paste mooncake.. =P.. The candles were so retarded! The Fish&Co. crew sang a birthday cheer followed by a birthday song for her. And told her to stand on the chair with a sparkler.. Quite funny.. Hahazz

Haha. The Fish&Co. Crew members were GREAT! Awesome! Super ON! I give them 5/5 stars! I really think they have the best service. So worth it! haha.. It is a ideal restaurant to celebrate birthday..

Aww.. such lovable time... The final stop of her celebration... "To heaven above".. It was so SAD when we release the balloon.. =(.. It was as if like we are all parting from one another.. Jane was suppose to write down her wishes on the balloon and release to the sky. But she went to draw all the OG12 members until so nice.. than so sad have to release.. The emo atmosphere set in when she released and the five of us watch the balloon float to the dark glittering sky...

You wont be able to read this but, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU KEVAN!!! Really thanks man bro... Without you, OG12 will never be this crazy and awesome. Its because of all of your creativeness and good planning ability that brought all these good time and surprises. I wont break the promise this time. I will not MIA from the OG anymore! Haha. Sorry about your celebration though.. I know it wasnt really that good. It was really nothing compared to what you have planned for Jane.. =/

ThankS FIO-NABAY! Haha. Thanks for coming and being such a crazy girl during JAne Bday celebration! Without you, it wont be that crazy! HAha.. Point to the sky!!!

whoa.. In the end write so much... haha but it is so much more summarised already! Haha.... upload photos tomorrow..

i lost you,,
4:55 PM

Friday, September 21, 2007

Waaa.. Just got back... Whole day out man. whew.. SCHOOL was... OK la.. Haha stupid sean... tell me lecture at LT1.. make me tell the rest of the people go LT1 for chemistry lecture.. In the end, we go there it was like empty? Im like shit.. ok made the rest late for lecture.. whoops..

After school, haha went to meet Kevan at tampines library. Wa... filled with muggers. Haha. Man, I think he is really good in maths. Did not even get any wrong on his first attempts on the question.. Some more its RJC past paper.. Wa liao.. Gg.. Oh well, went off to look for presents for Jane! Took so loong to decide... Its so hard to decide what to get for a girl.. Sheesh.. In the end, we bought the 2 presents, cost around $50... Yeowch.. But its awesome.. haha.. Wa piang.. Still have to go out with Jane tomorrow to buy Kevan present! -_-"

Apparently both sides tried to give a birthday surprise each other, but in the end information leaked. So no more surprise and they both ended up laughing at each other failed attempt.. Haha rather funny... Both birthday so close and they want to surprise one another. Kevan plans to surprise Jane, Jane plans to surprise Kevan and the rest of us(OG12) plans to surprise both of them. Haha retarded... Tomorrow gonna celebrate Kevans birthday and gonna stay over at Jane's house and celebrate her birthday on saturday! haha gonna be so craazy!...

Wa.. buy jane present... buy kevan present... buy my BROTHER present also! Waa... this whole week so broke... why their birthday so close one.. Haha.. 3 birthday cakes to eat.. gonna be so fat...

hahaz.. sorry for the last min pangseh.. unforseen circumstances came up. xP..

i lost you,,
2:30 PM

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fustration fustration! Cant do maths! Why cant I do it? The heck is wrong? Haiz.. Im well on the road to death if this goes on. No it wont go on.. Damit.. Get lost will you... leave this pitiful soul of mine.. BleghZ baHz GAhz DaHz.... MUST DO!

Pick yourself up and start running forward!

Ok im back... hahaha.. well that chnnl 8 show ending like nothing much 1.. Not a great ending.. It feels like as though they are rushing to finish the script/show. No proper elaboration. FAIL! haha. Whoaa... that Brain man is totally awesome!! But kind of sad at the same time.. Or maybe its just plain wierd.. I dont mind having part of his condition though.. =p.. Eh.. But i also kena knocked on the head by a squash ball.. how come never get the ability? Haha.. sad.. maybe not hard enough.. xP

There's a price to pay for whatever you have.

Exams are closing. darn....

i lost you,,
4:05 PM

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wah... Mum woke me up early in the morning to have breakfast at Kallang Airport and told me that I can go back to sleep in the afternoon. Im like ok loh.. In the end, my parents drove all the way to BALESTIER just to get some chinese medicine.. -.- After taking the medicine, we then head on the Kallang Airport to have our breakfast. WA... Dad took away all the Raw fish! Didnt even had the chance to have at least one piece! =.= While eating, I noticed this old uncle, who was kinda amazing. He was whistlelling real loud and it sounded like a police siren! I was like.. whoa.. But What stunned me the most was when he balancing a spinning umbrella with a pen! It is as though its spinning a basketball on your index finger, but this time, spinning an umbrella on a tip of a pen! I was like.. wwhoaa... totally amazed by his performance..

Back home.. Well, did nothing much... Most of the time doing WR, idling, watch anime, play with photoshop. Did a little maths though. But nothing much. haha. tomorrow school again.. so fast. Zzz.. So bored.

i lost you,,
2:13 PM

Sunday, September 16, 2007

HAha! Had three amazing match in Battlefield 2142 today! All of them were results out of desperation..

First match... Both titans were heavily damaged and we were camping at the lower deck of the enemy titan.. waiting for enemy titan to be destroyed since we have 4 out of 5 silos. Then all of the sudden, the enemy neutralised three silos. We were like "HUH?!" We knew we were going to lose if the enemy captured them. So we quickly told everyone to jump off the enemy titan and go capture the nearest silo. Eventually we neutralised the enemy, and captured 2 silos. And needless to say, we won.

Second match... This one is the craziest one. My team really suck during that round... We were defending like mad on our titan. When I saw the enemy had all the silos and our titan is already gonna be dead like in the next 5 minutes, I flew to the enemy titan. Surprisingly there was nobody at first. I told my whole squad to come as recon with RDX demopak. But only Mephiston and Colot came. We rushed all the way in, reaching the reactor core eventually. SHockingly, both of titans were destroyed almost at a same time! It was like a difference of 0.1 second! Everyone in the game was like typing "Eh.. who win?".. We waited till the end round/summary of round... AND we WON! haha coolness.

Third match... Same situation as the second round.. But this time, our titan was destroyed 5 seconds later. Haha

Oh yea.. Got my Gold Squad Leader Badge!! And I left 2k points to reach the final rank, Brigadier General! Haha.. Oh cool... I have been promoted in the =[DA]= Clan too! Been promoted to officer! Haha. Have authority now =P.. But oh well, dont really like it.. Cause only means more responsiblity.. And cool! Singapore's No. 1 BF clan, BF.Nut, challenged us to a scrim match. This means that =[DA]= have potential! haha. Awesomee..

Ah shucks.. Planned to study today. BUT I DIDNT!!! IM SOSO DISAPPOINTED AT MYSELF! Where is the Kenny I knew years ago? Haha. I feel like I've been slacking alot and do not know alot of stuffs. But I dont know what to do and seems like there is nothing to do at all. Haha.

When you are blessed with an ability
You do not boast about it
But be humble and use it
for the good of others.

i lost you,,
2:22 PM

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Haha.. Just got back from photo taking at HDB gallery. Eh.. The ride to ToaPayoh seem to be quite fast. Thought it would be longer. But it took 40mins though.. =p But it felt so fast.. Haha. Went to the HDB gallery and explore around.. Here are some photos..

The beginning..

A cool moving book.. When you press the button, the book will sink down, leaving some metal poles forming shapes of HDB flats.

The "memory lane".
Haha have some more.. But lazy upload..
After walking through the whole gallery, we went to have lunch again at SUBWAY! Haha. Yummy.. long time never eat.. So nice.. Oh well, started talking crap with Pok quen and Abraham... Well, actually they aint that bad. As in, at least we are not that quiet in a group. Or maybe we are finally getting more open with one another. At least there's more communication in my group now. Haha.. Awesome..
Ok.. Off to edit my WR and maybe play game Haha..
Can you treat me as a stranger?

i lost you,,
9:21 AM

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wow... Am I on poverty or what? Lets see what have I eaten so far for today... Breakfast i had Fan choy. Went home in the afternoon and had 2 PIECES of wasabi potato chips. Yep thats all. Haha wierd. Dont really feel super duper hungry. Ok I do feel a little hungry now. But my dinner isnt back! Or maybe its not even coming back. lol.

Wierd. Im all alone in this house right now. Nobody called home too. Sigh. Maybe something happened? Or maybe they are just too busy to call back and inform me. Haha. Strange.

i lost you,,
1:15 PM

Monday, September 10, 2007

HAhaha.. waa woke up so early today... 7am just to go tuition... = = Haha went to watch movie with cr, deren, ernest and rosh. Watch Evan Almighty! Haha Ok la not that bad. Went to play LAN as usual. Jokhie and his bro came to join us..

CoH story... skip it

WAAAA SiAo.. We play CoH, stalemate for like 2hrs+ still not much movement of territory!! It was deren, rosh and me(Allies) versus cr, ernest, jokhie and his bro(Axis).. CR tank regiment is having a stalemate at the factories in the south with deren tank company. haha.. While Jokhie irritating artilleries bombarded our tank and infantries to hell whenever we engage their army. Sheesh. Whats worse is that they are mobile. While i kept trying to attack from the north and middle with roshan. But kept getting bombarded to pieces.. All our efforts are futile. They recieved the same medicine too though =p. Whenever their tank and infantries attack from the top, my three howitzers stationed at the northern ammo base blew them to pieces too. HAha.. Around the beginning of second hours, we are finally drained from resources and thats we start losing i think... our defences are all spread thin.. CR tank start rolling in from the south and destroy deren's base.. while Roshan and my Sherman tanks went in destroy ernest and jokhie bro's base from the north. Haha.. In the end we just decided to just quit because its wasting too much time. Haha..

Went on to play DoD Source and then some crash racing game! Haha the crash racing game called Flatout 2! It was a totally retarded game! Haha super retard and fun! Haha.. its just like bumper car.. but more.. graphically intense. haha

Went on to LJS to eat. Haha chat chat chat lalala. Lots of stuffs. Went home at 8.50..

Waa tomorrow must go back college.. So bored.. Time pass so fast. LAzy go.. Haiz... Hope things go well tomorrow... HAve TEST! HAVENT STUDY! Hm... just test how much of energetics I have in my database loh.. Or maybe tomorrow i go study.. Haha. WHOLE DAY PLAY! tired..

Hmm... I dont know... I just dont feel like seeing some people. No its not that I hate them. Its something that I do not know either.
Who have I become?

i lost you,,
2:26 PM

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Waaaa super tired... Travelling around the whole of singapore the whole day! Haha. Not really the whole singapore but it seems like. =p

Went to meet up with my PW group members at Toa Payoh MRT at first. We went to look at the 'Remaking our Heartland' Exhibition which is about remaking the old HDB town. Took some photos and ideas from there for our proposals. Haha. We then head on to macdonald to have lunch. Haha the person gave me wrong burger and thought he was correct. I ordered McSpicy and he gave me McChicken. I was like "Erm, I ordered McSpicy burger" and he go "Ya correct la". He then look at the burger and.. "Oh fudge!" Haha. Ok guess he is really new. Maybe around our age or older.

After lunch we went to the HDB Hub, supposedly to look at the HDB gallery. BUT it was CLOSE! AHH! Only opens on weekdays. Sad. Got to go there on one of the school day. Oh well, we then head on to the tallest HDB flat in singapore, just around the HDB interchange. Haha SO TALL! Awesome. Great scenery too. Bunch of rich people at Toa Payoh. Haha. So cool. Well, went to Punggol after that. OK.. We were quite stunned. When we emerged from the ground and turned to our right, we saw a large empty barren land. We were like o.o .. HAha and we saw the 'haunted house' in the middle of the barren land. Haha awesome. We took the LRT around for fun too! haha Not much to look at. We then decided to visit Sengkang. Took the MRT to Sengkang and took the LRT there too. Walked around Sengkang to punggol park for so long! Legs super tired...

After visiting the punggol park, we have to walk all the way back to Sengkang LRT then to MRT then go to CHINA TOWn! HAha. Fun!.. Chinatown so crowdyy.. Go there eat 'tang yuan' or what we call them peanut soup with glutinous balls. Haha ok la not bad. The soup very sweet. The peanut ball very nice! Haha. We went to one of the HDB block look at the lantern festival display, which need $6 to enter. Haha HDB block so tall can look at the lantern la! Haha go in waste money only. We then eat sausages!!! YUM! Cheese sausage! awesome! Haha by some German one. Very nice! Haha.. Went home after eating sausage..yum..

Wa.. Pok quen got three eye candy sia.. xP One of them looked VERY alike to Dawn and I thought it was really her! But after looking at her skirt, she is from RJC. Im like LOL ok cant be.. Haha.. The other 2, cant really say much. One of them I accidentally stepped on her leg! >< Because of the stupid train want to move dont want move one.. Haha

wa... My back finally skinning already. So ugly. lol.. Wa.. this holiday never study or do work at all sia... so guilty.. boohoo.. bet everyone else is studying .. how slack can i be. How useless.. blegh.

i lost you,,
12:00 PM

Friday, September 07, 2007

Ever felt you are stucked in between two person and do not know who to pursue?
Im sure everyone of you are in that position once.
So what do we do? Do we just stay in the center? Or choose to pursue either?

i lost you,,
2:15 PM

Thursday, September 06, 2007

This is what we do everyday.
Fighting for our selfish dreams.
And Just when our dreams are coming to reality,
It shatters with a blink of an eye.
Oh, what could have spelled this poignant sorrow?
Oh, how it hurts.
Pick it up, Pieces by pieces.
How tired i've grew.
But Im not gonna stay stagnant in this space.
It all ends here.
It all ends today.

Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to our inner most thoughts.

i lost you,,
10:48 AM

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bahz.. Feel so mentally and physically weak today.. Cant even do my work properly.. Both my right arm and right leg is as weak as a dying stalk, ready to fall. Write a few words and my arm is tired. Walk a few distance and my leg is already failing. Guess after days of continiuous intense training and game, my body is finally tired. No more adrenaline. Haha..

Still have to do GP and WR. Haiz..
Oh Lord, how I need your healing right now..

So weak...

i lost you,,
11:49 AM

Monday, September 03, 2007

Wow... Got thru to the second round of the plate event.. Only I and CR got thru.. But what the heck.. Our next opponent are hell of a pro!! We are so gonna get thrashed again.. =/ ARE WE THAT WEAK DAMMIT?? Haiz.. I dont know man.. We may lose this one. BUT im not ready to lose the next!!

BAh.. Fell 2 times during the game and scrapped my right knee on the floor. Apparently my first layer of skin have been 'burnt' away. Yea.. excruciating pain ><..

Lol.. On the way to TpY Safra, saw a squirrel!! SO CUTE! But oh well, it ran away so fast and I couldnt get a chance to take a photo of it.. But it was nibbling a banner stick! haha KAwAII! Wonder if I can have a pet squirrel? xD

Wa.. rush rush... have not done anything for my studies yet.. Been so busy with squash.. Maybe i should start to study and do my work tomorrow.. WR!! GP!! Haiz. boring.

i lost you,,
3:33 PM

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Haiz just got home and... Lost the competition.. It seems like all of us are just out of luck. All our opponents possess higher level of skill than us. I think mine was the worst out of the rest of the team. He was simply too fast for me. HAiz. OH well, at least we are still in the Men's Plate competition, which is like tomorrow!. So tiring.. But at least i know this time round, my opponent is much more easier and is around my level of skill. BUT, if im gonna win this guy, im gonna face an opponent who nearly won bernard! Which is awfully crazY! Even if i made it for the first round which is tomorrow, I can never make it for the following opponent which is scheduled on wed... Haiz.. So screwed.. Oh well, JUST GONNA WIN IT! ARGH!!!

Oh yea, Thanks for those who supported me. =) Much appreciated.

Oooo noww the creepy part... It was nearing 11... On the way to Toa Payoh MRT from the safra, we encountered a pink balloon hovering above the air just outside the stadium. Its neither floating up nor descending to the ground! It was hovering around our height or shorter. The string attached to it makes it look more creepier. Whats worse is that when we decided to just hit it with our racket, the balloon flew a few distance away... and than followed us! We were like.. WTH?! The balloon followed us all the way from the stadium to just outside the HDB HUB building. It was then stucked or something, hiding among the grass or bushes. Phew.. But seriously, it was totally creepy.


i lost you,,
3:07 PM