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Monday, June 30, 2008

haha. Had Interact Club BBQ yesterday! Well, there was really really very little people there..16-19 people. I expected much more since our club is so big..80 members strong?.. Haha well did had fun there. =D. Haha. Enjoyed the sotong balls, 'BLESS' chicken legs, and mango juice HAha. Well thats about all I ate and enjoyed there. Crabsticks and hotdogs... taste a little wierd especially the crabsticks haha... Chatted and get to know a few more J1 there. Most of the people left around 10+, leaving us with chores to do. Chatted with the remaining people and slowly 1 by 1 left.. Haha.. Well, CR, Rosh, Jiahui and I Left around 12+.. Pushed the trolley full of left over food to parkway parade. Haha. Than we took the supplies to CR house! and I enjoyed another 'BLESS' chicken leg Hahaha. so nice.. Left around 2 if im not wrong.. and Rosh and I cabbed home =)

AH! When I reached home, I see my dad on my bed! AHH. Then I go my computer room, I see my mum sleeping on the mattress! AHH. I've got no where to sleep! -,-" Guess their room's aircon must be out of service. Lol.. Well, in the end, I decided to just go down and sleep in the living room. Spooky... but the pooh bear is watching over me. haha. Wait.. Is the pooh bear evil?.. lol craps.. Rather warm at first.. but it got so cold in the middle of my sleep. Was freezing but I kinda lazy to get up and grab a blanket. But I woke up around 8am with a blanket over me! THANKS MUM! =D. Haha. well it has to be her since she is the only 1 awake then. Continue sleeping till 11am haha.

Yawnz.. woke up and ate brunch b4 I mugged econs the whole day... Hardly stuffs are entering my head.. Lol.. CR came my house to study too.. I dont know if anything get into our head.. But I know we did studied our Writing Practice.. Haha...

Hope tomorrow, everything will go smoothly. Haha. Cheers

Stunning as always, life is just full of shocking mysteries.
So take my hand now and we will unveil
The every last mysteries in the world, together.

i lost you,,
2:48 PM

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well, the physics test today was pure madness. Didnt finish the paper. Left the whole of last question blank. Crazy teachers trying to kill us. Turning 90mins worth of paper(according to Aijia) into a 50 mins paper. Lol. Well, fustrated, I am. But Im not gonna let it bother me, or the least, not gonna show it.

"You may be dissappointed from failure but you are doomed if you don't try" Haha. Inspirational quote. lolx

=/. Well, lets just take that test as a challenge shall I? If I cant even do that well, how can I surpass the students from other JCs? hahaha. Yea. Those top students probably can finish it and like a piece of cake. =( .... SO, I must work harder to overcome every single obstacles before I can go on par or surpass those smart people in other JC! Muahaha. Every failure shall turn into my strength. Every success shall be my motivation. Lolx

Cool. Interact BBQ shifted to tomorrow or effectively today, later. Haha. hope its fun tomorrow..
Ah... Tired.. ok guess im off to bed now.. Goodnight and rest well everyone =)

Bokuwa Tsuyoi!
Till things are settled.

i lost you,,
3:55 PM

Friday, June 27, 2008

Haha havent been blogging because... well im just kinda busy. Haha.

So whats been happening around me?

The recent tests are just throwing me into depression and fustrations because I've been making careless mistakes. Maths and Chem. GP, man what do I know about GP except failing. I bet tomorrow physics test is probably the same. Whats up with all this careless mistakes.

I found my resolve to study again. As in seriously study. I dont know. Just felt so left behind with work and now, I just wanna work hard everyday! I know it doesnt sound so Kenny to study hard everyday. But hey, I can man. I dont need another pain and suffering to wake me up. But the recent tests are just killing me. But thru failure, I will succeed! =)

Gaming wise, well I've been cutting down on it. Like I said, Im moving or shifting from gaming industry to mugging industry. =p. Seems to be going well I guess. Haha.

I found new anime to watch! haha. Its Soul Eater. Funny and retarded yet cool show. Haha. Im so into it now. Haha. Happened to found the anime while downloading Naruto Shippudden.. The supposedly Naruto episode I download has the file name Naruto Soulppudden. Thought it was a typo but in the end the file showed Soul Eater!... with lame subtitles. Its like throughout the whole show, OP and ED, the subs were like so super lame, making fun of the show. At first I thought that the file name was wrong and that the show is really so stupid with all those subs. But the fighting scene was cool and I suddenly noticed how some japanese words that I can understand dont suit the subtitles. Thats when I doubted it and checked for Soul Eater episodes. and tada.. I found the real Soul Eater and its so much more awesome than the lame subs. Haha.

Speaking of Soul Eater, it suddenly reminded me of Riku's keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 2. And whoa I found a picture of a cosplay keyblade for Riku! Haha awesomely handcrafted and its as big as a life size sword! But people dont really like it. But I just love the idea of it - A blend of light and dark.

Yep thats about all I think.

Now, Im having headache since I got home. =( Terrible headache. Hardly preparing for physics tomorrow in this condition. Guess I probably just remember definitions and formulae will do.

Thoughts are what made us special, different.
But thoughts are also what made us confuse over life.

i lost you,,
12:24 PM

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thats it im pure slack and im gonna die on wednesday. Begone kenny. "has he gone mad?" Lol. Yea. Tomorrow I MUST MUST mug... or else I surely be dead. Haha... Stupid games ><" AHHHH

Anyway heres 4 screenies i took just now.. My trip to the city of Acre, the city of Templar. haha.

Prayed as these men layed to waste

Not even swords can defeat a dagger

The ravens circled the sky

An overview of the city of Acre from the top of the church.

Cheers! =D

i lost you,,
2:59 PM

Assassin's Creed! Been playing it like whole day. LOL. Waha thanks Edwin for the game xD. Uber ownage! Assassinate everyone! No Mercy! "Oh my God, he must be mad.." Haha funny civilians. Awesome game. Double thumbs up. haha

But... Im neglecting from studies... =(.. Especially when my econs test is like 2 days away now.. haiz... Why must good games come when exams are coming? Why do they come as a package? Haiz.

Yesterday mugged with Sandy and Jeff at Tampines. haha. Well, went there late because I woke up late and went to have a turtle soup with my family. Yummy turtles =p... Met them at 12+.. Followed them to LJS to have lunch(well i didnt eat duh) before looking for new spot to study. Tried the library but there is just no space around. End up studying in BK. Well, I didnt do much =( Just 2 econs essay... I just cant be fully focus in writing long essays of words... Bleagh. sure to die in the coming econs test.. 3 ESSAYS! wth. Zzz

Went to have dinner at Simpang Bedok at some eating house. Spent like 10 mins driving and looking for carpark.. Its always so crowdy there at night.. In the end we decided to just park along the roadside...which is illegal.. but widely accepted by everyone.. The food? Haha guess I should say its good.. HAHA evil mum. She made my brother paid for the dinner xD. He wasnt even prepared for it... but for everything else, theres mastercard. LAME. Haha Well because its father's day and the child should pay for the dinner. Haha. Well, coz im not working so im spared... lucky... Haha.

Watched Enemies at the Gate with my bro after that! haha yea good show.. absolutely.. The main story is about this legendary russian sniper hero, named Vassili Zaitsev, hope i got his name right.. hey he is real.. haha. Awesome.. But wonder is it really that easy to put a bullet into a person head from such far distance.. Haha.. guess it requires lots of skill.. His sniper rifle is also being kept in a museum too! haha so cool.. I wana see! =p.. It also showed how weak Russian were in the past during the WW II though.. If you studied history you should know how they fought the war. Soldiers were sent to war without weapon... sad..

Thats what happened yesterday.. Wait.. there is still two days ago! haha. Woke up successfully at 7am.. and had breakfast with Edwin first at Macdonald.. because some 'deathknight' is still frozen in his bed.. Chatted all the way till the arrival of the deathknight.. went to my house after his breakfast. haha. there they spammed my computer with games.. Company of Heroes, Crysis, Assassin Creed... Lol.. suddenly so many games in my computer.. = =" .. and I tried Assassin Creed! hahah awesome game. =D.. Well skipped the details of the gaming... Met later at Eunos MRT with the rest to supposedly have dinner or just hang out.. Well, all I can say is that either (1) we met up too early or (2) we are all just clueless to what to do in town or (3) just plain indecisive. After much discussion we end up collecting tickets first b4 having dinner at BBQ chicken.. yummy! before heading up to play pool... Didnt win any =( XX and Rosh joined midway... Well the girls got bored and we decided to leave a few moments later. There, we totally have no idea what to do for 40 mins.. = ="...... So there was nothingness for 40 mins... till we finally get to watch KUNGFU PANDA haha.. Lame yet funny show. Haha. But double thumbs up for it. Good show. Haha. After the show, as usual, we either go deren house or my house.. this time is my house. lol. Played 2 stupid card games for like hours haha. Simply retarded. haha. Poor XX suffering the... hmm... what game is that called... game of trust? Haha I dont know.. But there was still a little lack of bastard to one another.... except for CR who kena bastard all the way HAha.. Everyone left at 2+.. washed up and slept at near 3. Haha. tired..

Ah man.. I need to shop... I need to study... -__-"

Jealousy breeds Evil
Evil brings Remorse
Remorse seeks Forgiveness
And the Unforgiven sees Isolation
- Nothing

i lost you,,
8:02 AM

Friday, June 13, 2008

Before I go to sleep.. Just wana post how stupid I am.. =(

That was my first try.. Now after 3 attempts!

Im not stupid! =D.. What a lie haha.

i lost you,,
2:59 PM

Slack is the one word that describes today.

Wasted my whole day off. Seriously. Didnt do anything except play and solving some physics questions. Im sure I can do something better than this? Haha.

Oh crap... My house is currently infested with pests of mass destruction - Termites. Indeed they have proven worthy of that title, pest of mass destruction. They spread so fast that we are unable to track their movement. Who knows, the whole house might be infested right now? We are only sure that our kitchen is infested. Sure it hurts our heart to watch our kitchen door, cardboard and other wood stuff we have being chewed off. Well, waiting for my dad to sign some contract for them to do their job, which they will come this saturday. Gosh. Cant they just come like as soon as we call them?! What if our house collapses before they even come? Oh well.. Haha just hope these pest will be gone once and for all..

The lives we lived are only gold-plated

i lost you,,
9:49 AM

Thursday, June 12, 2008

bleagh. Wasted my day today. Slept all the way till 4+ and still felt so tired.. Haha.. Did only a little of physics.. Since nothing much happened today.. I shall talk about yesterday!

Woke up early in the morning to go Tampines Starbucks to mug! Haha. Reached there at around 8am.. and waited for the arrival of minister CR, who came around 8.30-8.40am. Haha. There we tried to do GP compre and Econs... BUT GP compre is just such a problematic paper and we took the whole morning to do it.. Party because we are talking crap in between too.. Haha.. End up wasting 3 hours to do the GP.. =/.. Slow crap isnt it. haha.. Decided not to study econs and went to revise physics.. Did my quantum physics 2 tutorial! haha. Dont know what im doing in it.. Edwin came later and we all start talking crap and stuffs. Hahaa.. Went off around 5 or 6+ to walk around... OH yea!! not to forget.. we met Josephine or her look-alike again! But Im pretty sure its her though. She was studying with her friend at a table beside us again!(the other time we met her was during the overnight study with Aijia and CR at Airport) Throughout the whole day at Starbucks, CR and I kept trying to identify whether she is really the Josephine or just a look-alike. Haha. Partly why we doubted is because she have long hair when in college, we saw her with short hair.. Girl's hair cant possibly grow that fast right? Oh well.. At the end of the day before we left, we finally conclude.... its her. Haha.. "What coincidence to meet her out of everyone, and of all places, and every time studying at a table beside us" as said by minister CR.. though its like the 2nd time only = = But yea i agree with him..

Had KFC family feast with EDWIN! HAHAHA. Im not so gonna eat KFC for the rest of this month.. NEVER. Sick of the chicken taste.. Haha.. Again, I ate 5 chickens and Edwin at 3.. (the other time with CR, I ate 5 too..) haha yes im such a stupid fat pig.. Gosh.. after the dinner.. I was super sick of the chicken taste.... Went to walk around tampines and chatted with my long lost buddy. haha. Settled ourselves down at some fitness corner and chatted for like hours haha. Oh yea.. We saw this pigeon sitting at the side of the road.. The pigeon is super stone.. We approached, surrounded it and were like only 1 foot length away from it.. it still doesnt want to fly or walk away.. Instead it just sat there and stared at us.. Super cute.. We decided to just leave it alone.. Hahaha but later, we saved that pigeon from being eaten by cat! haha.. it was like running away from the cat and Edwin went to chase the cat away... Sigh.. a mere cat can frighten the pigeon while 2 humans cant... how demoralising..

Went off around 1030+ as sudden strong gusts of wind blew.. and lightning flashing through the sky... it felt like as if something ominous was coming.. Haha scary.. but cool! haha.. we both were like enjoying it and reluctant to go.. But the rain starts chasing us away and I have to catch the train to airport =(.. There we bid farewell.. And went to meet Kevan and Jane at T2 Macdonald! Hahaha. First few hours was productive.. Haha mugged physics with Kevan while Jane did Maths.. Got tired around 4+.. and we took a break.. haha. SO COLD!!! We walked around and we were like freezing.. Haha.. came back around 4.30.. and continued mugging.. By then I was already brain dead.. while Kevan still staying strong.. Soon Jane fell asleep and I was half-awake-half-asleep... Haha.. Bought breakfast at 0630... and woke up the sleepyhead.. Haha. Ate and continued mugging awhile.. While they tried to solve 1 maths P&C question.. I fell asleep hahaha. Too tired... Woke up whent they finally solved which was around 8+.. and left for home sweet home.. haha.. tiring..

Kevan caught me sleeping... =(

i lost you,,
1:15 PM

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We, the Sagittarius are ranked 12th, the last in the list of those who cry easily. Haha. Yea, as strong as always! lolz. But that doesnt explain why I was so sentimental in the past. Crying over little things and throwing tantrums. Haha. Well, I was just a kid.. =) A kid will behave as a kid. Now as a grown up, we should throw away the childish ways of our life and live like how we should be. But no matter what, there is always a kid within you. HAHA

A day of slack and work. Aw.. Poor Kenny has fallen again.. into the World of Maplestory. =( Haha.. Rather stupid. I've banned myself from playing Battlefield 2142.. and found myself hooked onto WC3.. But soon I grew tired of playing DoTa... and Maplestory seems to be the only escape. And boo.. Im back in the 2D world slashing 2D monsters. haha. Sad.. Haha.

Dude I didnt spent my whole day mapling! Let me tell you how I spent my slacking day. Morning I read some GP essays and played DoTa all the way... After getting accused and disgusted by some of the attitude of the players.. I decided to stop.. and went to do phy KIT.. Woo few more question of quantum.. Well I tried to reinstall maple around 4+... just felt bored... Haha... Boo I played awhile... before joining my Brother, my cousin and my Buddy Edwin for WAHJONG!!! HAHAHA... Won the first 3 rounds in a row! Haha so lucky xD.. Shiok.. played many rounds and my bro and I keep winning..Hhaha.. went off halfway to have spaghetti for dinner.. Eww.. the spaghetti is awful.. but the sausage is awesome.. Haha.. Continue wahjonging before stopping around 12....

Yep thats how I spent my day.. slack isnt it...? Haha

Bleagh.. tmr is going to waste my potential productive studying time.. going tampines early in the morning to mug tmr... den shop for presents in the afternoon.. and go bbq in the evening... and overnight study at airport.. haha..

JOKHIE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! DONT KNOW IF YOU STILL READ THIS BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA!!! I couldnt call u back or sms back.. my phone is screwed up today... SORRY!!!

Smile for the world.

i lost you,,
2:59 PM

Monday, June 09, 2008

Studied with Kevan and Jane on friday! haha. ok we didnt really studied at first.. Learnt how to play MAHJONG! WAhaHA! Hahaha. Played mahjong and UNO stacko.. lol.. Then went studying awhile... but guess we spent most of the time chatting and catching up with one another.. since its been 9 months i've seen them.. Haha... Really nice to chat with you guys.. =). Makes me wana be different now. haha.. Shared different 'secrets' at the kopitiam haha... Spent a night at Jane's house... Bleagh.. again Kevan get to sleep on the bed.. But lucky me now.. there is a mattress for me to sleep!(the previous time i slept on the hard floor). haha. It was pretty alright and comfy... But gosh.. it was super duper cold!!! And we only switched a fan and not the air-con!! I had no blanket and was freezing like mad.. =( Strangely it was seriously damn cold.. haha.. We both woke up by Jane around 9+am... with breakfast served in the room! haha. Thanks.. Egg and ham sandwich and a cup of hot milo.. haha.. Whew.. both Kevan and I got a real bad flu.. Kept sneezing throughout the whole morning.. we both emptied one whole box of tissue(200 sheets?).. whoops.. =p.. well we mugged a little while.. before leaving around 1pm haha..

Today(sunday)... Went to study with Kevan at Bedok library just now! Did a little of physics. His friend came and offered us chocolates.. Kelly Zu If i recall.. haha. Thanks.. And I think I've seen her somewhere before.. Oh well. Haha.. Went off around 5.15pm to Hougang to catch U19 Volleyball competition! Cool... Starting to like volleyball.. Hahaha. Watch the guys team play.. super scary.. St Hilda's Alumni VS Dunman Alumni.. Super nice and scary the way they spike the ball.. Oh yea.. Saw commando lee(our tpjc pe teacher and volleyball teacher-in-charge) there... Aww.. Watching a volleyball match is much nicer then squash match.. Regrets? haha. Should have tried volleyball.. But yet again.. Im at height disadvantage... probably become a lebero(i hope i spelt correctly) and saving all the ball.... But its cool =D

i lost you,,
4:47 PM

Interact camp... was pretty alright. Had fun with my group... SKW!(someone inferred too much from SKW...O.o) For those who doesnt know.. its SaiKangWarriors! Haha. Well guess Im thankful that Chong Sian is in my group since he is always the one that is initiative, high and enthu for everything.

1st day.. Major activity.. Well, our group lost every single stations.. Didnt even win one. Hahaha. But we won 1 station during wet games! hahaha. Ok yea guess our group is really good in losing. Haha. Got ourselves all wet during the wet games. We were like searching for extra water bombs at the end of the wet games... not to throw at people.. but to burst and letting the cool water flow down our overheating body. haha

Then we had lunch.. ugh.. ok all the meals are bad.. lunch... dinner.. The only thing I love to eat was the chicken wings/drumlets!! =D.. the rest.. haha eww. rice is super plain..

Amazing race! Hah. My first time having amazing race around singapore. Real fun! with all the running around and gathering of information hahaha. Shall talk more about some stations.. Best station is the one at Simpang Bedok where Sandy is... Task: Blindfold yourself and eat a bowl of the famous meepok of Simpang bedok!! hahahha. Shiok! Aloysius(My member) and I blindfolded ourselves and ate like pigs xD. Haha. We were like being fed ferociously by the rest of the group.. I just open my mouth and gobble up anything that they fed to me.. Can picture how pig we look like.. But haha Super nice!! We were like craving for more after the station. Haha. But the travelling to Simpang Bedok was... I dont know. Tiring? hahaha. We walked all the way there from Expo as we thought it would be faster and not to waste money, our precious $0.45 or $0.90... HAhaha.. But I think taking the MRT to TanahMerah and taking bus would be way faster..But we were assuming long waiting time when deciding whether to take transport or walk .Hahha

Worst station is at... Singapore Expo where Jeffrey is... Task: Do jumping jets infront of the public. Seems easy? Yea it is.. but the process of finding Jeffrey is hell. ><... We recieved information that he was just outside expo MRT.. So we searched around the whole expo MRT, did a cleansweep, recomfirming of source, running into the expo hall 6 and 5.... before we decided to finally just call him and ask him where he is..(penalty +10 mins).. And he is like at coffee bean in HALL 1!!! That's like the extreme end from where we are!! Ran like dogs all the way there... = =.. We could have just called him from the start and not waste so much time searching for him.. So did the other group sabo-ed us with wrong information? Not really. Its just that Jeffrey was late and was spotted outside MRT when the group reached there... -_-"...

Not to forget, the most petty station.. is at Simei where MARK CHAN and Selestine is.. Task: Go down buy Ice blends of the following mixture, Passionfruit and Almond, Kiwi and Lemon. But but BUT.. The petty MARK CHAN wants MY group, ONLY my group to drink one extra cup of Orange and Lemon mix Ice blend.. His reason? Look at what he said "Just now pour one pail of dirty water on me right? Now you drink one extra cup for me. Nono im the station master here.. do what I say if not you cant get your clue" Ah screw him.. Taking it so personal... so extra.. - -... My group were like complaining the unfairness. But hey man doesnt matter.. in fact I kinda feel like thanking him for allowing us to taste such good combination! XD. But obviously I didnt thank him Ranking of the ice blend: 1st Orange and Lemon, 2nd Lemon and Kiwi, 3rd Passionfruit and Almond(duh.. totally sick).

Shall not talk about the rest of the stations.. moving on. Had dinner in school.. and start preparing for the night walk... IM so so sorry to everyone. Things werent really well prepared and there were so many things that went wrong during the night walk. There were so many last minute changes and stuffs to do. My apologies.. Well main flaw of the night walk: Lack of instructions. Victims were like anyhow walking and not knowing what to do.. lol.. And also the clogging up in the second station(the waiting area) before teh 3rd station(the Maze). Haha. Had trouble facilitating a smooth flow at the maze.. The whole thing ended like 4am.. and poof everyone is real tired.. and everyone turned in..

BUT I DIDNT! haha. Stayed awake all the way. Haha. I dont know why but didnt feel like sleeping when I was in the class, looking at CR, Rosh and another guy sleeping, looking at Jeff and Mark trying to sleep.. So I just walked out and tried to look for things to do.. Saw Lianghao, HuiXuan, HuiHoon and HuiShian(The three 'Hui's from Temasek Sec) outside the canteen and decided to join them. Well played bridge, ordered Macdonald and watched Sandy going high and lame beyond imagination..

The rest of the morning.. was like slacking hours.. Nothing to do.. 2nd day schedule was cancelled and the rest of the time was like mainly for the groups to prepare for their performance later.. Hahaha during their performances, I kept falling asleep xD.. wwhoops. lol.. Ended the camp with 3 cheers for blah which offended someone.. or maybe not only one.. =/

Sorry. But hey is it really wrong?... I wonder.

i lost you,,
3:17 AM

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Here's my personality test by somebody.

You hope that people think that you are someone who needs care and concern.

Others think that you are somebody whom they can reason with because you can differentiate what's right and wrong.

You hope that your gf is someone who's cute at heart (内心是很可爱的一个人) You can't guess what she'll do next.

You're actually someone who's direct and because of this, you can't get along with people.

You hope that more people can understand you, especially the person that you like.

For others that dun know you well, they think that you are clever and responsible and they respect you for that.

Comments from the bottom!

Whoa.. Does that mean that Im actually not clever and irresponsible? = ="

Duh.. Obviously I love the person I like to understand me.

Hey.. Since when im direct? haha

Hmm.. sounds like a good suggestion to find this type of gf. HAHA

I hope that is the case...

Doesnt that make me like person who loves attention? No no not me..

Haha.. Tomorrow is the camp!. Spent so much time preparing crap. lol. Hope tomorrow everything goes well. Everything meaning, all stations goes smoothly, everyone is happy, nothing bad happens, everyone must be ON!... Bring on the enthusiasism! Haha..

I hate being Team facilitators.. = ="

i lost you,,
4:14 PM

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Blah whatever.

Thats what all emo kids do. They slit their own wrists and convey their final message with blood of their own. Yes, I have just joined the gang.


Well, obviously im just kidding. Im not that emo to the extent of playing with blood. That is just a edited version of the photograph of the blood that I and CR made.(Just auto-leveling thats all which i have no idea why it appears to be like that.) The editing actually made it more like 'ingame' feeling. To me.. Why we prepare the fake blood for, you may ask. Well its to prepare for the interact night walk.. And that was the perfect concentration of colour and thickness. However, we are unable to reproduce that exact same quality in a larger scale production and that perfect blood we made was like produced in small scale and random quantity of ingredients.. So yea.. had trouble reproducing it again.. Spent hours on it. What a waste of time. Wasting all the time that I need to recover from my sleepless night again.

Wonder if there is enough blood.. Its not exactly good anyway.. too gooey.. The one in the photo.. was like perfect...

Gah wasted one day of my life away. Today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow.

"The Law of Compensation" and "The Law of Increasing Returns" - 13th Dec. Extract from some book...

i lost you,,
2:59 PM

Monday, June 02, 2008

Hah. 3rd post of the day! Bought the stuffs needed for the nightwalk with CR today.. Tried to make it a jiffy, but we spent too long travelling around, walking around bedok blindlessly. Went home and studied with CR.. wow for once CR didnt play 2142 or any games in my house... He just made history today. Haha. Well chionged Chem and physics.. Yet again.. we could have done more though.. haiz.

True.. How true..
What can explain this growing invisible barrier?
Fate? Affinity?
Or is it just me enclosing myself?
I dont know.
But I know one thing for sure...
That I will tear down this barrier.

i lost you,,
2:59 PM

Haha just some photos to upload.. lol

Hahaa supposedly a balloon sculpture of a dog.. one of the kid from TFSC made for me during the appreciation party on friday.. but haha Sandy accidentaly burst it and now only the head remains..

Some random photo of a flower taken by TLY yesterday..

Some zilian photo of TLY taken by herself yesterday..

Some zilian photo yet again of TLY taken by herself yesterday.. with an attempt to take Sandy too but Sandy is just too tall

The Lovebird!Aww.. ok the photo is abit blur.. but i believe you can still see its a bird head. Haha. There it goes squeezing his(or her) head out trying to bite my finger.

Haha just some =[DA]= photograph taken during last year Battlefield Bootcamp. haha. look at all our intense level of concentration during the match...

Yep just some photos...

Gosh...Fell asleep while typing the previous post.. the one in the early morning.. my bro came back around 4+am to only see me sleeping infront of my computer. Haha. luckily he came back that late.. if not the computer will be on till what.. 10am? haha. But strangely.. after being woke up my bro.. I couldnt fall asleep again! No it isnt because of the feeling of after a power-nap. Its just.. I cant sleep.. I lay on my bed and tried to sleep as hard as i can.. but to no avail. Something was in my head. Something that even I finds it a mystery. Im just thinking too much last night.. Well.. fell asleep later unknowingly.. but its like after 1 or 2 hrs i think?..

Then this morning.. I completely lost my appetitte to eat. TOTALLY. Ate like a few bites of noodle and I gave up. zz. Dont know whats wrong.. Just dont feel like eating..

Ah I shall go edit my previous post.. forgot what I wana type already.. lol

A sleepless night of thoughts. Didnt think I will feel this pain

i lost you,,
2:44 AM

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ah just reached home.. Haha tiring.. didnt had time to blog yesterday coz was super tired.. well anyway for yesterday... Went TFSC for its appreciation party! Haha. Pretty interesting. The kids tried to give us a surprise by asking us to close our eyes and navigate blindly into a room to wait while they prepare. Haha. Well we bought donuts for the appreciation party too! But as a result, we were late and didnt go for our econs make up lesson. Whoops Sorry Ms Tan!. Didnt expect it would take so long to get the donuts. Haha. Well back to the party.. We had canadian pizzas and donuts and chips. Haha. Played some games after eating.. Played dog & bone and dogdeball. Haha. Aww. Our team lost both match.. But oh well.. all had fun.. haha. Well today is the most tiring visit to TFSC. Considering the fact that (1). I have to run around from one of the kid and let her keep abusing me. haha. Dont know whats her problem too. (2). I have to piggyback so many kids! But it was fun hahaha.. Well, since today is perhaps the last and only day that I will go there, might as well let them do whatever they want. Haha. A final service for them? Haha.

Today.. Haha had to meet in school to go for the Band concert thingy today. Both my bro and I woke up late together XD. Its like 10+ he woke up.. he was like.."shit im late already..".. Then I look at my clock and I was like.. "What the? so late already?" HAhaha. yea coz was suppose to meet in school by 11 and my bus ride takes half an hour or longer? Haha. Yea I ended up using my parents toliet xD... Anyway yea skipping all the way to when we are at Victoria Concert Hall. Haha had a technical run through b4 actually having the free time for the whole afternoon till 4.. haha called Mcdelivery and had lunch in VCH HAha. Went out to walk around with JH, Weisheng and ZhiHan(from 07s28 i believe) outside VCH. Walked to fullerton hotel... JUST to use the toliet there = ="... then walked to asian something museum.. look at the event there and also VISIT the toliet there.. haha. Went back around 4 to get ready for the shifting of chairs and stuffs.. Awhile later, sandy called and requested for help as she and liying were stranded somewhere at raffles MRT and it was raining cats and dogs.. Well, Jeff and I went to fetch them with umbrella.. When we went back into the concert hall, there was like nothing else to do already. So well, I decided to just substitute sandy and liying since they were both drench from the rain and are still outside waiting. (their jobs were to look after and reserve parking lots). Jeff tagged along and we subbed them, and played Cai Quan all the way xD.. First time play until so siao. Haha. Played for about more than one hour... Sandy and liying came back later... and sandy suddenly became so crazy over taking photos.. Haha. Jeff and I went back later around 6.30 to prepare for the actual performance.. while the two girls still have to wait out there till the guest of honour arrives. Lol.. well the show begins and blah blah.. had to wait all the way till its time for us to shifts the chairs and stands.. Well the show ended around 9.30pm.. went off with Jeff, Jonathan, Weisheng and Sandy.. Well, didnt go home.. instead I met with the Kurau-ians .. lol? wierd term.. Not like I dont care...

Met XX, Hen, Deren, CR, Rosh and Jan at raffles shopping center later... Well instead of hanging out as I thought it was supposed to be, we head on to Deren house. Haha. Had my dinner.. Kimchi maggie mee at deren house! haha. Sihua joined later.. Played bridge with the guys... played with deren's sister's fat hamster and the lovebird(some parrot is it?).. super cute xD... played shoot shag marry also which is super hilarious. especially torturing XX with all the worst guys that can think of. xD.. Oooo tried the white wine.. Haha DEREN ITS SUPER NICE.. Haha perhaps a little exagerated.. Well everyone head home around if im not mistaken around 2am. Haha.. walked XX home as always (what a sad routine... haha jk) Haha well talked about her SA life.. which is pretty bad i guess?.. If im in her class I would also die too.. zz.. really cant study with a whole class of smart-ass muggers with no basic moral(surprisingly?).. Glad that im in TPJC I guess..

Oh man... still have to buy the camp stuffs tmr wif cr and rosh.. zzz... dont even know where to get all the stuffs from. .haiyo..

I wont be surprise if things change. Perhaps it has already changed.

And please XX... Its not always refering to that you know... not always...

Haha. Didnt know you still visit my blog..

i lost you,,
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