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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ouch.. Jeff got his arm gashed by a cupboard.. Didnt see the wound but ouch.. i feel the pain lol. Well take care yo. haha..
Gosh.. the science enrichment trip was such a bore.. Almost everyone slept during the lecture.. lol. Weng soon was there too! haha. Shockingly.. yet again, he was alone.. ps-ed by his class xD.. Haha.. thanks Jacq.

......Its just so tiring trying to be an optimist. Its just so not me.
You sparked of the resolve in me. And for that, I will fight.
I was pissed too btw.

i lost you,,
1:13 PM

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AhahAHa. Finished Lovely Complex! FINALLY Haha... Yatta! Otani kun and Risa chan!! lol.. Wonder if there is season two.. haha. doubt so.. SO nice haha.. Happy ending again haha.. If only school life is like that.. so fun and crazy haha..

It all happens again

And so it post this question.
"Is it the person whom you can have fun and express your thought with. Or is it the person of your type?"

i lost you,,
9:21 AM

Monday, January 28, 2008

Zzz.. Was too tired yesterday to blog. haha. Reached home and get fustrated over one maths qn and poof im knocked out. lol

YESTERDAY! Lol.. As expected, so few people actually went for that National Museum trip thingy, organised by our GP tutor Ms Dawn Ng. Liying couldnt make it and it left Sandy another guy from 07s19, Wei Soon??(I dont know how to spell.. shld be like that) and me! Lol So little right? 3 of us. WaaAaaa.. That guy is taking H3 MATHS!! and also in the HAT programme! Ahh.. smart guy.. =( so good can get into H3 maths.. unlike me.. tio rejected... Sigh. Must be my other subjects.. econs, GP.. haiz..

Anyway back to the trip..Haha. O.o.. Met Ms Ng friend, Rob or Uncle, or Uncle rob lol. Surprisingly he is a art teacher from Liying former school and even know her! lol. Cool.. coincidence. Hehehe.. Both he and Ms Ng seems pretty cute couple =X.. Its like throughout the whole trip, both of them are talking about WOW! (Deren your favourite topic.. You should have been there and joined in.) And also keep suaning each other haha.

Okok back to the trip again.. lol. Wow... visited this Greek exhibit. I think i can say its a little interesting and a little boring. Haha. Statues and stories of mythology everywhere. haha. Then later visit the Indonesia modern art.. There, its really lots of question mark everywhere above my head. The arts are so random. Lol.

Went to Kinokuniya at Takashimaya after the trip! =O. Didnt know the Kino there is so HUGE! Amazed by it haha. Sandy bought 'The World Is Flat' and some TVB magazine. While the two WOW fanatics bought WOW game guides and some other books. Lol. I see even teachers have 'absolutely no life' -South park? haha. Had lunch together at KFC before parting our ways.

Shopped for Sandy's bag after the teachers left. Lol. I think we took 2 hrs or 3hrs looking for a bag? haha. In the end she bought a black NuM Bag along with a shirt, total more than $200, allowing her to get another NUM bag for free which worth $129. Good bargain eh? haha. Wa.. the guy who attended to us is like 1 year younger than us! AND he look so mature with even nice body build some more! Its like what the... He look more like in his 20's after NS la.

After getting her bag, we went home! finaly lol. Sorry Wei Soon for taking up your time. My parents came to fetch us Kembangan mrt. Gave Sandy a lift before going dinner at Joo Chiat's Bak Kut Teh! Haha. Stupid bro, im not blind, dumb, gullible. GAH.! Baka. haha. Went home after dinner. Poof.

And you, please take care.

i lost you,,
4:31 AM

Friday, January 25, 2008


Haha. Had such a great time chatting with you. I mean its like SO LONG never see you! Haha. Its like so much to catch up with one another! Man. Haha. Thanks for all the stories and motivations! Washed away all my sorrow, doubtfulness and stuffs!! Haha. Talked so long! Ok la maybe not say very long la. He came like around 9 and we chatted till like 11+? haha. Time flies! haha. Really had a great time.. talked about the past, what I missed out last year, and also... lol
Lol.hope to see you again soon yo! =D

Haha. And Congrats on your O' Level results and well, best wishes for your future haha


If you really want to research, go get the J1s or the most, find volunteers will do. We have our rights you know. And we are taking A lvl! I know your intentions are good, but your way of conducting it is absurd.

Sigh.. haha ok tired.

Lovely Complex~ haha Otani finaly made his move! xP. Awesome.. like finally haha. 6 more epi and its over! Zzzz

i lost you,,
4:02 PM

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Its just so sad when I can only see you being hurt countless of times when I cant do anything about it. Why?

i lost you,,
10:05 PM

Strange... I hate competition. But I guess its the only way to improve ourselves right now. Is it? I dont know. Its like you like the idea, but thats the only way. Lol. I envy my determination. And Im good anyway. Seriously!

I love to bhb bo bian.... anyway i got stuck outside moi house todae... wahahah! in e end i gotta stone like sotong backside. only to realise 1hr later tt moi bro was actually in e house... geez.. its moi bro again.... damn....

whatever said there was my bro.. ...... AGAIN....

n AGAIN was moi bro said AGAIN.



Strange... I hate competition. But I guess its the only way to improve ourselves right now. Is it? I dont know. Its like you dislike the idea, but that seems to be the only way. Lol. I envy your determination. But Im not good anyway. Seriously. But hope we make it.

yea.. I stucked outside my house.. cause I kinda forgot to bring my keys to school. AND I didnt stoned outside for 1 hr.. I only stoned for 1 MIN! Haha. Didnt know my bro at home.. so ya lol.

Ah tired.. wana rest first.

Do you feel unwanted the distance?

i lost you,,
11:50 AM

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yea... hahaha just downloaded Good Charlotte album. cool stuffs haha..

Ahh... have to present GP article tomorrow. 5 min talk?! doubt I can even reach 2 mins haha. Oh well.. just anyhow spam ba.. Haha. Today our maths and econs tutor kinda a little blew up.. blood pressure level went a little off the meter haha. They are really very disappointed with our class.. =/ .. We are that bad eh?

Hahaha.. so retarded when Mrs Foong scolded Derek.. She was like scolding and I heard...
"If I ever catch you using your handphone again, I wont warn you.... I will kill you" But actually she said "I will keep it".. Dont know why I hear I will kill you.. A few of my classmates also heard that too.. xD super retard.

Went TfSc today... also dont know for what. lol. haha go there see kids.. and get violated by one of them. haha.. repeated violation some more.. I feel so traumatised. lol..

Ahh... Refresh, blink, shine, new. haha

HAWKLAN!!!! HOW CAN YOU PLAY SUCH GAME! ... ero-sennin lol

Ahh... its all black... all black.

i lost you,,
2:22 PM

Friday, January 18, 2008

.... speechless....


i lost you,,
2:23 PM

I dont know man. Just wth... i think im just losing myself.. who is me. which is me.. i dunno... cant believe im getting like this again... time and time again.. wth... i mean.. why should i be bothered?! it doesnt concern me right.. jumping to conclusion.. running on instincts... it isnt working.. hate this feeling... because it sucks and i dunno what is it.. wth. wtf. why... why.... i guess im losing my role.. my self-assumed role... maybe i was never one.. how dumb.. how childish.. baka... maybe im more than a failure... im nothing anyway. nothing good... yea.. nobody.. why is this all happening... its not like you all understand what others are feeling... dont speak as though as you know.. put yourself into his shoes.. understand what he feels.. everyone has their own style.. everyone.... thats what make us unique as a person. we may do things differently, think differently.. i mean cmon... hating aint gonna bring us anyway.... i know its hard to control hatred but at least... whatever la... i dont understand too anway... too dumb... i hate my self anyway... im no different ... no good qualities...

whats going on... ahh... i think it doesnt bother me much anyway... at least its clearer for me now.. finally... maybe thats a Blessing..

God... im lost again...zzz...

why am i crying in my heart.. what am i crying out...
i think i just wanna be the old me... i really want...


Whatever i just said is ironic, contradicting and NOT WORTH READING

i lost you,,
10:30 AM

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Haha. Cool cool.. Went for the science enrichment thing after school and learnt how to extract hydrogen from water and also BOIL water with ICE! haha. Grouped with Jeffrey and Pok Quen.. together we collected the most amount of hydrogen! hahaZ. =P. Ah... too bad they only taught us how to boil water with ice.. and didnt allow us to experiment it.. Reason? Due to the complexity of the experiment.... kidding. Just because they doubt our ability to flip a hot conical flask upside down.. thats all. -_-

Went for interact after that! Lol.. didnt join with the orientation group stuffs because i was late. Haha. Yea I joined interact club. Strange. haha. Watched all the games and stuffs haha... I think thats just what i did for today interact haha.


Ok.. I dont think anyone can see this.. Maybe in the future when I changed my template Haha.. But who gonna read my archive anyway lol. Anyway.. IM just gona SCREAM my LUNGS out HERE! Maybe not everything. just in case. Haha.. Heres my scream for today


i lost you,,
2:45 AM

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To be honest, I was actually feeling a little depressed and upset just now too. But oh well, a man should not dwell in the past, about his failures, about his mistakes or whatever wrongs he had done. Stand up and be strong right? Haha. Whats the point of showing your true emotions anyway.

Whoa.. while walking back home, see lots of fallen trees around. Walk passed the nurseries, so many pots all topple, trees fell and fences broken... Then just when im approaching my house, I was stunnED! Haha. My neighbour's tree collapsed and blocked the entire entrance to his house. XD. Seriously you cant even enter or exit at all. The only way is to go to house next door and climb over the wall. Haha. Didnt take a photo of it sadly..

Ironic feeling

i lost you,,
10:22 AM

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hahaha.. Mugged the whole day with CR and Rosh! Incredible? Not really. Lol. Because we only did a few maths question in like how many hours..? Haha... Wow.. in the middle of our mugging in paya lebar's long john silver, a bird suddenly walk in! Somebody left the door open and yea, it just walked it like that... The crew didnt even bother driving it out... How irresponsible. -,-.. But haha, was kinda cute.. walking around the restaurant. After awhile it start flying around.. think it kinda wanna get out but couldnt find the door lol.. so poor thing XD

Heres a little photo of it.. kawaii...

Haha.. Next anime to hit my favourite anime list.. Lovely Complex XD.. THANKS Deren for introducing such nice anime again XD.. Haha.. love it.

kimi desuboku wa LOVE ninarimasuka

i lost you,,
5:33 AM

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hm... Dont know if I made the right decision?... Haha Hope I can cope with it. Guess this it... Gotta work very hard now -_-.. lol..

There isnt much i can say now.
Nothing comes to mind.
Only those

Pride is a curse...
If only im blindfolded...


i lost you,,
8:40 AM

Monday, January 07, 2008

Battlefield 2142: Clash of The Nations (Malaysia VS Singapore)

hahhaha AWw.. Too bad I didnt take part. Anyway haha guess who won?


Heres the result haha. Took from fragnetics forum =p

Map: Tunis Harbor - SG's choice
Ticket Ratio: 250%
Time Limit: -

[SG] (PAC) 41 : 0 (EU) [MAS] - 1st round 1st map

[MAS] (PAC) 0 : 176 (EU) [SG] - 2nd round 1st map

Total: [SG] 217 > [MAS] 0

Map: Cerbere Landing - MAS's choice
Ticket Ratio: 500%
Time Limit: -

[SG] (EU) 232 : 0 (PAC) [MAS] - 3rd round 2nd map

[MAS] (EU) 0 : 205 (PAC) [SG] - 4th round 2nd map

Total: [SG] 437 > [MAS] 0

Haha. Grats Team Singapore =D

i lost you,,
10:30 AM

Saturday, January 05, 2008


IGNORANCE IS A CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA

=P Just going crazy hahaha. OMG OMG. Things sure are changing.. Gosh.. haha.. Bro... why never say?? ahaha

the rest of us are living in a life of deprivation. haha.

You have my blessings. =D

i lost you,,
3:20 PM

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hahaha! 1st Day of college... Was pretty alright... Met three new tutors... Ms Dawn Ng for GP, Ms Tan for Econs, Ms Yiu for ClB. Our new civics tutor? Well we all knew already, its Mr Tan, our physics tutor haha.

Aiyo.. Dawn Ng as Gp tutor... cannot slack already.. Things are gonna be serious now.. I think haha.. HAVEN do ALL the GP hwk!! Sigh.. Better start doing...

WAaa... Still have birthday present ar!. HAha. THANKS TLY! Didnt expected it haha!


Hahaha! My only wrapped up birthday present of the year! Abit untidy ar. lol

AFTER! Hahaha. Ferrero Rocher, Mugger-Pencil, dont-know-what and a Birthday card!

Aww.. My only birthday card of the year too! ThANKS! so nice haha.

Just look at the size... You can even write with it!

HahaZ.. Thanks TLY! =D

i lost you,,
8:30 AM

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hahaha.. just came back from dinner... Haha wake up only then go dinner.. tiring.. Now first, let me share with some of our experience during the adventure! hahaha.


We meet at ECP to get our bikes! haha. Hariyani was late!! Waited till 7+ before she came and finally rented the bikes. HAha. ITS only $8 for the $6/hr bike and $12 for the $8/hr bike!!! SO CHEAP!!! I thought it would be very expensive like $20 or higher! Lol. We got the $12 bike but the uncle was in such a good mood cause he saw my face. ( Lol?) and give us discount to just $8 per bike! Haha. So cool right. Lol.


We left ECP for ESPLANADE! Haha. Took the ECP track and exit at Fort Road. Stopped at some petrol station to get supplies(Fluids, Liquids). Poor CR got to carry 1.5L of fluids. Gonna make him more hunch only lol. Haha.


We had dinner! Ate at some place beside the National Library. Haha.. But not fantastic one. Deren eat dim sum, I eat LAME chop and CR eat chicken chop . haha. Yucks. lol Left at 10.30pm to find a spot near Esplanade to watch fireworks haha.


FIREWORKS!! AHHH HAhaha.. Took some photos but the quality sucks. The view from your naked eyes are so much beautiful! hAha.. So long never see fireworks like that already. So nice haha.. HAppy New YeaR!~ ... And so the ambush of the bangla begins.. We watched this whole gang of chinese guys(with 1 girl), targetting any indians walking pass and spray them with snow cans! Haha.. Wonder how they actually manage to tolerate this amount of racial discrimination.. lol.. wa... after the fireworks, we are like caught in a middle of a stampede. Mobility with our bikes is just impossible. Hence, we waited for the stampede to end.


Alas, its less crowded... But argh!!! We couldnt come to a conclusion for the next destination! Spent so long discussing!! I think we took like half an hour before deciding to head to Paya Lebar 1st? Zzz..


Aiya.. Actually also not sure what time... But I think around there la. or earlier.. Anyway, we replenished our supplies at a 7-Eleven. AGAIN, we took quite long before coming to a decision to where's our pit stop will be. Hariyani wants to go home or go someone else home, Deren is anything but against CR idea, CR retardedly wants to go Kovan then Tampines or just go pasir ris. In the end we decided on Tampines. We then head off to Eunos where we stumbled to a problem. We were actually trying to follow the MRT Line, or the shorter route to Tampines. But if we were to follow, we have to go a super super long slope between Kembangan and Bedok!! And well, we will probably die halfway up the slope and just roll down. And so, we detour around my estate, siglap, which is much longer.


Deciding on which road to take, Upper Changi Road and Upper East Coast Road(I think) We took the road(east coast) leading to Temasek Primary and Secondary school as I thought that there will be lesser traffic as compared to the other road. But ahhhh!!!! What the heck!! So many up and down slope! The up slope was hell, draining all our energy, forcing us to take a break a few times. = =


We pass through Simpang Bedok and wow so many people are still awake at the food court? Lol. Hahaha. We cycled past the Fire station, then suddenly an ambulance on its siren and sped off. I think we were suppose to stop for them to exit or something haha. WA... The slope up from CGH to tampines was hell!!! SO LONG! But once on top already.. haha relax~


TAMPINES!! AHHH FINALLY So tired!!! Had breakfast and slept/rested.. I rested haha didnt sleep.


WAke up call!!! Haha. woke up and left for ECP. Waaa. suddenly my butt pain, my hand pain, my leg pain.. everywhere la. lol.. We cycled at quite a slow pace But SURPRISINGLY, we reached ECP in ONE hour! So wierdd... Not that tiring some more. Dont have to stop halfway for break.


Throw the bikes at the shop la. lazy wait for them to open..


HOME SWEET HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to sleep haha. Took a shower and poof... zzz

(Extra onward)


Aiyo... Mum wake me up, eat mee sua! I eat already, went back to sleep again haha


Haha. Finally crawled out of my bed... Got to go out for dinner! Haha. sian sian.

Hahahaha SO LONG But fun ar xD... Haha.. Thanks you guys for going the cycling. Had fun and it was a great trip.. We could have cycled furthur though haha..

AHHH School reopens.. heck la..

ANd yes,


and also


i lost you,,
2:30 PM

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Its new year eve already.. Tomorrow is 2008... Man.. So fast..

Another year of adventure is about to end.. So fast.. =(

If only this adventure never ends..

Sigh sigh. haiyo.


i lost you,,
3:28 AM