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Monday, March 31, 2008

I apologise for this sudden change. I've blocked users from viewing my blog and only invited some you people who are the usual readers. I did this because apparently, some ACJC or ACSI I do not know, managed to find my blog and complaint on my tagboard. I have already deleted the tags so you wont be able to read them. Alright, Im not accusing anyone of you here of telling your friends or any contacts. They probably just got lucky and yahoo/googled it and found my blog. BUT, if you actually did... Well, I urge you to stop, dont tell them anything. I dont want the problem to escalate. I dont want to strain relationships between our colleges.

We are probably going to have another confrontation for the next match already. They probably going to ask "whos that coward blogger who blogged and talked bad about us?" Hah. I wonder what will happen next.

Well if you guys are still able to read. I apologise for my words and I take them back. But my thoughts still remains.

i lost you,,
8:41 AM

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hahaz. Sorry for not updating. Just dont really got the mood to blog anything at all. haha

Oh man.. Got 3rd for the 12 x100m heats. Dont know if we slowed down.. or other people caught up. Its like last year, we were easily 1st - 2nd. But this year it was like so much tougher! Everyone seems so fast now. Geez. But oh well, everyone did their best and thats cool =D.

Results for exams... Well you know.. Dad always saying the same stuffs. It just becomes such a norm.

Hahaz ok I dont know what else to write anymore.. Goodnight all.

Life is just about living through ups and downs. And right now, Im living through the downs.
My retreated thoughts. They've gone coward.

i lost you,,
3:26 PM

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A strange but cool looking ice cube found during Joanne's birthday party. haha

Our first pit stop of the Overnight cycling: A bus stop outside Changi Hospital. From the left: Sayhaows bro, Sayhaow, Jan, CR, Deren and Rosh

Second pit stop: A bus stop in the middle of nowhere. Ok..somewhere along the stretch of the highway linking from Tampines to Hougang/Kovan. The picture depicts the difficulty and hardship we faced through the trip. Or perhaps, they are just emoing.

First Breakfast: Fried Carrot Cake. Location: Kopitiam at Kovan. Nutritional Value: Very high, provide rich sources of energy, fats. Satisfactory: Guilty.

hahha. Just posting some of the photos. sadly I only took a few.. too tired and lazy to take haha. wanted to take a photo of the moon! But phone quality.. you know..haha.. Man the moon so round and bright, both yesterday and today! Haha. so cool.. Think im switching from stargazing to moongazing now

hahaha. feel so short. The only thing i did is like.. playing games.. haha..

i lost you,,
3:28 PM

HAhaha. Just woke up from my slumber. Phew. Went Overnight cycling last night with Deren, CR, Roshan, Jan, Sayhaow and his brother. Well... but before our cycling.. We had BBQ! Hahaha. Thanks sayhaow for organising it. It was cool haha. Long time never had barbaque food already.. Mmmm.. The chicken fillet/chop was SOOO NICE!!! Hahaha. The Otah takes the second place and followed by the chicken wings(which were only cooked perfectly by Edwin himself after everyone else left) Hahaha.. Vodka Chicken wings? hahaz.. The girls left around 11+, leaving only the guys to enjoy the left over hahha.

EDWIN! Its been such a long time since we sat together at the beach and chatted. I missed those times. Where the sea is the audience of our problems.

Hahaha. alright.. left around 12 and began our expedition. Hahah. Cycled from ECP to Tampines to Kovan to Paya Lebar than back to ECP. haha. GJ everyone hahaz. We could have gone furthur and cover more distance though. But oh well, we were just so tired and sleepy. Especially after resting at Kovan, nearly everyone got cramps Haha. Whoa.. On the highway linking from Tampines to Kovan/Hougang, my bike's chain suddenly jumped and got stucked! Haha. Thanks Deren for fixing it. or else I would have been stranded there no where. Came back to ECP around 4+ or 5+. Everyone was dead fatigue. Not because of the fatigue from cycling but from the lack of sleep. Haha. Jan, Sayhaow and his brother left first while the rest of us had to wait for the shop opens or close to its opening hour to return the bikes. So we slept inside the playground outside the Macdonald. Hahaha. Cool stuff. For a moment I thought we could have taken an emo photo. because all of us slept somehow in way that is like a group of guys emoing in the playground XD. Man I can so imagine the photo from an angle.. Ahhh missed a good shot.. hahaha. Oh well, randomly kenny.. Haha.
Reached home around 8.. quickly gave myself a warm shower.. before collapsing onto my bed. haha.

Thanks Lisa, for talking about my Christian walk. I dont know what went wrong either.
Maybe Im the wrong. Im an unforgivable sinner. Unworthy and weak

i lost you,,
8:24 AM

Thursday, March 20, 2008

EXAMS are FINALY over. Haha. Here is the summary...
GP = screwed up bad time.
Maths = Alright la
Physics = Should be okay.
Chem = Dont know.
Econs = Who knows.

Haha. Oh well.. Went back to Telok Kurau after exams. Hahaha. Things sure changed. Classroom in the garden O.o.. Haha wierd but cool. Study with nature lol. Ahh... the canteen stall never change! Miss all the old food that we ate hahaha... Left around 2.30 for squash.

Gosh.. rained so heavily.. End up playing squash without socks. Ugh.. pain.. haha. Super uncomfortable.. hahaha

Went to cut hair! haha. Short spike yet again. haha. Oh well... Aww.. didnt get the nice head massage.. sad haha.. oh well...

Yay.. tomorrow is gona be fun! Haha i hope.

i lost you,,
1:44 PM

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hahaha yesterday was so packed! Went to NUS with Jeff and Sandy for the open house. Haha. Reached there early and wandered around aimlessly haha. During the talk, bah I dont understand anything, whatever they say. Haha. Well, I think im more to engineer side rather than business anyway. Haha.

Went off to have lunch at some korean stall at suntec. Haha so filling. One bowl of rice, one plate of teriyaki chicken, one bowl of beancurd, one bowl of miso soup and free flow of drinks! haha. Not bad ba the food. Supposed to study later but bah.. Did not haha..

Went to Joanne's house for her birthday party! Hahaha Didnt know it was actually Hong Giap birthday and her's is like on 18 March. Haha Sorry Hong Giap! Didnt get anything for you. Haha. Will give you during the next outing if i make it. Haha. Went her house, had some barbaque haha. So limited food xD. End up barbaqueing bread haha. Pranked Joanne with a fake chocolate cake. hahaha. Its actually a butter cookie tin box coated with chocolate and decos. Haha Very nicely made. Played water bomb around the street soccer court. UGH. SICK. Three malay friends of Joanne made ultra sick water bombs. Its like one oat waterbomb, chilli waterbomb, curry waterbomb, barley, egg, grass/mud and lots of other sick stuffs that they thought of. Hahaha. crazy rtards

Waa. So long never see all my pri friends already!. Everyone changed so much! Haha.

The trio girls, Patrina, Victoria and Joanne all turn so LIAN! Ok la not really very lian la.. just a little hahaha.. Jie Mei forever eh?

Teng Qing! Haha. He turn so big size. Remember last time you were as small as me. Now you so much more bigger than me! Ahh. Haha.

Hong Giap! HAhaha HAppy Birthday!! haha. You grew much bigger too.. And your voice omg. Why suddenly so chinese?! Thought you very english educated one.. hahaha

Sheng Han! Haha. You are the only one who didnt grow taller =p. I remember last time we always compete each other with our height. But now.. hahaz.. wont say anything.. =p

Kenny! Hahaha. Myself. LOL. He grew thinner and became more open haha.

Hahaha. So retarded. Everyone changed so much within this 5/6 years. Still have so much to catch up with you guys. Hahaz. Wonder hows the rest who couldnt make it? Haha.

Enough of yesterday.. Now today.. Hahaha woke up around 11 to have Turtle Soup for lunch! Hahaha yum... Came back home and slept some m ore.. Kinda tired.. slept so late last night haha.. Woke up around 4+ and started mugging.. I dont know if I mugged much.. but oh well.. did push myself i think.. But crap. Just too many distractions. The WHOLE day.. zz. Not physical distractions but mental distractions.

Oh well.. All the best to everyone for the exams. haha. Pray that everything goes well and everyone do their best! =D

I guess its retribution.

i lost you,,
2:57 PM

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hahaha.. Changed the playlist.. All from Zhang Shao Han except for 1 song haha. Ah man. Now i miss those drama series lol.. haha. Haha one of the songs is live! So nice haha. A nice ending song haha. Alright dont know why suddenly miss her songs.

Haha. Mugged succesfull today! Ok dont know if i covered much but oh well haha... ahh got to wake up early tmr for the NUS open house... and still have to go Joanne's birthday in the evening.. haiyo.. no time to study.. haha... alright chowz.. need to slp.. haha


i lost you,,
5:04 PM

Friday, March 14, 2008

Gosh. No mood to study tonight. Feel so restless... Keep getting distracted.. Ahh.. I wont make it if this goes on. I must study.. Zzz... Gah.. now i feel so tired... Why cant i study properly.. Just when i finally start to feel the exam urge.. haiz... yea today i finaly felt the exam stress or urge.. but cant bring myself to study.. haha panicked but cant study. how dumb.. Well hope tomorrow i have the energy to work and compensate today. hahaz.

Man.. feeling sick now.. Think fever is getting me.. Feeling cold too.. Maybe its the weather.. Cold rain the wholeday.. brr... better get some sleep soon..

Thank you.
At least things are much clearer now.
Though I still kinda dont get it.

i lost you,,
3:50 PM

HAhahaha just woke up! =p. Slept at 7+ just now XD. Went to study overnight at airport last night/this morning with CR and Aijia. Haha not bad not bad and looks like we are not the TPJCian to study there.. theres two more girls I think from S19? haha dont know Haha. Anyway, I think its more worth it to sacrifice my morning and study overnight. because I dont really study in the morning. Haha. But didnt study alot as I actually aimed to finish. Haha Nevertheless, I feel its still good xD.

Gosh.. Do all Yumin primary sch ppl have the habit of studying late and waking up early to studying.. Crazy muggers haha...

Ahh... let me play awhile before studying ehehehe... Hahaha.. Sudden craving for Zhang Shao Han songs again xD.

i lost you,,
5:00 AM

Thursday, March 13, 2008

haha. Woke up late today... switched off both my alarm clock at 8am and 8.30am and slept all the way till 10.15 when Sandy called. Haha.. whoops. Rushed out of bed, out of the house and tried hailing a cab which took me so long. Its like I waited for 15mins+ or so for a bloody cab... When I finally got a cab, the guy took a LONG way to TPJC. zzz. reached at 11+. haha

Physics consultation.. haha dont know what to say. Dont know what i learnt either. Only know the physics Keep In Touch so irritating. Just because of significant figures, they reject the answer zzz.. Keep throwing me the delusion that im wrong when my workings all make sense.. ah.. Thoughts are running in my head

GP lesson. Haha. just went thru essay. thats all. nothing much to say about it haha.

SQUASH! Ahh.. At least I played a little better today but still bad la. hahaz.. didnt really play much.. but wah.. pespire like some mad dog.. Ok not only me.. everyone else.. Hahaha.. Must be the rain that is causing it.. too humid.. haha. Im getting lost in it

Hahaha... later going out to study overnight again.. Go airport! Miss that place lol.. well hope its productive and hope I can last throughout till tmr morning xD... hm... what should i study?

"Despise the strong, Sympathise the weak."
Stupid isn't it? That's why I hate myself.

i lost you,,
12:06 PM

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hahaha kinda bored so went to search up this video again. Haha. Proudly done by jokhie. Hmm.. I think our class comic already ended eh?

Gah.. Woke up at 11+ and hardly feel awake.. Wanted to study but... went to play again xD. Played 2142 to 2pm.. and played cabal for one hour before heading off to buy present for our CT, Mr tan. Lol. Wa.. super tired.. Nearly dozed off in the train even when im standing! I kept losing balance and my head kept nodding.. And i realised people kept staring at me.. darn it was quite embarrassing but i hardly care at that moment. Haha

Ahh.. dont know how to get myself started with studying.. such a bore..

"I am the difference. I make the difference"

i lost you,,
12:07 PM

Monday, March 10, 2008

Played computer or CABAL to be specific all the way again. haha. The whole day. What a game addict I am... Man tomorrow must start studying. MUST. Haha. Must not procrastinate any furthur. Am I running away again?

Ah yes. I shall voice my discontentment to all those Stupid, Cheater, No life, high level players who only know how to freaking bully the noobs. How? PK-ing them, Scamming them, KS-ing them. Geez. I was a victim just now. Maybe thats why im so pissed. Haha. Irritating pests. I never learn.

Mum came back home today! haha. No souveniers though..aww =P. Haha nvm at least she is safe. =D No. I got to stop. I've got to stop and face it.

Im the reason but Im not the fault? But somehow I still feel Im at fault.
So what am I? Just a mere somebody in your life.
I am so lost too. My heart is confused as ever.
Since it concerns me, I need to know what happened. Its my problem too
Help me.. Clear my guilt.

i lost you,,
3:56 PM

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Waaaa went out the WHOLE day haha. Woke up ultra early to go do some voluntary community work at Bright Vision Hospital, situated at Hougang, opposite of Bowen Sec sch. Haha. Reached there at 8.30am around there. Haha. Well, did lots of stuffs. Interact with all the patients there. Haha Okay didnt really interact that much but we did try haha. Pretty fun. Did managed to cheer up the old folks and terminally ill patients there. But man.. feel so sad for those who couldnt make it. It was like some of the patients were looking forward for this day, but they could not live to see it. The most sad story is one of the patient whom wished to eat ice cream today. But by a twist of fate, she moved on just yesterday and could not taste ice cream for the last time. Its like just this simple wish... Sigh.. Its like after Voodoo shared with us with some of those stories, we were like all quite sad. Or at least for me definitely. Thoughts just kept coming into my mind. Sigh oh well. Pray that they are at peace.

Oh ya... I have no idea why but that place kept giving me the Dejavu feeling. Especially the handicap ramp place. And the Dejavu feeling is accompanied with a very creepy feeling, one that i have never felt before in my life. Somemore the feeling is very strong. Really felt very uneasy when I was walking along the handicap ramp. Real uneasy. There was something more. I dont know. Gee..

Carrying on, haha thanks Coldrazer for allowing me to try your awesome $2k+ camera! Hahaha Had fun with it, took lots of photos. Haha. So fun taking photos. XD. Oh yea! And I just realised my clan mate whose IGN is Harookie real name is Haruki! Was wondering why is he using his IGN for his name tag. Lol. And he is a half-blood jap! AHHH HAHahA. Awesome! Haha. Oh yea, Daniel Ong was there along with Jamie Teo! Haha. Daniel is the Radio DJ if im not wrong and Jamie is Miss Singapore 2003 if im not mistaken either. Haha. And I think they are like together, either married or getting along. They appear so close haha. Cool..

Oh well, left around 2+ or 3+ cant recall. Head for Suntec City to meet Jokhie, Edwin and Sayhaow. Haha. Went to get present for our previous chinese teacher, Ms Tan. haha. Walked around looking for handbags and other accesories for her. In the end we bought a bear, a small card and a strawberry cake! Haha.

Went off straight to her house at Simei! Haha. As always, we are greeted by her cute furry big white dog, sniffing away CR. Hahaha. The dog really love CR, always the first and only to get sniffed by the dog hahaha. Woooo. She ordered KFC and Pizza Hut for us! hahahaha. Deren joined us later. Had a feast there, chat alot too hahaha. Been such a long time since I speak 'proper' chinese for hours. Hahaha. But its cool, I can speak well ok! hahaha. And she said I improved! mwahaha!. Talk loads of stuffs. Super fun hahaz.

Well, we chatted for hours and we nearly forgot that we bought a cake! HAHA. Took it out and celebrate haha. The cake was so small, in the end we just pluck in one big candle only haha. You just grew 10 yrs older =P. Haha. Ate the cake... mmmmm. Not that bad but TOO creamy. hahaz. Left around 10+ because she got appointment with her friends to watch movie with her friends. We head to the playground below her block and emo-ed there haha. No la, just talk about games... and suddenly talk about the past... than to old music bands? haha. Memories. Aww.. Miss the secondary 3 days. haha. Talked for 1 hour at the playground before heading home around 11. And boo here i am so tired but still writing this haha. Oh yea...


Haha. Hoped you like the present and you will always be remembered as my nicest Chinese teacher hahaha.

So I guess whatever bad happened that day was my fault.
Though I dont know where I went wrong
Im sorry.

i lost you,,
5:00 PM

Friday, March 07, 2008

Ahhhh. Thought my Econs paper went well. BUT I actually read the question WRONGLY AGAIN! How screw up can it be? Last year promo essay paper, now case study qn worth 10m. Haha Gosh. Dont know whats wrong with me. Always reading question wrongly. Guess i must be really rushing. And its the first time completing my econs paper! HAhaha. Awesome isnt it? lol. Oh well.

Later have squash friendly with MJC! Gonna go there and get thrashed by them. Yea. we are pathetic. Or maybe me only haha. Must rely on both nicholas, lester and daryl haha. Oh well... Just hope that they aint that good too haha

I dont know.
Maybe I can help. Maybe I cant. Maybe I am the problem.
But I just wanna know whats hurting you.
Clear my doubt and uncertainty, will you? And Guilt.

i lost you,,
3:44 AM

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hahaz. Phew. Managed to get a table for the prom night last minute. Haha. Thought lots of people will not want to go cause of the price. Oh well, good enough haha. Now is up to whether there are 300 sign up before comfirming the prom night at that hotel which i have no idea about it. Never heard of it haha...

Ugh.. Think Yanyu's bear hug today just severed my chest pain. Hahaz yea. Its been hurting since I've got speared by Arief. The pain was gradually going away i think. But today.... Damn... Hell it sure hurts.. Ok at least now its better than just now. Hahaz...

Why bother throwing your anger on trivial matters that is not worth your anger?
Why bother doing things that you do not want to?
Why bother?


i lost you,,
12:12 PM

Monday, March 03, 2008

Haha. Thanks deren for reading my archives. lol. Reminded me of the sec 3 days haha. Reminded me how I was more open in expressing my thoughts in my blog. Reminded me of the old me. Haha. Cant remember what was some of the stuffs I was thinking last time. Argh.. so fustrating to not being able to recall what was I thinking last time. Hahaha oh well. Kinda cool. Hahaha. Miss the day we stood at the beach under the rain too! Haha. Now as I come to think of it. Im really thankful for all my friends who stood by me haha. Thanks guys. And think im kinda too emotional last time haha. Feel like reliving the past. Haha. Miss the old me..

Oh yea.. Realised i kept asking myself this same question. "Which is better? The old me or the current me." Haha. Even now I cant find the answer.
Thanks for saying that im better now. But i dont really think im that nice actually.
Hahaha. Today my post is all about the past lol.

i lost you,,
1:48 PM

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Zzz.. Played the whole day. Wanted to study econs and do GP. But in the end, you know what happens.. Successful only in procrastination. Haha. Nvm.. TMR MUST STUDY! HAHA.

Went to Grandma house again. Visited grandma. Her eyes are getting better. But the stitches near her eyes are going to leave a scar. It look so painful ><. And again, she kept tearing. Poor grandma. Get well soon ya?

Hahaz. Started to play Caesar 3 again. Some really old game, came out somewhere during our primary school days. Haha. Its about building/governing a city or empire. Haha. Time to apply my economics knowledge. xD. The advantage of studying economics - being able to apply to game haha.
Stop being so childish and get on with life.
Procrastination is running circles in my head.

i lost you,,
3:08 PM

Saturday, March 01, 2008

INTERACT WEEK ENDS TODAY! Haha. No more donuts for sale in college. Whew.. One whole week donut sale. Well, at least its pretty successful I guess. Haha. Ate lots of donuts this week too! Gah.. Probably grown fatter already.. Whoops. A PE teacher came today and 'scold' us for selling unhealthy food haha.

Waterhub visit!. Bleagh.. the lecture was so boring.. Nearly fell asleep in there.. Haha. The walk around the hub was... nothing much either. Nothing amusing to look at, to me. Well, the usual derek gang is just creating all the fun and noise throughout the whole trip as usual. Haha. Bus trip back to college was... sleepy haha. Keep falling asleep. Tired...of you and your craps

Haha. ECONS SA next week. Haiz lol.lazy do work lazy study.. haiz.
Being unable to do anything is the worst feeling ever. Guilty and Unworthy.
If we are to remain this close, we will never get close.

i lost you,,
12:29 PM