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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Been such an old song. But an old friend of mine reminded me of this old song. And now, after searching it on youtube, I finally realised that firstly it is in korean( I thought it was Japanese all along =x) and secondly, what the lyrics actually meant. Well, I don't have to know the lyrics to love this beautiful song. But now that I know it and with the MV(which I too never watched before till now), I guess I love it even more! Goosebumps~

Maybe I should have known.

Im not perfect. But I keep trying.
Perfect - Hedley

i lost you,,
10:59 AM

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today was just another day at work. But then there was a few sudden screw up and we had a race against time. And my shift IC showed me how a great leader he is. Despite the sudden screw up, he quickly look for solutions and grab a team with him to rectify it, without blaming anyone. Sure he was disappointed, but he did not whine, complain or even reprimand the guy responsible(knowing the guy was sincerely apologetic about his mistake). Although it was quite a serious problem, he did not made any negative remarks at all and simply told us this.

"Being human, is to err." 

What more, he did not order a his team to rectify. He led the team to rectify. And I really think that is important and people respect that alot. After all, a leader is to lead by example not just ordering or commanding.

It is interesting how in time of crisis, you get to see the true characters of a person. Respect man. Looks I have alot to learn.

And my friend shared his underwater diving experience! And it is really amazing the way he described the underwater life. But there were also some dark scary things underwater that he mentioned too. =/ But I think I dont mind learning diving!!! It is gonna be so cool!! See the sharks, whales and ship wrecks! Must save up $$$ =(

I hope they back-pay me now. Im freaking losing money every month. Shouldn't have reject my parents money. So difficult to self-sustain. But I shall persevere! Sergeant pay is coming soon! Let's see, if they really back pay me... I will get $1.5K =D... And if they don't, they cheat away $800+ from me. =/ fml

And looks like there will be a busy month ahead in August. Say goodbye to my social life. =/

Up and running

i lost you,,
11:00 PM

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

he sowed the seemingly harmless seed in his garden, hoping it will grow to be something good. But it grew and started dominating his garden. And now, as much as he want it out of his garden, it is already so deeply rooted into the soil, to the point that it is near impossible to get it out.

So, he have to learn to embrace this new change that this seed of destruction has brought or to leave this garden and find a new one. 

his life. my story.

i lost you,,
1:18 AM

Monday, July 12, 2010

Had a great day yesterday with my awesome group of friends! First it was some light practice at CR's place, then karaoake at Teo Heng. Oh forgive our voices innocent people outside the room.

Anyway, we went to cold storage at PP to get some roasted chickens for supper later at night for the WORLD CUP FINAL!  Well, we did not finished the chicken anyway. Thanks Jeff, so much for 1 isn't enough. Lol. I guess it must be the chicken steaks earlier on prevented us from finishing 2 whole chickens. Not to forget instant noodles and mochi from Japan thanks to jeff.

And the match, I must say this is one of the few match where I see both sides fighting VERY desperately. You can tell that both sides are giving their very best to win this world cup. And really, it was a fair match with it ending 0-0 in 90mins and going into extra time. And it was Andres Iniesta who broke the long silence and delivers the first goal of the world cup final towards the end of the 2nd extra time. Like finally. 

And it was 5.10am. And so everyone else went to short concussion except me whom was cleaning up the mess we made. Lol.

It was not long before Jeff left and the rest woke up and start looking at Nicholas's photos in his new laptop.

7am is when I finally concussed. 

What a long day.

i lost you,,
3:24 PM

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Germany and Spain in 1.5hr time! This is going to be exciting! GO GERMANY! Show them your blitzkreig might!

I just wished we have summer break in Singapore. But it's been raining heavily everyday. =/

Lock and Loaded. New song to be in love with. =P

i lost you,,
12:55 AM

Friday, July 02, 2010

Oh crap! Tomorrow, my entire day is dedicated to my squadron.. =/   Well, hope it is going to be much more interesting for our squadron dinner! Especially with all the new friends! =) Now Im really glad that we merged! New friends who doesn't care about the ranks and see everyone as equal individuals.

Soccer fever! Brazil and Nederlands tomorrow. Germany and Argentina the following day(A MUST WATCH)!   Haha.

And I love this new band!!! Allstar Weekend! Haha. Their MV are pretty funny too.

I wanna be a rockstar, a superhero, 
living the dreams.

i lost you,,
12:04 AM

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just finished watching the whole season of Flashforward! Definitely a great show to watch! It gives an interesting view of what would happen to us, if we ever see our future from the present. Some people might resign themselves to their fate, some would try to fight it, or some even fight for it. And that's the thing. They believe that, there is no, one definite future. What if, the reason for you to see the supposed future, is to prevent it from happening?

Anyway, the show didn't really ended the way I thought it would be and looks like there will be a second season. I honestly do not like the idea of a second season because I have reasons to believe a over-extended draggy drama/series may damage the reputation of the show, for example Lost and Heroes. Well, I just hope the second season plays it out all well and not spoil the show.

Oh yea, And we jammed at the new studio at Bugis and it is totally more awesome than the one at Paradiz. Much more spacious and it is cheaper! We probably can get a mini audience and perform there first before performing gigs out there! Definitely looking forward to the next session!

We are all part of an equation.

i lost you,,
8:49 PM